2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Our 2022 holiday gift guide for kids is here! We’ve scoured the Internet for the...

Our 2022 holiday gift guide for kids is here! We’ve scoured the Internet for the best gifts for kids! We hope you’ll find something for your kids aged 1 – 5 in this gift guides.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for 1+ Year Olds

1 – Lovevery kits: honestly this comes first, because their favorite toys come from their Lovevery kits!

2 – Play kitchen: this is truly the best investment I ever made, all of my kids still play with this kitchen.

3 – Metal shopping cart: this is a hit with all of our kids.

4 – Tonie box: the twins are obsessed with this, but the bigger kids love listening to their favorite songs and characters too.

5 – Wooden cleaning set: another toy that grows with the kids.

6 – Play Dyson: I’m honestly thinking of buying another one of these because all 4 kids fight over it!

7 – Nested cardboard box set: this is such a great toy the whole family can enjoy.

8 – Jack in the Box: love this giraffe one, always a great gift for a 1 year old.

9 – Little market: once your baby starts walking, I love setups like these that let them explore and play make believe (especially with older siblings!

10 – Radio Flyer: the twins love pushing each other in this wagon.

11 – Car track: this is one of the twins’ favorite toys.

12 – Pounder toy: a quality version of a classic toy.

13 – Schoolbus toy: I love this, because it’s 3 toys in one, a shape sorter, a bus, and a pull along toy.

14 – DJ toy: such a fun, cool idea.

15 – Wooden farm toy: love this train set.

16 – Fisher Price Camper toy: my kids love make believe and I love that this is a pusher toy and can grow with the kids.

17 – Blocks: the twins love these blocks and love the wood box they come in, its a pull along toy.

18 – Dinosaur sensory tool: this is a great way to encourage motor skills with the littles.

19 – Ride along bike: a fun way to ride around the home and the block with this bike.

20 – Coin box: a little starter piggy bank.

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Gift Guide for 3 – 5 Year Olds

1 – Amazon fire: I love these for our kids, I always feel comfortable giving them the tablet – they love the games especially.

2 – Hair chalk: on Roma’s list this year.

3 – Glowing bath time cubes: a bath time must-have!

4 – Play cut fruits: my kids love cutting up the fruits and it’s great motor skill practice.

5 – Princess tea set: Roma plays with this almost every day.

6 – Eco-kids finger paints: a safer finger paint option with natural scents.

7 – Magnatiles: the best invention ever, a great building toy.

8 – Hot Wheels Track: Luca and Roma race cars on this all the time.

9 – Interlocking block set: we bring these everywhere, especially restaurants, the kids love them.

10 – Train set: you can’t go wrong with a train set.

11 – Zingo: my kids’ all-time favorite game.

12 – Vanity table: my daughter loves playing with my makeup and I’m excited to get her her own vanity table.

13 – Microphone: for the kids that love to sing and dance.

14 – Easel: my kids love to paint and draw and this easel is minimalist.

15 – Dollhouse: this is the dollhouse we have, it’s a great gift.

16 – Baby doll changing table: Luca and Roma love play changing their baby dolls and this gives them their own space to do it.

17 – Hape learning piano: for those musically inclined kids.

18 – V Tech Kid cam: Luca has this and loves is.

19 – Scooter: I have to include their scooter!

20 – Home pottery kit Sculpd: my kids would love this and a fun way to create art that is functional in the home.


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