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A New Year, A Better Me – My 2023 Mindset

It’s a new year and I’m looking forward to being a better version of myself...

It’s a new year and I’m looking forward to being a better version of myself in 2023.

Happy New Year! Happy 2023. What a year 2022 was! For me, it was a survival year – it was basically the twins’ first year of life and me trying to navigate motherhood with 4 kids. Roma turned 3, Luca turned 5, and the twins turned 1!

I published my fourth cookbook with Feeding Littles which became a New York Times best-seller! It was a beautiful year with your typical ups and downs.

It was the year we finally found reliable babysitters so Lu and I could focus on date nights, which I’m so grateful we did. Our marriage strengthened because of it.

It was a year, however, filled with a lot of hesitance over my work.

The future of Inspiralized

Over the holidays, I really thought a lot about how I want to continue on with this brand and my life in general. How did I reflect? JOURNALING. I had never tried it before, but I had so much going on in my mind, it was so helpful (and therapeutic!) to start writing. Once I started, it all spilled out.

I’ve been in limbo for about 2 years (basically during my twin pregnancy and the first 15 months of their lives) and now I’m ready to make a decision on how I want to move forward. I think over the years, I stopped blogging as much and stopped sharing as much about my life. There were trolls, sure, but the landscape of blogging and the life of an online social media person changed. It got a bit more vicious, a bit more calculated, and less organic. There are rules and games and algorithms. I fell out of love with it.

However, I still had this community that I’ve built (or that we’ve built together) that I kept going back to. I love this community so much – you’ve been such a support to me over the years, and I love connecting with you all. Over on Instagram, most of you said you’re here now for the lifestyle content. The least popular content request was recipes! Thinking a lot about that, I’ve realized that that’s just a reflection of my own life. I’m cooking less new things as a mother of 4 young kiddos. I cook from my cookbooks, the blog, and I really like grabbing inspiration from other recipe spots – magazines, my friends’ cookbooks, and other blogs.

So what I’ve decided is this: it’s time to go back to basics and get back to sharing the raw process with this community. Connecting with you and sharing what I’m going through, instead of spending so much time  and energy on new recipes, I’m going to focus more on the content that you want and that I want to share. That includes:

  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Kid activities
  • Parenting/mom life/hacks/real life moments
  • Balancing it all
  • Marriage
  • Easy family recipes

Now, I’m not going to become a full blown lifestyle blogger, but as for the recipes part, if I’m so inclined, I will definitely be sharing new, original recipes made by me. However, I am going to focus on sharing recipes I’ve found that I’ve made my own changes on and have enjoyed. For instance, I’m dying to try a seafood version of this Lemony Chicken and Potatoes with Feta. You can watch me go through those trials on Instagram, always.

If you don’t like this new direction, I completely understand. Honestly, I can’t keep trying to share the things I *think* this audience wants, because it doesn’t reflect what I’m going through, and I think I lost touch of what the community wanted! So, I’m going to give this a year and if it’s still not sparking my joy, I’ll reevaluate. Thank you for being along for the journey, as always!

My 2023 Mindset

There’s something special about a brand new year. Now, a new year can start whenever you want – there’s no better time than the present. However there’s something refreshing about a calendar new year! It’s the little push you need to start a new goal, intention, or mindset.

For me, in 2023, I want to be a better, more focused and intentional version of myself.

Now, after reading James Clear’s book Atomic Habits, I know that it’s not enough to just say “I want to be a better version of myself.” You have to put the mechanisms in place to form those habits. And the best way to figure out the better version of Ali is to ask, “What does a better Ali look like?”

A better Ali is:

  • A better friend, sister, and daughter.
  • A better wife.
  • A better mother.
  • A better entrepreneur.

I’m going to do another blog post on breaking these down further (ie: what does a better wife look like?), but after thinking about it further, I broke this down into words. Words that I’ve written out in bold, big letters and pinned to the cork board that’s adjacent to my computer so I stare at them every day and internalize. Below are the words to apply to different parts of my life that in turn, will help me become a better friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, and entrepreneur and ultimately, a better me!

  • Business: EXECUTE
  • Kids/parenting: INTENTIONAL
  • Marriage: AFFECTIONATE
  • Friendship/Relationships: SUPPORT

For example, the overarching word for my life this year is to declutter and simplify. This permeates everything in my every day. But I think that by decluttering and simplifying, it will be easier to accomplish the behaviors and habits I want to adopt in the different areas of my life.

I hope this is inspiring for some of you. I’ll be doing many more follow up posts to this! Cheers to a year that’s hopefully better and bigger than the last! 

