packing for the exumas, bahamas

1. GoPro hero4 / 2. Bikini Top / 3. Brazilian Bikini Bottoms / 4. Light Sweater / 5. Strappy sandals / 6. Airplane Snacks / 7. Moisturizer / 8. Airplane headphones / 9. Book / 10. Sunglasses / 11. Flip Flops

right after Lu and I got married, every time we saw a married couple, the conversation went like this:

person: congrats!
us: thanks, we’re so happy!
person: *mood changes* whatever you do, make sure you travel a LOT beacuse once you have kids, it stops.

literally, every single married person/couple told us that! now, I don’t think that once you have children you become a hermit and don’t travel. my parents took me to the Caribbean before I even turned one!

I know I don’t have kids yet, but I don’t think that kids end that stage of traveling in your life. my mom told me that her best trips have been with us (her children.) I like to think that I’ll adopt my mother’s style.

now, I know traveling will be different when you have children, so we are taking this advice and traveling as much as we can this year (alone)!

next up: the exumas, bahamas! we leave early tomorrow morning and we return late on Sunday night. I know what you’re thinking: “what?! the bahamas in 3 days?” I love quick trips! they’re just the amount of time you need to relax, refresh, and absorb some Vitamin D!

when we get back, I’m going to do a full blog post and my very first VLOG here, in case some of you are interested in traveling there! I’ve been to the Bahamas a lot, but I’ve never been to the Exumas, so I am SO excited – and Lu has never been to the Bahamas and I love traveling with him, of course. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things.

I figured I’d do a little “what I pack” post with some of my must-haves. excuse me if they’re very “basic,” but I wanted to stay genuine! these are really the things I bring with me when I travel to beach vacas! obviously I pack other things (including sunscreen and coverups), but these are some of my favs, which include a light sweater that I’m obsessed with. I ALWAYS forget a sweater when I travel to the beach and then I kick myself because I don’t have anything for chilly nights or inside lounging!

have you been to the exumas?!

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