pregnancy recap: week 27 – 31

I'll be doing monthly pregnancy recaps to document the progress of this pregnancy and hopefully relate to some of you who are pregnant as well or interested in becoming pregnant! in this week's recap, I'll be recapping week 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.

I’ll be doing monthly pregnancy recaps to document the progress of this pregnancy and hopefully relate to some of you who are pregnant as well or interested in becoming pregnant! in this week’s recap, I’ll be recapping week 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.


holy belly! the past few weeks, this belly has done some serious growing. it’s at the point where I feel heavier and more lethargic, because I’m literally carrying around an almost 4 pound baby! my stomach gets really hard and full at night, so it’s hard to be productive past 6pm. even standing up to cook at that hour I get tired.

as for working out, if I don’t work out first thing in the morning, by the end of the day (because of my big belly), it’s just too uncomfortable. I’ve also really had to modify my workouts – I’ve been doing more walking on the treadmill (uphill) and much less spinning. my squats aren’t as deep/low and I definitely have to take longer breaks in between sets to breath.

I’ve really truly loved everything about this pregnancy! I love the way I look (extra pudge around the arms and thighs and all!) and I feel great. I just feel so grateful everyday to be carrying this baby!

the only anxiety I’ve been having lately is, “what if the baby comes early?!” for some reason, I’m worrying about that – even though most first time mothers deliver late, if anything. THUS, I’ve been prepping as much as possible – getting the nursery ready, getting the blog ready, and so forth.

we’ve spent the past few weeks prepping the nursery and that has been so exciting! it makes it all feel so real. we have some baby books, a bookshelf, the daybed, the changing table, and we setup the closet for baby storage. there are even bottles in our kitchen pantry! CRAZY. Lu went looking for wine glasses one day and saw the bottles, haha.

I have us booked for a ‘yoga for birthing’ class as well as a basic prenatal class that covers the basics of labor and delivery. I’m also signed up for a breast feeding class! we’ve booked our maternity photoshoot and so far, I’ll be fully setup and ready for the baby by my 35th week! I don’t want to scramble at the last minute, I want to really enjoy the last month with my husband, not having to worry about shopping on the weekends for baby stuff. I just want to do stuff with him and me. that’s the plan, at least.


  • hard to get out of bed. with a heavier belly, it’s oddly hard to get off the couch and out of bed – this is just at night time, when my belly is especially large. it’s funny, sometimes I need to get Lu to push me out of the bed!
  • even stronger baby movements. I can actually watch my tummy move now, it’s wild! I haven’t seen any outlines of feet or hands, but I see my actual stomach moving around when the baby moves. it’s so cool!
  • tender area above the belly button. the area around my belly button is very tender. my doctor just said it’s the way the baby is positioned, but sometimes it’s a pretty throbbing pain, not just tenderness.
  • what bladder? sometimes it feels like I can’t walk for 20 minutes without having to use the restroom!

highlight of the month

wallpapering the nursery! it made the nursery really feel like a nursery and now, I love walking in there in the morning, just to look around. it gets me more and more excited every day to meet this little guy and hold him in the nursery! the rocker is getting delivered on Friday and our baby shower (we’re doing a Jack & Jill!) is on Sunday, so I’m sure the nursery will really be complete after that!

favorites, etc

bumpie progression:

I accidentally stopped taking bumpie pictures – I just kept forgetting! I post so many bumpies on Instagram, thankfully.

with love, Ali

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