Photos by Karla Korn Photography.

with love, Ali

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  • Ali, I have been following you for years since before Luca was born and I will continue to follow you regarding what direction you choose to go. I don’t have small children, but I have enjoyed your recipes and enjoyed watching you transition to family and watching your beautiful family grow and I just appreciate you sharing all your life’s candid moments, it just makes you so much more relatable and real and as weird as this may sound, you are the type of person I would love to have in my circle of friends. I wish you continued success, love and many more blessings in the years to come!
    • Marcela! You are 100% in our circle of friends! You being here makes this community so much better. We can't thank you enough for staying with us through it all. Sending you so much love!
  • Have loved following you for years, and love this direction! Still love your cookbooks and recipes but have really stuck around for all you share about life in general. Keep doing YOU! can’t wait!
    • Marissa, this means so much! Thank you for always being here for us through it all!
  • I don’t even care what you share, just as long as you don’t disappear! I’ve been following you for so long, it'd feel like losing a friend if you left! Love your words chosen for each area :)
    • Chelsea, this is so amazing to hear! Your love & support is beyond needed & appreciated. Grateful for YOU!
  • I am right here with you! Not an entrepreneur or a blogger. But I’m a mom and a wife. And I did the same! For the first time ever, I bought myself a journal because my mind is still all over the place. Haven’t sat down to spill it all out. But I want the exact same, the best version of myself, to stick to my goals of decluttering, organizing, being grateful and mindful and loving. I’ll be right here with you Ali!
    • Absolutely love that you bought a journal to help you along the way, Carolina. It's so helpful to be able to write those thoughts out & really process them. You'll be great! So happy you're here with us.
  • I’ve been following you since you and Lu got married and will continue to do so no matter what direction you take! I love your positivity and your realness. To be honest, I’ve always stuck around for the lifestyle stuff (relationship/marriage, balancing your life) anyway. Wishing you the best in 2023!!
    • You're the best, V! Thank you for loving us along the way!
  • You are truly (and honestly) my favorite person to follow on social media. You’re real, you’re honest, you don’t hide when times are tough. You show us what REAL life is… and you make it look easy. You’re amazing. As a fellow Mom of a little one, I love the kid content. Your zest for cooking motivates me to cook, too! But even without the kids, without the cooking - simply seeing YOU shine bright, living your life. It’s a wonderful thing to see and that alone is why we all love following along. Happy 2023!
    • Janine! We can't thank you enough for your continued support. Your words mean so much. We are beyond happy to have you as part of this community!
  • Congrats on the new direction. You should feel so proud that you are staying true to yourself. We love you cause of your authenticity. We are all a work in progress - here’s to 2023! My word for 2023 is FLOW - to support change with grace
    • We are so aligned on the word "flow"! Your support means everything to us, Christina!
  • I will be cheering you on in your endeavors and am excited to hear more about your life and process!
    • Thank you so much for your support, Nanja! It means a lot to us!
  • Ali I have been following you since before Luca was born. I initially followed for the recipes but have enjoyed watching you evolve! I am a Gramma of 4 little ones (my oldest grandson is 2 days younger than Luca) so enjoy all your content on the kids, your life, your recipes for the family! You are so brave to mindfully figure out who you want to be going forward! Good luck and I will continue to follow and enjoy your posts, stories, blog!
    • Jen! We are so grateful to have you as part of this community! Thank you!
  • Oh, Ali—I had. stopped reading your newsletters only because there were many other things in my life, but when I read four kids! I just had to see what was going on with you. My first thought was twins, and I was right. You have a lovely family and I wish you all the best. Being 75 years young and having my grandchildren getting older (one is in high school!), I am most interested in the food and recipes. I quilt, sew, crochet, knit, and am hoping to get back to traveling soon. You are an inspiration to me as you continue to examine your life and purpose. I think that awareness has enabled me to stay youthful and happy and grateful for being alive and having friends like you. I will still follow you and be excited for whatever you decide to do.
    • Having your support means the world to us, Mary! You are a true inspiration.
  • Hi Ali, Wow you have four children now. I started following you five years ago when you had your first child.. wow time flies. Can you do some recipes on air frying? I would love to see your thoughts and recipes.. happy new year and all the best to you and your family! Regards, MaryJo
    • Hi MaryJo! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts & suggestions. We love the air fryer and will keep this in mind!
  • As a yoga teacher, my mission is always to send the message that who we are in this and every moment is good. I'd like to suggest that 'a better' version of ourselves is also a judgment of ourselves. Can we love ourselves just as we are and have the intention of choosing health and wellness because we love ourselves? Yes we can make changes, but perhaps not because we need to be 'better'. Perhaps because change is the only constant, and being open to change vs. resisting change is truly what will bring us peace. I do appreciate your intention behind this message. I think you've helped a lot of people. And I've loved your cookbooks and spiralizer for years.
    • Dawn! You are such an asset to this community. We appreciate YOU for sharing your insights & experiences with us all.
  • Love this blog post and your realness with us. I started following you because of the Inspiralizer, but KEPT following you because our lives aligned so much! Luca and my first-born son are a month a part, and I had my SUPRISE identical twin boys about a year before you did. I love your realness, appreciate how you navigate motherhood, being a wife, and career woman, and also just all around love your fun personality. Looking forward to continuing to follow along your journey. Wishing your new direction sparks joy for you in 2023!
    • Colette! This is so special to read. Thank you for continuing to stick with us as we evolve & being a great support. It means everything to us that you're here!