neutral nursery inspiration for our baby boy!

I have been Pinning like crazy lately. Pinning for the NURSERY!

at first, I was Pinning everything. I realized that that was getting me nowhere, and I was having a hard time nailing down a theme/style. I loved everything – I think the general excitement of getting to decorate your future baby’s space is overwhelming, and it causes you to love EVERYTHING.

the one thing I will say I DON’T like is overly masculine or feminine rooms. I don’t want anything super blue or that shouts, “I’m a boy!” I want my son to be brought up as an equal to a woman, not different from them because girls are ‘girly’.

finally, I took a bit of time and truly looked at some inspiration boards and decided on the look we wanted to go for.

believe it or not, we’re NOT going with a cactus motif.

I know, I knowwwww. I just feel like we have received so many cute gifts with cacti on them (oh, the onesies – I can’t wait!), I didn’t want to overdue it. howeverrrr, I can’t neglect the cactus altogether – after all, Bart is going to be welcoming a new member of our family soon: a baby boy!

it was actually very fortuitous that Lu severed Bart’s head when we moved into our new apartment recently – we replanted him and now there’s a Bart Jr. just waiting to move into the nursery! of course, until the baby starts crawling, and then we’ll have to get a new solution (those plants are sharp!)

SO. we have decided to go with a palm desert theme. kind of a palm springs-y with a hint of Caribbean. Lu and I love the beach (he’s from the Caribbean) and the tranquility we feel when we see palm trees, so we figured what better way to bring this baby into this world than with a little palm!

I don’t think we’re going to be ordering anything for another couple of weeks, so that it arrives after our baby moon (we’re going to Hawaii the second week of June!) and we can start assembling/setting up then! I’ll be around 27 weeks at that point… and want to make sure I give myself enough time before I get too big and uncomfortable (or at least that’s what people tell me starts happening!)

here’s what I have so far:








general inspiration

and that’s it! what do you think?

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