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Must Have Products for Twin Newborns and Infants

There are some products that are must-haves when you have twin babies and today, I’m...

There are some products that are must-haves when you have twin babies and today, I’m sharing them, along with the other products that I couldn’t live without, but aren’t necessarily twin specific.

Must Have Products for Twin Newborns and Infants


Before I start this post, let me say this: all babies need is YOU. There are so many fancy products out there and yes, some of them make your life a bit easier with twins, but at the end of the day, the most important part is you.

Having said that, there definitely are some twin-specific products that have made my life as a twin mom much easier. There are also some products that aren’t twin specific, but that I have two of and I considered pretty essential. I’m going to share all the products that I’ve been loving for the twins in their first four months of life.

Also, you won’t see any feeding specific products on here, because we don’t bottle feed the twins normally (I tandem or single feed them.) But I know there are many great products for bottle feeding, like the Table for Two.

Twin Product Must Haves


Here are products that are specifically designed for twins or multiple kids that we’ve been loving.

1 – Twin Z pillow: many parents use these pillows to bottled feed twins simultaneously or to breastfeed. I don’t use it for either of those reasons, but I do use it for lounging. Not only do the twins play with me here, I place them down here when I’m getting ready to breastfeed and place them down there after I burp each baby. I couldn’t live without this pillow. It’s also great to prop them up under a play gym when they’re really little, so they can start grabbing toys. It’s been my favorite product so far!

2 – My Brest Friend pillow: this is the pillow I use to tandem nurse, I love it.

3- TwinGo carrier: this takes a bit getting used to, but once you’ve figured it out, it allows you to ditch the strollers for short trips. I wear it when I need to run across the street for something and don’t want to lug the big stroller out and around. I’ve worn it around the house a few times when the twins are fussy at the same time and it calms them down (it’s especially useful around dinner time!)

4- Weego carrier: when the twins were newborns (like under 8-9 pounds), I used this and really liked it, especially when they’re both fussing. I found it not suitable for older babies (2-3+ months) because they were too big and the back support wasn’t great.

5- Double bassinet: we loved this bassinet for nighttime and daytime naps! I loved that they were safely close to one another. We outgrew this around the 3 month mark!

6- Extra wide play gym: I love how wide this play gym is – and you can order them with their own hanging toys or buy your own (which is what I did.) Two babies can comfortably hang together underneath this – and I would also place them in the TwinZ pillow underneath it and it was the perfect comfortable play area.

7- Double stroller (Uppababy or Bugaboo): a double stroller isn’t just for twins, but if you have twins, you obvioulsy need a double stroller! Depending on your home and your preference (I’ve tried all the strollers, haha!), I suggest the Uppababy Vista or the Bugaboo Donkey Duo.

8- Extra wide glider: This glider is great for my two older kids (they can both sit with me more comfortably), but it was essential for me for early nursing days (I nursed them in the chair with my nursing pillow.)

9- Split frame baby monitor: Although we use a Nest cam system in our house, we also have this baby monitor for when we’re having connectivity issues or for the nanny. It’s nice to have two camera systems (for home and away) and I love that I can see them more clearly on this monitor than I can with the Nest.

Baby Product Must Haves


Here are the products that weren’t designed for twins but that we use and love (and some we have double of!)

10- Baby bjorn bouncer x 2: These are my must-have bouncers! They come with these toy attachment bars which are great once they’re 3-4 months and start grabbing/noticing things. I put one twin in one of these while I nurse the other and it’s a sanity saver during dinnertime, too. If you have a spitup baby that needs to be elevated after every feed, it’s also great. I use these when I put both kids down to sleep at night (after I feed one, I put them in the bouncer and bounce them while I swaddle/sleep sack the other and rock that one – the bouncer keeps the other one temporarily soothed.)

11- Lovevery play gym: This gym is big enough for the twins to both play underneath and it’s my favorite play gym for them – it has so many uses.

12- Mamaroo Swing x 2: I never had this with Roma and Luca because they didn’t care for rockers, but the twins love this swing (we still use it at 4months+) and it saved me for extending naps and soothing them when I couldn’t soothe both at the same time. I wouldn’t have survived without them!

13- Dock-a-Tot x 2: I use these for a lot of different reasons, but primarily, I use them at bath time! I place them in these after their baths and wrap them up in towels. I’ve also used it for placing them safely somewhere other than the nursery or where our bassinets were (like, if I was getting ready in my room, I’d put them on my bed in these and let them nap while I got ready.)

14- Bath tub x 2: If you want to bathe both babies at the same time, two of these fit in a good sized tub! This helps save time if you have your partner to help you bathe the babies, too. Otherwise, it’s the way you can bathe both at the same time.

15- Skip Hop activity center: I wish we had space for two of these, my twins love this activity center. They love the freedom and it’s so cute to see them discover.

16- Moses baskets with pods and rockers (x 2): Since we live in a home with multiple levels, I wanted to make sure there was a safe space for the newborns to sleep in our main level (living room/kitchen etc) where we spend most of our time. After around month 2.5 to 3 when they were more conscious of their surroundings, I got rid of the bassinets and started napping them in their rooms, which was fine, because around 3 months they outgrew the bassinets. These were where they slept all day during those first crucial 2+ months!

17- Travel white noise machine (x 2): I hung these on the bassinets mentioned above! They’re also crucial in the stroller to help them take better naps.

These are all the products that specifically worked for us and our twins. Of course, it’s important to note that not all babies are the same and not all babies like the same products. Also, all homes are designed differently (I need certain products because of the layout of my home.) For example, Luca never cared for a single swing or bouncer, but the twins live in them – they love them! It’s probably prudent to start off with one of certain items and if you find that both twins enjoy them, get another. I started with one Mamaroo and then once I knew both twins enjoyed it, I went on Facebook marketplace for another!

Congratulations if you have or expecting twins – it’s a beautiful experience, and I’m so grateful to be a twin mama.


with love, Ali

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