Garlic Escarole Sweet Potato Noodles with Sweet Italian Sausage & DIY Napkins

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garlic escarole sweet potato noodle and sweet italian sausage

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Yes, the picture above is of a yummy bowl of sweet potato noodles in a garlic escarole sauce with sweet Italian sausage. No, this post isn’t about this recipe.

Instead, today is about how I made that pretty red striped napkin. Looks like a real napkin, right? Well, it’s not – it’s a quarter yard of fabric that I “stitch witched” with my hair straight iron to appear like one.

First, please check out the recipe exclusively at click here.

I mentioned on Sunday that I went to Mood Fabrics store in NYC to buy fabrics to make napkins. Basically, I was tired of paying  $20 for one napkin at Anthropologie and figured that I could spice up my pictures (inexpensively) by picking up some fabrics and making my own faux napkins.

I say faux napkins, because these napkins aren’t made to (or meant to) be the size of regular napkins. I like to pinch my napkins in my photos to create that disheveled “I just can’t wait to take a bite” look, and it’s a bit difficult to do that with an ordinary napkin because they’re either too short, too thin, or have different shades of color on either side.

While in the fabric store, I discovered Stitch Witchery. What a lifesaver – I thought I was going to have to painstakingly sew the napkins. With Stitch Witchery, you simply apply the cloth-like “tape” down on the seam, fold it over, and run an iron over it for 5-10 seconds and voila – a sealed seam! 

Sadly (actually, I’m embarrassed to admit) that I don’t own an iron. HOWEVER, I do own a flat iron (for my hair). So I used that.

how to make a napkin

At Mood Fabrics, the smallest increment of fabric you can purchase is a half yard. I dashed over to the cottons section (the least expensive) and started shopping. I love pinstripes, checkers and flannel patterns.

how to make a napkin

 What’s the cost for each? Well, they’re sold by the yard, so it’s half of the tagged yard price. Most of my fabrics were priced at $12-$16/yard, so I got fabrics for $6-8! And each fabric makes two napkins… that’s $3-4 per napkin! You can’t beat that. Each half yard yields 2 very large napkins (but could yield 3!) 

how to make a napkin

Let’s review. You need:

  • 1 roll of Stitch Witchery (buy here)
  • fabrics of your choice, in half-yards
  • an iron
  • a scissor
  • sewing pins

DISCLAIMER: My nails are painted orange and black for Halloween. I’m a nerd, I know. 

Step 1: Cut your fabric in half.

how to make a napkin

how to make a napkin

Step 2: Fold each side over until you reach your preferred shape. I took a napkin that I already had and mimicked that shape, just a bit larger. Once you do that, use sewing pins to keep the folds.

how to make a napkin

 Step 3: Line a piece of the Stitch Witchery tape under the folded edge. It will be a little loose, but that’s okay. Fold over the fabric to cover the “tape.” 

how to make a napkin

how to make a napkin

Step 4: Hold a flat iron (or iron) over the seam for 5-10 seconds. Tug at the seam and make sure it’s secure. Repeat in sections until all seams are sealed.

how to make a napkin

That’s it – now you have matching sets of napkins for a fraction of the price! 

It will look like this – sturdy for pictures! 

how to make a napkin

how to make a napkin 

I hope you learned something. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this, but it works. Happy Stitch Witchering


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Carrian says:
This looks good and I love the napkins! Super cute!
Thanks Carrian! Can never have too many napkins... or shoes, obviously. :)
So cool. Because this gal does not know how to sew. I've heard of stitch witchery but never saw a demo. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you - I definitely learned something today! I need to get my hands on some of that switch witchery!
Definitely - I've used it on my hems of my skirts since making the napkins!
I love it! So crafty. Need to pick up some stitch witchery myself. And yeah, those sweet potato noodles are calling my name... need!!
Thanks Mallory! Happy you found it helpful. :)
Dee says:
Fantastic recipe! I tripled the recipe (2 dinners and leftover lunch for me today!) and used a combo of sweet and spicy sausage, and subbed some roasted asapagus for the greens and followed your recipe exactly. Fan-freakin-tastic I must say. Thank you for the recipe and your website! I bought my whole family spiralizers through your link because your blog has really 'inspiralized' me to use mine! Thank you again.
Dee - this message made my day!! I am so glad you like the recipes and the blog! Aren't sweet potatoes wonderful??
Renee says:
First time I tried the spiralizer and I'm in love! This recipe was incredible. My husband who is not the biggest veggie lover raved about it. Thank you for inspiralizing me :)
Renee - this makes me so happy to hear! I'm so glad we've converted your husband into a veggie lover (well... one day!) THanks for the comment.
Jennifer says:
How can I get the recipe?
Jessica S says:
How can I get this recipe? It's no longer at that link provided...
Debra Exner says:
Found the working link to the recipe:

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