Fall Vegetables: To Be Spiralized!

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Since summer unofficially ends this weekend, I thought it would be “a propos” to provide you with a list of spiralizable vegetables that come into peak season during the fall.

This way, you have something to look forward to, now that our summer gardens full of monstrous zucchinis are wilting.

Click on each vegetable to see recipes:


1. Beets: they’re still growing strong (actually, stronger) in the fall.

2. Broccoli: broccoli becomes more sweet and less bitter when harvested in cooler temps. Spiralize those stems!

3. Carrots: more varieties pop up in the fall, which is peak season for carrots.

4. Celeriac: more popular in the winter, they begin to grow strong and show up in grocery stores in the fall.

5. Kohlrabi: although at its peak in the winter (like celeriac), it starts being in season in the fall.

6. Sweet potatoes: our favorite potato to spiralize starts showing up at farmer’s markets, in abundance.

7. Pears & apples: these fruits come in multiple varieties in the fall, and are larger in size – perfect for spiralizing.

8. Rutabaga: these large “swiss turnips” start to make their way into farmer’s markets in the fall.

9. Turnips: although hard to find a turnip large enough to spiralize in the summer, they’re perfect in size in the fall.

10. Daikon radish: the fall marks the end of peak season for small radishes, but daikon and similar large radishes sprout up in the fall.

11. Parsnips: with a gorgeous, nutty flavor, you’ll love making pastas using parsnips this fall and winter.

12. Butternut squash: last but certainly not least, butternut squash makes a comeback starting in the fall.

Which fall veggies are you most looking forward to spiralizing? 


  1. Sweet potatoes for sure!
  2. I have spread the word all over about Spiralized veggies. Sweet potatoes are fast, easy and delicious but a family favorite combo is butternut squash, zucchini and summer squash done in a smidgen of olive oil and sprinkled with a little salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.
  3. Karlene Schulz :
    I think you are terrific!

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