Video: How to Change the Width of Your Spiralized Noodles (with the Inspiralizer!)

Video: How to Change the Width of Your Spiralized Noodles (with the Inspiralizer!)

Video: How to Change the Width of Your Spiralized Noodles (with the Inspiralizer!)

A while back, I shared a post about how you can change the width of your spiralized veggies with a simple trick.

However, I feel like the text post didn’t do this trick justice, so I decided to make a video about it! As always, this was posted the day before, but if you’re not subscribed to our YouTube channel, you had to wait until today to see it! SO, subscribe. Kthanks.

Inspiralized YouTube Channel

The concept is simple – just apply heavy or light pressure and spiralize quickly or slowly (respectively) to yield different widths of noodles.

This trick comes in handle if you’re trying to make thinner noodles that cook more quickly or that you’d like to eat raw and want something more manageable, that you can toss into salads.

You can read the old post for more background information, but without further ado, here’s the video. Lu says it’s my best one yet, he loved the music! What do you think?


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Lora says:
After watching your video, I noticed you have a knob on your inspiralizer that turns the blade that is not on mine. Mine just has 3 different changeable yours an older model or something? Also, I really like the inspiralizer, but I don't like how it has such a large center hole that is cut out of the vegetable and about 1/2 inch of vegetable at the end that doesn't get spiraling down. So both of these I have to cut up by hand in order not to waste that portion of vegetable.
Ali Maffucci says:
You aren't using an Inspiralizer, you are using a spiralizer of a different brand. To get the Inspiralizer (it's 20% off right now for Cyber Monday week), click "Shop" at the top!
Patricia says:
Loved the video but hated the music. Sound is turned way down or off on your videos because the music is too loud and distracting. Video itself is beautifully and economically done with no extraneous moves or text. Your videos are the only instructional videos I enjoy watching. Most instructional presentors just wander around making conversation and laughing and take much too long to get to the instructional point.
Ali Maffucci says:
Thanks for the feedback, Patricia!

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