Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

I’m so excited to announce this new series called #GetInspiralized. With this new series, I’ll...

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

I’m so excited to announce this new series called #GetInspiralized.

With this new series, I’ll be interviewing different people and talking about how spiralizing has or can affect their lifestyles.

Before I get into it, yes, I have to admit, this was Lu’s idea. I can’t take the credit, so if you all enjoy this series, you know who to thank.

The idea is this: spiralizing has the ability to completely transform the way we perceive and eat vegetables. But it doesn’t stop there – spiralizing has the power to change someone’s lifestyle completely.

For example, it totally changed my life – I quit my job, started this blog and even lost 30 pounds.

There’s something magical about spiralizing. It gets people excited about cooking and being in the kitchen, because it’s actually fun and revolutionary. It bans veggie boredom and introduces people to a new way of thinking about a healthy lifestyle.

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

Sometimes, I think this blog is too “much ado about Ali.” I mean, I get it, it’s MY blog, but I want to include other types of people, in different stages of their lives with different challenges. After all, I am a little biased 🙂

My hope with this series is that I not only feature people who already spiralize but also feature those who don’t spiralize and show them how it can help them build a healthier diet!

So who’s first up? Let me first introduce my friend Edgar H, who will be kicking off this series. Edgar is a friend of mine through Lu. Edgar is one of Lu’s best friends – they went to college together at The University of Massachusetts – Amherst and then lived together in New York City, post-college. Edgar’s got one of the biggest hearts and I’ve always considered him like a brother. He’s got a wonderful, beautiful family and he treats his mother with extreme respect (a good sign for a man.)

He’s kind-hearted, smart, and has always been on top of trends. He’s composed and confident. He works in Sales & Marketing for a major media company based in NYC and is very successful and takes his work very seriously, but isn’t one of those workaholics, consumed by his career, which I respect. It’s all about that #balance. However, he does travel a lot and has mentioned that it can be tough to stay on track with a healthy diet, on account of airport food and client dinners and drinks.

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

If that wasn’t enough, Edgar’s also very, very handsome and stylish. Very GQ, if I may say so myself. Actually, his mother was born in Mexico, so he’s got that Latin vibe (like Lu!) He’s pretty much the ultimate package and as I teased on Instagram, nothing would make me happier than for him to find a lovely, healthy and confident woman who’s not only gorgeous on the outside, but on the inside.

Edgar’s a bachelor living in New York City, so he couldn’t offer more of a different perspective than me on living healthy and therefore a perfect fit for this series. Meet Edgar…

#GetInspiralized with Edgar H.

The successful bachelor living in New York City. A total swipe right.

The Basics

Edgar H.

How old are you?
37 years young.

What do you do for a living?
I’m the SVP of Brand Partnerships for a media company. I run the sales organization to bring creative marketing ideas to Fortune 500 companies looking to tap into youth culture.

Where did you grow up?
Los Angeles and New Jersey.

Where do you live, currently?
Gramercy, New York.

Do you have a life motto? If so, what is it?
Keep Growing. I never want to stop growing, and learning.

What’s your favorite trait about yourself?
My ability to put myself in other people’s shoes, and see the world through their eyes. It helps give me different perspectives.

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

Cooking & Eating with Edgar Hernandez

Do you like to cook? If not, why not?
I like the idea of cooking, but don’t do it enough. I’m running around so much that I don’t get a chance to do it as often as I would like. I definitely love the ceremony of cooking though.

What do you make best/what’s your favorite recipe to make?
I’ve learned how to make my family’s salsa – which I can eat every day.

What’s the one kitchen tool in your kitchen that currently gets used the most?
My teapot.

The world is ending. What would be your last meal?
For sure my Mom’s Mexican food. She kills it with the rice, beans, and Mole. There’s no close second.

What food items are always in your fridge and/or pantry?
Right now I’m on an avocado kick where I cut them in half and add a little salt and hot sauce.

What’s a typical day of eating look like for you?
Currently I’m going with a quinoa bowl with eggs for breakfast, sushi/Little Beet/Quinoa Bowl/Salad for lunch, and dinner always changes.

