Happy 1st Birthday, Luca Leo!

A letter to my son on his first birthday

Dear Luca, Happy Birthday, honey! You’re one year old today. I knew that day and...

Dear Luca,

Happy Birthday, honey! You’re one year old today. I knew that day and I know now that I was put on this Earth to be your Mommy. Nothing in my life makes me prouder or happier than you. Waking up to your adorable little face and fluffy hair starts each day off with love and light.

Before you arrived, we were never nervous. We were ready for you to arrive and change our lives forever – and boy, did you! When you first were put on Mommy’s chest the moment you were born, I felt like I was born too – my purpose in life became clear. My purpose is you! I don’t remember life before you, and what I do remember, it seems empty – because you aren’t in it!

Since that moment, you’ve always looked at life with big, brown eyes. Everyone always commented on what an alert baby you were! Mommy’s smart little baby. You looked around and took it all in. You always wanted to be part of the action – you’ll learn what FOMO is one day, because you have it!

In those first few months, we carried you and walked you EVERYWHERE. You loved being held – you didn’t like your stroller at first, you wanted Mommy and Daddy to carry you so you could look around. Mommy still puts you in her carrier so you can be close to her while you look at the world. I’ll always be there for you, honey.

Happy 1st Birthday, Luca Leo!

My favorite moments during the first few weeks and months of your life were when you’d fall asleep on me. Nothing is sweeter than your little cheeks squished on Mommy and your long eyelashes on your closed eyes. Your little parted lips and your breath that always smelt sweet. I breathed you in so much and will never forget your smell.

You love so many things! You love everything, pretty much! You love playing with balls, opening and closing things (like books!), climbing, crinkling paper and taking all of the wipes out of your wipes packages. You love the park and meeting other babies – and climbing up the slides. You were afraid of the swing at first, but now you love it and giggle the whole time. You love “brush, brush, brush” when we brush your teeth in the morning and at night. You love butternut squash, fruit, almond butter, and Mommy’s muffins. You love bubbles and Mommy’s water bottle. You love pulling Mommy and Daddy’s clothes out of their drawers. You love music and banging on anything like it’s a drum. You LOVE giving kisses, especially to your stuffed animals and right before you go to sleep. You love the water, especially when you visit Grammy and Poppy in Florida and go in their pool. You could stay in there for hours – and in the bath, too! You love your Aunt Feef and Uncle Beef, who live next door – and love strumming on Uncle Beef’s guitar when you visit. They love you, too.

Happy 1st Birthday, Luca Leo!

And most importantly, you love your Mommy and Daddy and we love you (more!) Your first words were “Mama” and “Dada,” after all!

There are some things you don’t like, but not many. You don’t like being left alone, but that’s okay, because we’ll never leave you. You don’t like avocado, which Mommy doesn’t understand, but that’s okay. We’ll teach you that it’s okay to have likes and dislikes, but to always stay open minded.

You’re just starting to walk, little boy, and we can’t wait for you to see life through that view. We’re excited for every stage and milestone. We’re so grateful to have you in our lives, Tootie (Poppy gave you that nickname!)

You’re the BEST, Luca Leo, and we love you! Happy Birthday, honey.

Happy 1st Birthday, Luca Leo!

with love, Ali

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