Turkey, Spinach, and Hummus Cucumber Noodle Roll-Ups

Turkey, Spinach, and Hummus Cucumber Noodle Roll-Ups with Applegate

Today I’m partnering up with Applegate Naturals to share a recipe from my new (now...

Turkey, Spinach, and Hummus Cucumber Noodle Roll-Ups with Applegate

Today I’m partnering up with Applegate Naturals to share a recipe from my new (now NY Times Best-Selling) cookbook, Inspiralize Everything!

If you already have the cookbook, this may be a useful video for you! If you don’t already have the cookbook, well… you know what to do.

I love this recipe – it reminds me of my childhood (as I wrote in the headnote) when I used to come home from school and my mother would make me turkey roll-ups as a snack (just turkey, rolled up, with a side of mustard.) I would do my homework and have these roll-ups.

Since they have a special place in my heart, I wanted to make them a but more adult-friendly (packed with even more nutrients) and more filling. Thus, I added spiralized cucumbers, hemp seeds, hummus, and spinach into the roll-up.

Turkey, Spinach, and Hummus Cucumber Noodle Roll-Ups with Applegate

These roll-ups work as a light lunch or a filling snack. After I made these for the video, I used them as a pre-workout boost. Since I always use Applegate Naturals Roast Turkey Breast slices, I figured it would be fun to partner up with them!

Watch the video here and order the cookbook to get the recipe!

Note: This post was sponsored by Applegate Naturals. However, all opinions are my own, always.

#InspiralizeEverything Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the #InspiralizeEverything social media contest!

  • Molly K.
  • April K.

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  • I have bought both cookbooks several times for gifts too. However I also keep some of my favorites in my recipe app in my iPad. When you don't list your recipe on your newsletter so I can "copy" it to my iPad app it's frustrating. Then I have to hand type it into the app. I can do that. I just feel like you used to always list the recipes no matter. Now your teasing to sell books. Haven't we bought your book anyway? I did. Now my standard wedding gift to anyone who got a kitchen aid stand mixer, I get them the spiralizer attachment and your first book. Or I get the Paderno and your book. The kitchen aid is so much nicer though. It frees your hands to catch and control the "noodles".
    • Kathy - I haven't been posting new recipes on Wednesdays for over a year. There's always a new video on Wednesdays - whether it's repurposing an old recipe or sharing a What I Ate today video, it's a video. And yes, I'm excited to have authored another cookbook and I'm proud of it, and I want to show everyone fun ways to use their spiralized vegetables, like with today's recipe. Since this recipe is extremely self-explanatory, I didn't feel that it was necessary to share the recipe, since the video basically reveals the recipe. I appreciate your understanding, as I celebrate the second week of my cookbook being out - which is filled with over 120 new recipes, so I figured it's okay, if, for a couple of weeks, I promote it. I think that's fair, wouldn't you say? Especially considering you have 120 brand new recipes in the book you purchased (thank you) and nearly 1,000 recipes on this blog for free to use. Hope that helps clarify why I chose not to post a new recipe today!
    • I agree. I also own the cookbook and I use that for preparing a dish. But I like to upload the recipes into my online food tracking plan so I can get the nutritional information in there quickly and easily. I understand and support the desire to promote the cookbook, but I hope that the cookbook recipes won't always be "off limits" to the website.
  • Yum! Can't wait to try this. It looks so easy I don't even need you to list out the recipe for me :)
  • Ali, I'm a big fan of yours, but do you really think that Kathy's comments qualify her for "hater of the day?" She's still buying your book for herself and gifts (more than anything, it seems like she doesn't check the announcements you make on the site, which could explain her frustration). I understand your frustration too, but posting her comment like that on social media seems petty. You can do better.
  • I never post comments but I have to just say this. Ali has been posting free recipes for YEARS and people are mad because she's not posting recipes on a couple blogs. Come on! She's a business women as well and should be promoting her book! Ps. Cookbook is amazing. Detox soup is one of my favs.
    • We really appreciate this, Ann! Thank you for your support and we're so glad you love the soup! You're the best!
  • Hi Ali, few weeks ago I discovered about spiralizing. I was looking for healthy recipes and I found your first book on Amazon (which I bought and received one week ago) and that led me to your website. It is difficult for me to convey in words all the appreciation I have for your work. You're amazing! Thank you for sharing with us new ways to prepare delicious and healthy meals. Regards, A family cook in Canada (Quebec).
    • Thank you so so much, Michel! We really appreciate the love and support. We're so glad you found us!