baby favorites: month 9

baby favorites: month 9

month 9 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving...

month 9 of the BABY FAVORITES series. things that my baby (and me!) are loving at this stage.  for this series, I’m going to list the things that made month NINE great!

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month 9: baby favorites

1. Bath mat: Luca started taking baths not in an infant tub around 8-9 months, but he was really slippery, so we bought this bath mat and he loves splashing on it. we point out all the fish/animals on it and he loves it. he’s also standing up in the tub now, so we feel safer having it in there.

2. Extra freezer: now that Luca is eating proper meals (and not just steamed veggie spears), I’m making a lot of freezer-friendly foods (muffins, meatballs, sauce, etc), and I bought this freezer and it’s such a lifesaver! it’s funny, but I feel like spending almost $200 on this freezer has saved me (and will continue to save me) so much more money! no more food waste!

3. Baby proofing locks: Luca is on the move and VERY curious – he’s been opening up every single drawer! it’s amazing how quickly he gets around. we bought these locks and although they’re clunky, they’re clear/white, so they’re not too much of an eye sore – and very effective.

4. Tank top shorty: Luca has been living in these from GAP. they’re always on sale, they’re comfy, last long, and they are breathable for these hot summer days.

5. Jellycat stuffed animal: he’s just starting to like stuffed animals – and he drags this one around his play area. it jingles and I think that excites him!

6. Large ice cube trays: these are great for freezing sauce! I have the same size in a different brand, but I love that this comes in a two-pack, because I wish I had another!

hope you picked up a few ideas for your little ones!

with love, Ali

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