Inspiralized eBook (finally!) and New iPhone/Mobile App

This eBook is no longer for sale! To purchase Ali’s latest cookbook, click here!  Man, have...


This eBook is no longer for sale! To purchase Ali’s latest cookbook, click here! 

Man, have I been dying to post this. Finally, after many back-and-forths, the Inspiralized eBook is available for purchase and download in all major online retailers!

Did you hear that? My eBook’s available! Limited edition for the holidays! 

But wait, that’s not all… Inspiralized has an iOS app! That’s right – and it’s free!

Let’s start with the eBook announcement (!!).

Inspiralized eBook

Inspiralized: The Ultimate Guide to Spiralized Cooking is available for purchase and download. The content of this eBook is the same as the printed copy book, except it’s in a reflowable text and image format for eReaders, so that the fonts can be adjusted for easier reading and you can search the document!

Some of the highlights include:

  • 5 Brand New Recipes that have never been seen on this blog and never will be published!
  • 15 Recipes From the Blog that have been revamped, tested and approved!
  • Tips & Inspiration on each recipe page.
  • My Fool-Proof Tips & Tricks to help you create the best possible dishes and become a spiralizer pro in no time!
  • Step-by-Step Picture Tutorials that explicitly demonstrate the proper way to spiralize vegetables.
  • Better photography: I’ve rephotographed 90% of the recipes!
  • The Spiralized Bun: a step-by-step picture tutorial for this bun, as featured in Gothamist and Huffington Post!
  • Entertainment: I’d like to think I’m an OK writer and that this is a fun read. 🙂

The eBook is available in the following online retailers:

iTunes Bookstore (iPad, iPhone) 
Download Link:

Amazon Kindle Bookstore (Kindle) 
Download Link:

Scribd (a digital library) 
Download Link:

It’s coming to the Barnes & Noble NOOK soon. Click here to sign up for updates on that!


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The Inspiralized iOS App

Download this App instantly in the iTunes store by clicking here. Never miss a post, save your favorite recipes, share recipes with your friends, and have a one-stop-shop for everything Inspiralized (in your hand!)

Some features:

The Homepage

Posts automatically load to the App once they’re published on the blog. Just scroll down and click on the image or title of the post to view it.

Inspiralized iphone App

Easy Blog Post Loading

Once you’ve clicked on a recipe, it automatically pops up on your screen. Just scroll to read!

Inspiralized iphone App

Share the Post

Once you’re viewing a recipe, you can click on the middle icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar to show options for sharing this post. You can Tweet it, e-mail it, Facebook it or add it to your phone’s Reading List!

Inspiralized App

Add to Favorites

Once you’ve loaded a recipe, click on the heart icon on the bottom right. This will prompt you to add to your favorites. Once it’s in your favorites, it’s saved! You can swipe to the left to delete each favorited recipe or post at any time.

Inspiralized iphone App


Clicking on the “Categories” tab in the bar at the bottom, the App loads all of the categories for easy recipe browsing.

Inspiralized iphone App

Category Example

Click on a category and voila – all of the tagged recipes in that category load, with thumbnails. Click to view one!

Inspiralized iphone App

Search Option

Click on the search option in the tab at the bottom to look for certain keywords, such as “broccoli.”

Inspiralized iphone App

About & Social Media Buttons

Want to head over to my Pinterest? Want to see what’s up on Facebook? What am I Tweeting? Click on the “About” option on the bottom navigation bar to read more about Inspiralized and head over to my social media pages.

Inspiralized iphone App

Get over to the iTunes store now and download the App for free:

Who Made the App?

Mobbees! I highly recommend using this company. Marie, based in Australia, is absolutely the most pleasant person I’ve ever worked with virtually. Her timely responses and commitment to perfection is refreshing. I am so happy and proud to introduce this app and it would never have been possible without Marie’s help.


with love, Ali

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  • This makes me absurdly giddy for you. iBooks is going to be getting a lot more action once I download this!!
  • Any plans for Android? I'm a Mac person, but just can't change to the iPhone :)
    • The company that develops the app is working on it! I'm hoping! I love the Android, I've always thought of switching over...
  • I'm so excited to use this new app! Many cool features and super useful!! Thanks Ali!!
  • Hi. I just went to the Apple App Store to download Inspiralized but it's not coming up as an app. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
    • I'm not sure - just use this link:
  • Still waiting for android version. When? Please, we need it.