How to Change the Thickness of Your Vegetable Noodles

How to Change the Thickness of Your Vegetable Noodles

We all know that spiralizers turn vegetables and fruits into noodles, in various shapes. What...

How to Change the Thickness of Your Vegetable Noodles

We all know that spiralizers turn vegetables and fruits into noodles, in various shapes.

What you might not have known is that there’s a way to slightly alter the width of your noodles.

Did you know that? If you didn’t, don’t fret, I’m here to explain how to exactly do that.

I’ve been using this technique for a while and I realized that some of you might not be aware of this capability (changing the width of your noodles.)

With some blades, like Blade A, this makes a huge difference – it can take a thick ribbon cut into a thin, dainty ribbon cut, especially if your vegetable is thinner in diameter. Check out this example, using zucchini:

How to Change the Thickness of Your Vegetable Noodles

Why alter the width of your veggie noodles in the first place? Well, depending on which Blade and which vegetable you’re spiralizing, it can be really helpful for cooking times and making certain types of dishes.

For instance, take the beet. Beets, when raw, are pretty crunchy. If you want to make a raw beet noodle salad, but want a daintier noodle that’s not as wispy as angel hair but not as thick as spaghetti, all you need to do is spiralize the beet to have a thinner diameter.

Check out this example, again using zucchini, with Blade D:

How to Change the Thickness of Your Vegetable Noodles

With Blade B on the Inspiralizer, you can make gorgeous fettuccine noodles with zucchini. However, zucchini can be tough to eat in such thicknesses and it will take a bit longer to cook in a skillet. What’s a person to do? Adjust the thickness of the noodle to make it a thinner fettuccine!

So how do you do this exactly? Drum roll please…..

To change the width of your vegetable noodles, simple spiralize with LESS pressure to make thinner noodles and spiralize with MORE pressure to make thicker noodles. To make thinner noodles, spiralize slowly, letting the spiralizer pull the vegetable through. You can grasp the side handle for support, but don’t use it to apply much pressure.

It takes a bit longer (and by longer, I mean 15 seconds longer), but you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried this trick before?

with love, Ali

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  • NICE!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  • And you only JUST told us this?! I mean, it's obvious... but life-changing!
    • No WONDER! As a 'guy' I was doing the strong arm technique and getting REALLY thick noodles. I won't use the guide mechanism, I'll not push as hard as I turn, and try it 'daintily.' LOL Maybe I'll get angel hair pasta sized vegoodles, yet!
  • Let me understand...less pressure means thinner? Or vice versa? I've only had my Inspiralizer for a short time, but I love it. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, though. For example, I have trouble changing the blades...really hard to turn that green knob. Maybe it will be easier the more I do it. Keep the great ideas coming! And be prepared for many more orders...I think every member of my Weight Watchers class is going to want to get Inspiralized!
    • Mary Beth - the knob shouldn't tough to turn at all! Send an email to [email protected] and we'll help troubleshoot! Glad you're loving the Inspiralizer! And yes, less pressure = thinner!
      • Turning Green Knob PROBLEM I had the same problem, and inspiralizer support staff suggested I put a few drops of olive (any kind cooking) oil on the turning gizmo seam (top and bottom) and voila no more knob turning issues.
      • Wanted to make sure these people know that they have to PULL on the green knob first, then turn. Mine works great!!
  • I think I discovered this by pure accident! I didn't even realize it could have been a technique! It really will help with cooking times! Thanks!
  • Perfect timing! I was just wondering why it seemed like my noodles are thicker than they used to be. Wondered if I needed to get a new blade. But I am sure I was pushing. I will try again with less pressure. Such a good tip. Not obvious to me. Thanks!
  • Gracious....this will really help, Ali! Thanks & Cheers, Sheila
  • What an interesting trick! It makes me glad I have an Inspiralizer, because with my old spiralizer it always seemed to take a lot of pressure to get anything through the blades. I know I can do this now… :-)
  • About turning that green knob... I didn't realize at first that you have to pull the green knob OUT and then turn it. It works pretty easily for me, although I also had to discover that the letter (A, B, C, D) of the blade is on the SIDE of the knob, not the top. (Maybe I should read the instructions?)
  • Thanks for all the feedback! I did know to pull the green knob out. I'll try a drop or two of oil. If not, Ali, I will definitely get in touch with product support.
    • Should work like a charm - it's just a maintenance trick! Thanks for your support :)
  • I also had a problem turning the knob. I received a replacement and after a couple of uses I couldn't turn the knob. I read in FAQ about putting a few drops of olive oil at the bottom of the blade. Worked like a charm!
    • At the bottom of the blade, not on the knob itself?
  • I did try the "not pushing too hard" thing, but the reason was that the blade was turning on its own to the next larger size as I spiralized. I'm thinking now that I'll need to pay attention and make sure the green knob drops back into its spot properly, and then I most likely won't have any more problems with this. Thanks!
    • Yes, it's crucial that you click the Blade into place and it aligns with the triangular indicator on the side!
  • I'm still (im)patiently waiting for my Spiralizer. Should be here soon. I have noticed the fast/slow with a cheese grater we have. If I go fast I get dainty little whisps of cheese. Harder and it comes out in much heavier swirls.
  • Excellent! Can't wait to try this
  • I'm still waiting! w a i t i n g! For a way to get mine. I live in Australia! I realise you are looking for a distributer here! All theas inspirations are so 'Not Fair'! lol! Please keep in touch! I'm w-a-i-t-i-n-g!
    • We have a distributor now in Australia! Check the Inspiralizer product page for the link!!
      • I have looked on page and failed to find Australian Distributor or link. So please HELP! What am I looking for? Joan
        • Joan -
  • Is the D blade for sale individually? I love your book/blog/website Insprialized. I would like to make the recipes that call for a more delicate noodle without having to purchase a brand new appliance.
    • Unfortunately, no - my product is completely separate from any of the others out there! Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your support!
  • Yep, this is what I do. It works especially well with starchier more dense veggies like sweet potatoes.
  • No matter which blade setting I use for noodles I end up getting both ribbons and noodles. I've altered the pressure and made sure the blade letter clicked into place. Also see that only the very top of the blade by the core holder is engaged.
  • HAHA...the more I read the more I LOVE! Thanks for the tip...was wondering about the size of the noodles. ;-)