baby favorites: month 5


month 5 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving at this stage.  for this series, I’m going to list the things that made month FIVE great!

and of course, you can check out newborn favorites, and month 4.

month 5: baby favorites

1. jumperoo: I had to keep this on month 5 because now he’s REALLY into this thing. he’s way more engaged, notices the little toys on the sides, and can support himself much more easily. it’s his favorite toy in our place and allows us to be hands-free for almost 20+ minutes!

2. turn and learn driver: while Luca can’t sit up totally on his own, I love sitting with him in my lap (to help him balance sitting up) and he plays with this endlessly. it really helps strengthen his tummy muscles and helps with motor skills!

3. sit-to-stand learning walker: this was a gift from my sister-in-law and it’s great because it works for babies and toddlers – once Luca starts walking, it converts into a walker. for now, he just sits up with me and plays. it has so many little details that he loves getting lost in and makes great music.

4. bubble makers: Luca is FASCINATED by bubbles. I bought these on Amazon (brought me back to my days in summer camp) and he will literally sit there for 15 minutes watching me blow bubbles.

5. toy storage: we bought this for our living room (because the toy situation was getting a little out of hand) and it’s great. it’s colorful, still modern, light, and Luca actually loves sitting in the boxes, haha. there’s a lot of storage and contains all of our toys (for now.)

6. stacking blocks: while Luca can’t actually stack these himself (yet!), he loves watching Mommy do it. it’s a great little bonding activity.

7. 4moms high chair: we’re going to start baby led weaning at 6 months and we got this high chair so that he can start sitting with us at the dinner table when we have dinner at night – he LOVES being in it and you can tell he really likes being part of the conversation. we usually give him this vegetable set.

hope you picked up a few ideas for your little ones!

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