#InspiralizedBoss, Episode 1: The Value of the Hashtag

#InspiralizedBoss - Business success and failure stories from the founder of Inspiralized

#InspiralizedBoss - Business success and failure stories from the founder of Inspiralized
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Every Friday, we’ll be posting short and quick business stories, tips and resources that have helped us grow Inspiralized. The series will be called #InspiralizedBoss and we hope they inspire others!


One of the ways I first grew Inspiralized’s social media following is by utilizing the “hashtag.” Most people who share something on social want it to be discovered, that’s the whole point! Therefore, they’ll hashtag appropriately. Leverage that.

For example, in my case, people who use a spiralizer or eat something spiralized will post up an image on Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #spiralizer #spiralized or, more specifically, a specific type of spiralized veggie, like #zucchininoodles or #zoodles.

To capitalize on this, when I first started out, I would reload the hashtag (using a site like Iconosquare or just the Desktop version of Instagram) and every time I’d see a new account hash-tagging, I’d make a comment. For example, if I saw a delicious bowl of zucchini pasta, I’d say, “Looks delicious, great idea!”

Most people who share something on social want it to be discovered. Leverage that! #inspiralizedboss Click To Tweet

This would more often than not result in the user clicking through to the @Inspiralized page (where I made the comment from) and then most likely following us. This is such a simple (although tedious) way of growing your social media presence. Plus, you’re gaining followers that value the content you’re putting out there, because they chose to follow you (as opposed to, say, running a giveaway and demanding they follow you to enter.)

Not only did this help me grow my social media presence, it helped me see what people out there were looking for – what types of dishes they were making, what excited them about spiralizing and what the demographic was on that social media channel.

By staying in-tune with social media and monitoring activity, you become closer with your customer and gain valuable insights into what they want to see, which helps you deliver the best kind of content and really foster engagement.

Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you learned something new from this week’s #InspiralizedBoss post.

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#InspiralizedBoss - Business success and failure stories from the founder of Inspiralized

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Tausha says:
Such great advice regarding social media and monitoring relevant hashtags. Thanks for sharing!
mary says:
love this post + the social media share box for twitter and linkedin. They make sharing so intuitive! Is this possible for instagram too? I would love to know if you need a separate plugin or program for each account?
mary says:
Also just found out about the inspiralized boss series and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing all of this looking forward to more!
Meaghan says:
We're so glad you're enjoying that series!!

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