2019 New Year's Resolutions

My 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Each year, I put together my New Year’s resolutions. Some years, they’re just intentions. Be...

Each year, I put together my New Year’s resolutions. Some years, they’re just intentions. Be kinder, be more mindful, be more thoughtful. Some years, they’re more goal driven and quantifiable. Read 1 book of a month. Call a friend each week.

For 2020, I’m setting one overall intention goal and one more action-driven goal.

My intention goal

One word: quality. I want to live 2020 with a quality mindset. Quality in my professional life and quality in my personal life. In my personal life, that goes for things like my relationships with friends and family, my sex life (oh ya!), my wellness routines, my meals, and the little things like my wardrobe.

For instance, why do I keep buying cheap t-shirts that after a few months are so tattered and shrunken, I have to buy more? I want to finally put together a capsule wardrobe and go from there, which will ultimately dress me better and save me money!

As for my relationships, I want to stop trying to keep friendships alive that clearly haven’t stood the test of time and invest more of my time in my closer relationships and to nourish those. With my family, I want to spend more quality time as in doing more activities together, not just easy couch hangs and dinners.

And as for the sex life, as a parent of two small children, we found ourselves with little pockets of time when we can and when we do, we don’t necessarily make it the best it can be. #justbeinghonest. We both know our pre-kids sex life and we want to bring it back!

And then with my professional life, I want to really work on this. I want to continue to be more selective with my brand partnerships, but also really focus on those partnerships and make them more valuable for my audience and the brand itself. I want to be more thoughtful and take more time with those. And as for my content creation, I want to spend more time on really diving into what you all want and putting together content that will truly help you and your families.

All in all, I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy with my life and I want to remedy that in 2020. I want to ‘go all out.’ I’m excited!

My action driven goal

Cook more from my own cookbooks! It seems very simple and obvious, but as someone who is ‘supposed to’ be creating new content all the time, it’s hard to cook from my own cookbooks, because that’s ‘old’ content. However, what I’ve realized over the years is that you all love to see me make recipes from my cookbooks and you’re always looking for reasons to dust off my cookbooks and use my recipes in new ways – or maybe revisit a recipe you forgot about. I wrote more about this on my latest Instagram post.

For example, one of my favorite recipes in my Inspiralize Everything cookbook is my Spiralized Bell Pepper Taco Skillet, but it uses ground beef and as you all know, I’m not eating meat right now. I want to make this with quinoa, kidney beans, black beans, and reinvent it!

Every year I also set a goal to cook from more cookbooks, so I’m hoping this inspires that more, but I’m not setting it as a ‘resolution,’ because I don’t want to get too ambitious. Plus, I have hundreds of cookbook recipes of my own, and I want to dive in there. If you want to follow along, here are the links to my three cookbooks:

And those are my resolutions! Every year, I try to be kinder, more mindful, and more open-minded, so I’ll always continue that, but these goals help me focus more in 2020 on the things that will make my life and my work better!

with love, Ali

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  • Your android subscribers have been awaiting a promised android app for YEARS! Why not make fulfillment of THIS wish one of your top priorities for the new year?!
    • Awe, we so appreciate your support! Thank you for letting us know you're still out there and still awaiting this.
  • I don’t eat meat either so am anxious to see remake of the pepper taco recipe. I do use some meat substitutes but rely on beans and I want to incorporate more white grains into my diet. Haven’t been using pasta or rice because of carbs but love using riced cauliflower!
  • Ali, I dont think you’ve been lazy in 2019, on the contrary: you became a mother of 2 and shared this side of life - which is also helpful for other mommies! 🤗🥰
  • Appreciate your self inquiry. Please also look into a way to enlarge the font in this post/all posts. It may be that it started out in a full size font-- nonetheless it reached me in a very small size, the equivalent of maybe an 8. There must be a remedy. warm best wishes, RJ