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Happy Labor Day from Inspiralized

Happy Labor Day! Now, as DJ Kool would say…. if you got a job, MAKE...

Happy Labor Day!

Now, as DJ Kool would say…. if you got a job, MAKE SOME NOISE!

In celebration of Labor Day, if you didn’t know already, we’re having a 20% off sale on the Inspiralizer. Today’s the last day to take advantage (sale ends tonight at midnight). No coupon code needed – everything’s applied at checkout.

Travel safe, celebrate proudly, and remember: good things come to those who hustle.


with love, Ali

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  • Hi there, I have a problem. I purchased an Inspiralizer from you quite awhile back. I had a Paderno before that and continued to use it until recently when my son and daughter in law started acting interested in a healthier diet, and grew zucchini in their garden. I gave them my Paderno and finally took the Inspiralizer out of the box to use for the first time. It took a little effort too get the blade rotated into position from the blank safety position, but I finally got it, and it worked great! I washed it and let it dry, and before putting it away for storage, I tried to rotate it back to the blank position so no one would get injured from the sharp blades. But I cannot for the life of me get it to rotate at all again, in any direction. Do you have any suggestions that might help? Thank you so much, Ronda
    • I had the same problem. I contacted the website, and they advised me to put a drop of olive oil or other cooking oil on the knob, as close to the hole it goes into. My spiralizer's knob would pull out, but would not turn. I was able to get a drop of oil on the inside where it turns. I waited a few minutes and voila! It worked! Hope this helps.
      • Awesome, thank you so much!! It works great now!! :o)
  • Really wishing I had a spiralizer myself! I've always wanted to purchase yours! :D