eyelash extensions: why I took them out early & why I’ll get them again

on March 26th, I went into NYC and got eyelash extensions at a lash extension...

on March 26th, I went into NYC and got eyelash extensions at a lash extension boutique called G Lash. I was greeted by the sweetest woman at the front desk who helped me pick out extensions for the look I wanted. I said, “glamorous, but not dramatic.” I used descriptors like “natural, but noticeable” and “not too thick.” I went with the “natural” set of 70 at length 11 (if you get lashes, you may recognize those terms.)

then, I laid down on a comfortable massage table, put my headphones in and listened to music for 1 hour as the sweet woman (named Alicia) applied the lashes on each eye. at first, I was worried – “how will I be able to lie with my eyes closed for one full hour without opening them?” I was a little anxious, but once I had my music on, it was extremely relaxing – when do you have an excuse to just lay down and not open your eyes for a full hour? no scrolling through Instagram, no texting your friends, no Snapchat filtering.

next time, I’ll definitely download a podcast to listen to, though – those last 5 minutes crawled by.

I walked out of there feeling effortlessly glam, although I had just spent an hour getting fake lashes put on – so, not necessarily “effortless.” but, I LOVED them. even when applying a face mask, I felt gorgeous:

on Snapchat, I had fun showing off my new lashes:


I had the lashes in for 1.5 weeks, although they last for about 3 weeks (supposedly.) after about 8-9 days, they started to lose their lash-like look and started to criss-cross, clump, and stick out in different directions. basically, they went wonky! being the impulsive person I am, I decided to take them out myself (which they tell you, never do.) a quick Google search later, I had a pot of boiling water and a towel to steam my face with a jar of coconut oil and a mirror nearby.

long story short, that didn’t work. I actually ended up pulling out a chunk of my real lashes, unfortunately. I booked an appointment the next morning to get them taken out professionally.

the lady at the front desk asked me, “oh, do you just want to get them fixed and refilled?” for a second, I thought, “maybe I’ll get them refilled!” but then, I decided that I’d give my lashes a break, and if I still wanted them after having my natural lashes for a few days, I’d go back.

so, how do I feel? I MISS THEM AND I WANT THEM BACK!

my mother wants to try them out in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to go with her and get them, I decided. this time, I’m going to properly take care of them and give them the full 3 weeks and then decide if I should keep going and get them refilled. apparently, you should just brush them with a spoolie every day to keep them intact. I will definitely do that to keep them from getting wonky (that was why I got frustrated and removed them!)

here are my pros and cons of eyelash extensions:


  • you get the lashes you’ve always wanted – they’re flirty and fluttery
  • you don’t have to wear mascara (Lu loved not seeing my mascara stains all over our towels) so you save time


  • you can’t rub your eyes – this seems like something you could do without, but whenever you have to itch your eyes, it’s so frustrating! IE:
    • washing your face is a nightmare – you can’t just splash water and cleanser on, you have to be more meticulous so you don’t rub your eyes
    • showering is tough, because you can’t rub your eyes, so when water runs down your face you have to pat dry the water with a cloth if you want to open your eyes
  • once you have them, you’ll feel less pretty without them (it’s true/sad!)

have you ever gotten eyelash extensions? what was your experience? do you have any questions for me? happy to answer!

with love, Ali

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