Inspiralized and Pinterest

A Guide to The Inspiralized Pinterest Boards

I love Pinterest. I can Pin all day. A chic pair of booties, a quaint...

Inspiralized and Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I can Pin all day. A chic pair of booties, a quaint coffee shop, a snowy scene, a moody bowl of lemons, a tacky Christmas sweater, even a fluffy Bernese mountain dog – Pin, Pin, Pin!

However, I leave the DIY peppermint facial scrub Pins to my personal Pinterest board. As for the Inspiralized Pinterest page: it’s strictly what inspires me, recipes, and information on spiralizing. That’s it!

Recently, I reorganized my Pinterest page so that you can choose to follow certain types of recipes and content. For example, “Spiralized Pastas” or “Spiralized Soups.” I encourage you to click “Follow All,” but if you want to Pin certain types of recipes – it’s now that much easier!

Let’s take a look at examples of my top boards (click to follow, if you aren’t already!)

Tips & Tricks for Spiralizing

Not only does this board include blog posts of mine that give tips and tricks, but it includes tips that other bloggers or news sources give on spiralizing. I’m always scouring the internet for the latest!

Follow Ali Maffucci’s board Tips & Tricks for Spiralized Cooking on Pinterest.

Food Styling

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from stalking photos of other food bloggers and photographers. In each photo, I comment with a tip that relates to that photo.

Follow Inspiralized’s board Food Styling for Blog Photos on Pinterest.

Spiralized Pastas

All of my recipes that are categorized as “pastas.” This doesn’t include pasta salads, there’s another board for that!

Follow Ali Maffucci’s board Spiralized Pastas on Pinterest.

Inspirational Photos

I keep photos in this album that inspire me. I love rustic photos of coffee shops and places.

Follow Ali Maffucci’s board I’m Inspired on Pinterest.

Spiralized Noodles

All of my recipes that are categorized as “noodles” which includes Asian noodle bowls.

Follow Ali Maffucci’s board Spiralized Noodles on Pinterest.

There are plenty more boards to follow, so head on over to my Pinterest page!

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with love, Ali

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  • I just downloaded your app and it's fabulous!!! It was 10 pm and I immediately made the sweet potato, almond butter, banana and honey recipe. It was so amazing. I use to love peanut butter and banana on toast and now I can have a healthy version! Can't wait to try all the others.