How to Make Gluten-Free Italian Breadcrumbs with Almond Meal (Video)

How to Make Gluten-Free Italian Breadcrumbs with Almond Meal - Zucchini Noodle Recipe

How to Make Gluten-Free Italian Breadcrumbs with Almond Meal - Zucchini Noodle Recipe

If you didn’t notice, I didn’t post a recipe yesterday.


Let me explain.

Over the weekend, I was in Calistoga, CA (in the Napa Valley area,) with the US Dry Pea & Lentil Council, learning about pulses and the International Year of Pulses.

It was a great trip – I got to spend time with some of my blogger friends, cook in the kitchens of the Culinary Institute of America (amazing), and learn about the health benefits of pulses (lentils, dry peas, beans, and chickpeas.)

However, I was a little stressed out about work, and I was getting a little worked up about everything that I have to do in such a short amount of time. I tried to work on the plane, but it’s tough when you have such a small space to work.

I got home at 11:30pm on Monday evening and when I woke up on Tuesday, I had to prioritize things and alas, no time for a post yesterday. At first, I was disappointed in myself and then I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself.

It’s good to hold yourself to a high standard, hustle your hardest and strive to be better, but there’s a fine line between unnecessary and necessary. My fear of missing a post as unnecessary, for example.

Now, here we are – with a brand new video and a less-stressed me!

I used these breadcrumbs all the time – they’re so easy to make and they pack a nutritional punch that regular breadcrumbs don’t, on account of the almond flour! They’re lower in calories, lower in glycemic index and honestly, I like their texture better than true breadcrumbs.

What do you do with them? I love using them as a casserole crust or simply, tossing them over zucchini noodles and a fried egg, like I do in the video!

They save for about 3 days in the refrigerator, so make a big batch on Sunday and sprinkle them into salads, over your spiralized meals or however you see fit!

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guest says:
You may want to update it to Calistoga and not Calastoga (and then delete this!).
Meaghan says:
Great eye!! Thanks for catching that!
Debbie says:
Long time follower here! Just a quick question, how would these "breadcrumbs" hold up if I were to freeze them?
Barb says:
Thank you. Great idea. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this blog and the recipes. I've got to learn the 'feel' of working with the moisture of the zucchini noodles (my zucchini buns were a disaster lol). I forgot to put the ramekins in the fridge so ended up with one huge, crispy zucchini bun but, what the heck, I was alone so I just ate it as is. I definitely need more practice but I am already feeling more energetic and good in general after adopting this lifestyle. Yesterday, I got the America's Test Kitchen 'Paleo Perfected' & was thrilled to see so many spirilized hints too since they used squashes for noodles as well. Nice addition. What recipes of yours I've made were so very good. Thanks again. Barb.
Jennifer says:
Love the video! I love to see how recipes are put together. It's a great visualization.
Barb says:
Hi......if you refrigerate the crumbs, wouldn't that make them lose the crispyness? Why couldn't they be stored at room temp in an air tight jar/container? Thanks!
Meaghan says:
If stored in the refrigerator the will lose a little bit of their crispyness, but they will last longer. But you could do either - 'fridge or air tight jar.
Laurie says:
Can you please post a written version of how to make the breadcrumbs so I can save it in my recipe file. Many thanks
Ali Maffucci says:
We have one! Here it is:
LOVE this recipe for gf breadcrumbs! Never would have thought of this. Lovely video too!
Meaghan says:
Thank you so much! We're so glad you love the recipe.
Barely Vegan says:
Awesome video!! I will definitely try this because the gluten free breadcrumbs that I currently purchase are overpriced. I'm also learning about prioritizing and not losing sleep because I missed a blog post. It made me feel soooo much better. I could literally feel the stress leaving my body! haha. Good for you Ali. Great post :)

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