Holiday Gift Guides For Him and For Her

It’s that time of year – gifting season! Whether you’re gifting something tangible (like a...

It’s that time of year – gifting season! Whether you’re gifting something tangible (like a present!) or gifting an experience (like a trip!) or just gifting love, it’s such a fun time of year to show your appreciation for your loved ones. To make that process a bit easier on you, I’ve made a gift guide for the man and the woman in your life (although both men and women could use a little bit of each!) Happy holiday shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

1. Diffuser: who doesn’t need a little more zen in their life? I have this diffuser and love it. You could even gift the diffuser with a couple of essential oils to get her started.

2. Pom pom clutch: for the girl that loves to vacation or is a bit extra, this pom pom clutch is so cute!

3. Silk pillowcase: I secretly want one of these, because I feel like the culprit of many of my skin issues is my pillowcase! This is luxurious, travel friendly, and a nice treat for any lady in your life.

4. Wireless charging station: this is for the workaholic lady in your life who’s always on her phone (aka all of us!) – it’s a wireless charging station and is very chic, perfect for your desk or right by your bed.

5. Rose gold travel set: this rose gold passport and luggage tag set is perfect for that friend of yours who plans on traveling a lot in 2019.

6. Makeup light mirror: I don’t have a lamp on my makeup table (I need to fix that), so at night time, when I’m doing my makeup, I can barely see what I’m doing! This is the perfect fix and great for that friend who loves to makeup.

7. Gua sha stone: after my recovery from Bell’s Palsy, I never stopped with my gua sha massages! For the friend who never wants to age and loves beauty tricks, this is the perfect gift.

8. You are a Badass book: what a great title to gift a girlfriend, right?

9. Bath caddy: I mean, who wouldn’t want this? Every year, I put on my to-do list to “take more baths” and I think this might just motivate me!

10. Slipper socks: I’m wearing these right now, and let me tell you – they’re AMAZING. They’re also a festive wintery color. Especially great for the work-from-home friend!

11. Bath bouquet: For that friend who wants to take an Instagram bath, now she can!

12. PJ set: my favorite PJs in the whole world are LAKE pajamas, they’re so luxurious and last forever (trust me, I LIVED in mine through Luca’s spit-up stage and they’re still in great condition.)

13. Chenille scarf: it’s winter, everyone could use a new scarf.

14. Tortoise earrings: I love these earrings, and I think they’re different, a fun gift to receive for the fashionista in your life.

15. Jet lag mask: for the friend who loves everything beauty and doing masks, this one is one of the best!

16. Belly mask: for your expectant mamas out there, this mask is for your pregnant belly! It’s supposed to help with stretch mark reduction and just a nice way to pamper yourself in those 9 months.

17. Facebook portal: I really want one of these, because I FaceTime a lot with my parents so they can see Luca, and the quality isn’t great and I hate holding the phone. This seems next level!

18. Mug warmer: an amazing idea! My coffee or tea always goes cold, and it’s wasted! Not anymore!

19. iPhone printer: don’t you wish you could print out your photos and don’t want to drive to the photo store?

20. Bath bombs: these were all the rage this year! For your friend who has the time to take baths, haha.

21. Nourished Planner: for that organized person in your life, this is the best, inspirational day planner! It’s also built by friends of mine who are amazing women trying to spread more happiness.

22. Energy cleansing kit: if you’ve never saged your home, you must! This is a great starter kit. Lu and I light palo santo all the time, but this is next level.

23. Earrings: more earrings, I just couldn’t help it! How chic!

24. Lipstick holder: I love the idea of this! I don’t wear enough lipstick, but for the one in your life that does, this is such a great, thoughtful gift.

25. Kopari coconut melt: if you’ve never tried a Kopari product before, buy this for yourself! Especially in the winter, we all need a little extra love on our skin. This is it!

26. Oil pulling: my sister did oil pulling before her wedding, and I swear it made her teeth whiter! Oil pulling freshens breath and has many other benefits (apparently!)

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

1. Mini speaker: this is just really sleek and chic looking, perfect for a home office, bachelor pad, or office. Love the rose gold and black!

2. Oculus VR goggles: I think it’s safe to say that men and women alike are curious about virtual reality, and this is the first consumer product to really hit the shelves. I’ve tested it out at Facebook headquarters and it’s AWESOME. A great splurge gift for the extra special man in your life!

3. Basketball hoop: my husband has this in his office and it’s just fun, it fits over all doors, and is great for his room at home, a dorm room, or an office.

4. Cool cookbook: the men in my life who cook, don’t cook “regular” food, they like to really get into it, and Matty Matheson’s cookbook has amazing stories and unique recipe ideas. It’s just a cool cookbook.

5. Allbirds: I bought my brother-in-law these last Christmas, I think he has about 6 pairs. I bought myself a pair, too – they’re just seriously, seriously comfortable shoes.

6. Burton fleece: my husband bought this in white for our trip to Iceland and it’s his new winter staple. It’s great to hug him in it too, it’s so cozy!

7. MVMNT watch: these watches are affordable, great quality, and so good looking. They have watches for casual or formal occasions and everything in between. I love this one the most – I feel like it’s a great wear-to-work watch that also works for everyday or a date night.

8. YETI bag: I asked Lu what I should put on this list and the first thing he said was, “a YETI bag!” For the guy who loves to travel with his drinks, tailgate, etc – this is such a great gift.

9. Gary Vee wine club: Lu and I are members of this wine club and it’s THE BEST. Gary Vee has years and years of experience in wine, is such a great wine personality, and dishes out great business advice. I love his descriptions of wines, the wines he picks have become some of my favorites! He’s the reason I love Oregon wine the most now!

10. Tic tac toe set: I feel like this is a great classy gift for the man who works in an office, especially a cool startup environment. Who wouldn’t love to have this on their desk?

11. Comfy came sweats: Lu wears the same dang sweats everyday, and I’m always looking for cooler sweats for him that he can step outside in and not look like a schlump. These are them!

Happy holidays!

with love, Ali

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