Friday Favorites?



After not posting this morning, I felt a little “off.” How sad is that? I miss blogging already and it’s only the first week that I’ve not posted on Friday, trying to make more time for cookbook writing.

So, I failed. Well, sorta.

Instead of giving you a recipe, I thought I’d join the “Friday Favorites” trend today. I’ve seen lots of bloggers post up random links to things they’ve been diggin’. Well, I dig lots of stuff, so I’m in!

This week…

Favorite thing I ate: A vegan Bobo’s Oat bar (original favor) before my Spanish class to hold me over. Moist and not too sweet. How did I not know about these?

Favorite food thing: the GIF in this peep cake. Tieghan always nails it.

Favorite blog picture: the flour dusting here. I’m also a sucker for sleeve tattoos on men, even though Lu doesn’t have any and I have no tattoos.

Favorite song: Beth’s version of Hold On, We’re Going Home. Here.

Favorite new food blog: Sassy Kitchen. Those pictures!

Favorite new ingredient: Shaved asparagus a la here.

Favorite thing I did: Celebrated my birthday (it was on Tuesday) with my family.

Favorite news article: why Obama doesn’t take time figuring out what to eat or wear via FastCompany.

Favorite Instagram picture: these Coronas.

Favorite quote: It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

Favorite workout: kettle bell swing squats.

Favorite thing I bought: my latest manicure, really loving it.

Favorite TV show: Currently into The Walking Dead. Ugh. Nightmares, but I can’t stop!

Favorite kitchen gadget: this finger peeler, works like a charm!


What do you think of my Friday Fives? What are yours?

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