How to Make Chip Slices With the Inspiralizer (Video!)

How to Make Chip Slices With the Inspiralizer (Video!)

We no longer sell the Inspiralizer. You can read more about that here. Thank you for...

We no longer sell the Inspiralizer. You can read more about that here. Thank you for your interest! 

How to Make Chip Slices With the Inspiralizer (Video!)

I woke up yesterday with a fierce sore throat… on one side of my throat. Weird, right?

At about 11am, I started to develop the aches and a runny nose.

Now, at 7:30pm on Tuesday night, I’m sitting here with a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and a roll of toilet paper – that’s how runny my nose is. Ick.

Is there a doctor in the house?!

I always get sick when the temperatures change – always around this time of year. I guess my body’s rebelling against the cold temps (and I don’t blame it.)

Howeverrrrrr, I do like the food that comes along with the chillier weather – gratins, lasagnas, casseroles, you know – the cheesy, good stuff.

Now that I’m Inspiralized (yea, I said it), the word “gratin” or “lasagna” doesn’t mean “unhealthy” anymore – because by swapping the pasta for a spiralized vegetable can totally change its nutritional makeup.

I love to use the Inspiralizer for making disc-shaped slices of veggies to use in gratins and casseroles, especially this time of the year and into the winter and holidays.

But, Ali, how?? How do I use the Inspiralizer to do this? Don’t I need a mandolin?

No, my friends. I’m here to show you (with a brand new video!) how you can effortlessly make disc-shaped spiralized slices! And don’t forget, you can use them to make healthy baked chips, too!

Before I get to the video, here are a couple of my favorite recipes that use the chip slice on the Inspiralizer:

Now that you have the recipes, here’s how to do it:


with love, Ali

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  • Red bell pepper Ali! It'll knock that sore throat right out. Eat raw slivers of it. Keeps it moist too. I do it all the time. Here's one article: Get well!!
  • Thank you for doing a video of this! I knew you were supposed to use Blade A for chips but I couldn't figure out if you were supposed to spiralize one long strand and then snip them. If you were doing a potato/sweet potato would you also recommend making the same cut lengthwise and not all the way through? Thanks!
  • I hope you get well soon. I was exactly like that last week. Ginger and turmeric are a good help in these days. This idea for the spiralizer is really great? No more slicing my fingers in the mandoline to make ratatouille or gratin :)
  • Thank you! Great tip for using a very useful gizmo. I am just setting up a blog to talk about my love for all things gadgety. I've been talking up my spiralizer for some time. I'll be including it in one of my reviews. I'll save a link to this page to point people to where to get the best tips on using it. Thanks for your work.
  • Well, now, that's just brilliant! I'm loving the idea of gratins using veggie chips. Get well soon. And btw, my sister, who lives in Jersey (Fort Lee) swears by hot & sour soup from the nearest Chinese takeout place whenever a cold comes on. It works! She (and I) buy a quart, or even two, and ask them to add extra garlic (for its restorative powers) and let that soup work its magic.
  • Thanks Ali for your great recipes. I have an older Spiralizer with only 3 blades ... which one would I use for these chips. Can't wait to try this.
  • HELL YES!!! I was about to buy a mandolin but it looks like I'm holding off for now....can't wait to try this with sweet potato! Thanks Ali!
  • Ali this sounds wonderful! I hope you feel better....have hot tea with honey and lemon. It works wonders for a sore throat! Mine are caused by the air conditioning being on 24/7 for 6 months here in Arizona. I also use essential oils--occasionally I make a 'tea' by getting a cup of hot water, and putting a drop each of peppermint and lemon oil in it. Breathe in, then drink. Peppermint helps with congestion and lemon will ease a sore throat. Feel better!
  • Perfect idea for making sweet pickle chips from cucumbers.
  • I am all the way over in Australia and I also have the same bug - which seems to go and come back I recommend Garlic and horse radish vitamin tablets and vitamin c tablets. these help to stop your nose running so much Also apple cider vinegar taken twice a day helps with the sinuses , and a good chicken soup with garlic never hurt anybody. All your posts are wonderful, but my daughter was complaining that I threw out our mandolin and she couldn't make thin chips , so glad you share your clever ideas Thanks again Cathy
  • Thanks so much for the tips you post! This one and the one about making 'macaroni' have been well used at my house! Keep up the great work, love the recipes too :)
  • What spiralizer do u recommend now that we can no longer buy urs?