my lipstick renaissance

1 NARS – Barbara / 2 NARS – Anita / 3 Laura Mercier – Belize / 4 Bobbi Brown – Dusty Pink

for my first beauty blog post, let me start with a preface. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know that much about makeup. wait, let me rephrase that: I don’t know a lot about makeup, in general. what I do know is what makeup works for me.

so, if you happen to have a similar skin tone, complexion and coloring as me, then you’re in luck, because I have some great beauty suggestions for you in lipstick department.

I bought my first lipstick in 2010. I’ll never forget, I thought that every woman had to own and wear lipstick. since I was a lip balm or nothing gal, I was lost as to what color, type (matte or glossy?!) or brand I should get.

plus, one of my biggest insecurities is my lips – my upper lip is thin (thanks dad!) and I never wanted to wear lipstick, because I thought it would draw attention to that inadequacy (which, now I realize, it can do exactly the opposite- enhance your lips!)

so naturally, like any other girl who has no idea what they’re doing, I went for a bold red. yup, red. and not any old red: chanel red. as you can probably guess, I never wore it. well, I wore it once for an Instagram picture, but after I snapped the shot, I rubbed it right off.

I never felt comfortable in lipstick, despite my many attempts.

finally, I realized what was wrong: I was opting for bright, statement colors instead of starting with lipsticks that I would feel comfortable wearing day-to-day. I’m not a girl that goes out to galas, so why was I spending money on bright corals and Jennifer Lopez nudes?

hence, my lipstick renaissance.

after a few trials, I found four colors that I absolutely love and I’m going to share them all with you:

the lipsticks

1. Barbara by NARS: every time I leave the house, I put this on. honestly, it makes my lips look fuller and makes me look more polished. I had that “eureeka” moment with this one.

2. Anita by NARS: this shade is slightly pinker than pick #1 (Barbara), but it’s also makes a slight statement. I love this one for date nights, brunches at trendy restaurants or even dinner with my girlfriends when I want to feel a little more chic, but not dressed up. it’s the perfect in-between.

3. Belize by Laura Mercier: this is one step up and I only wear it when I have a slight tan. it’s too dramatic when my skin is fairer (ie winter), but it makes me look sun kissed and fresh-faced when I am bronzed. it’s fun to wear on dates or to special events, but isn’t dressy – it’s casually chic. plus, it’s super smooth and keeps my lips hydrated more than any of the other lipsticks.

4. Dusty Pink by Bobbi Brown: this is my go-to statement color. it’s very pink, but not Barbie pink – it has more warmth to it. I wear it in most of my cooking videos, because it gives me a burst of color for my face. I love wearing it when I’m wearing colorful patterns or dresses, because it’s a festive, fun color. also, it’s so easy to put on, because it’s a pencil stick!

have you had your lipstick renaissance yet?

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