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

Getting healthy with Edgar Hernandez

For you, what’s the hardest thing about keeping a consistent, healthy diet?
I do client entertaining a couple times a week and it’s hard not eat the bread basket.

What do you do to stay healthy and balanced?
I work out about 4-5 times a week, and recently started meditating, which is a great boost of energy and clarity. I also started a hiking and surf club with some friends.

What is your fitness regimen?
I run a lot – I’ve done a couple half marathons. I also have done Spartan races, which are really hard. I like to change it up every six months.

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

Getting Inspiralized with Edgar Hernandez

Do you spiralize?
Yes, I do spiralize. It’s made cooking easy for someone like me who is looking to eat well, but not looking to spend an hour cooking every night.

How did you learn about spiralizing?
I learned from you and Lu! You guys turned me on to it.

How has spiralizing impacted your diet?
It has helped me sneak in more vegetables.

How many times per week do you spiralize?
Right now, probably like once a month, if I’m not traveling too much.

What’s your favorite vegetable to spiralize?
I’m definitely going with zucchini every time.

What’s your favorite recipe/dish to make with the spiralizer?
I like zucchini with tomato sauce and some type of protein.

To you, what’s the best thing about spiralizing?
It’s super easy to use, quick, healthy, and that you’re behind it. [Ali: aww, shucks Edgar]

Introducing the #GetInspiralized Series with Edgar

That’s it! Thank you so much to Edgar for being my first interviewee. I hope everyone enjoyed the first installment of this series! If you’d like to ask Edgar anything, learn more about him or you know, buy him a drink (ha!), e-mail me and I’ll put you in touch!

Sneak Peek: Next month’s #getinspiralized interview

Ben and Felicia, a young 20-something couple living in Jersey City. He wants pasta, she wants spiralized veggies. How does she deal? Find out next month!


with love, Ali

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  • This is a great idea! Although it's definitely time for Edgar to branch out of zucchini land :P
  • This is a geat idea!
    • Like the idea but I think it would be even better if each person interviewed gave their favorite inspiralized recipe.
  • What a great way to show how inspiralising has affected so many people from all walks of life... hopefully you'll include some examples of families with young children as well, to show how easy it is to get kids to eat more vegetables (my kids don't know it isn't spaghetti yet!)... Thanks Hiba PS if Edgar is interested, I have a beautiful, confident, healthy, intelligent, funny, elegant lady to set him up with! She currently lives in Paris, but you never know, right? At the least let's get them Skyping ;)
    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Families with young children!!!! Please!
  • Love this idea, and great start to the series! A man who is #inspiralized and has it with a whisky? Be still my heart. I'd swing by New York to buy him a drink!
  • Love this series and Edgar! Add me to the list of ladies who want a date with him!
  • Great idea! Awesome first interview! It would be nice to see the recipe for what he made in the picture. It's making me hungry! Keep up the good work. Love your blog.
    • Thank you! It's this one:
  • This will be a great series although there is not too much Ali! Edgar just needs to Spiralize more often! I look forward to more in the series. Also love your what I ate too today videos. I am certainly not looking to lose weight but I am very concerned about eating healthy and eating clean. I also suffer from ibs so starchy stuff and pasta are not for me. Good thing I just love fruits and vegetables and your Spiralizer has opened up a whole NEW world of additional vegetables to me, made things easier and introduced me to so many new and yummy ways to prepare the foods I love in an ultra-safe and ibs-friendly way. You should think of perhaps doing an article on certain health ailments (like ibs) which so definitely could benefit from your product and cooking approach. Keep up the great work, Ali!
  • Ali I love this series idea. What a fun way to learn more about inspiralizing!
    • We're so happy you love the idea, Jill! We think it will be a lot of fun too.
  • Hi Ali, I like this. I would love to share about my experiences too. I didn't know if the people you feature have to be local?
  • Great idea, Ali! So nice to read about other people who spiralize. Good luck to Edgar. Wish I was 30 years younger...