My Favorite Places to Buy Baby and Toddler Clothes

My Favorite Places To Shop For Baby and Toddler Clothes

It’s so hard not to buy clothes for your baby. Everything is so cute! And...

It’s so hard not to buy clothes for your baby. Everything is so cute! And the time when you can decide what your baby will way is limited, because then they grow up and they have their own opinions! I’ve loved buying Luca’s clothes, from his first outfit home from the hospital to now, with his big puffy vests he’s been wearing now that the temps are dropping.

Babies grow so quickly, so you feel silly buying clothes they’ll grow out of in a month. For me, I say what the heck, babies are only babies once, and his cute little outfits make me so happy and we need a bit more happiness in the world! Sometimes, it’s the little things, like a $4 onesie you grabbed on sale from GAP, just because!

My Favorite Places To Shop For Baby and Toddler Clothes

There are a few places I shop for Luca and I’ve found basics, some special items, and where I’ve completed his wardrobe. Today, I’m going over all of them!

For all basics

  • GAP: Luca practically lives in GAP. Still to this day, he sleeps in their footed onesies (luckily they have sizing for older babies!) They always have a sale, so I buy during their sales (usually 40% off!) Their simple onesies are great and I love their joggers and sweatpants. They even have great beanies, but I’ve never had good luck with their shoes.
  • Old Navy: a little lower price point than Old Navy and sometimes if I want a corny “I love my Mommy” shirt, I’ll go to Old Navy. They also have great onesies and sets for holidays, like Christmas, July 4th, etc.
  • Carter’s: if I just want really, really basics, like white onesies, I’ll check the price point at Carter’s first, because it’s usually lower than GAP/Old Navy – although, it can be hard to beat their prices when they’re having one of their sales!

For cooler basics and more stylish clothes and accessories

  • ZARA: Probably my favorite spot to get Luca’s clothes, but a bit pricier than the GAP and Old Navy. But, the quality is great, the styles are cool, and they have great sweaters, jackets, and pull overs. It’s not a place to buy a onesie, but if you want a great pair of jeans or joggers and a warm sweater, ZARA is the place.
  • H&M: I usually only go here if I’m looking for something very specific, because I’ve never found they had great quality. But, they have great shoes!

For special occasions, brands, shoes, jackets, and accessories

  • Nordstrom: I find that they have the best selection of special items of all the department stores. From something special (like a baptism outfit) to a heavy North Face jacket, you can find it at Nordstrom. I just bought him his first pair of Vans here, too. Can’t wait for him to start walking in them!

For something extra special (and fun!)

  • Mac and Mia (use code LUCA for $30 in credit): I love Mac and Mia, because it’s like a surprise in a box. I always love getting my Mac and Mia box and see what special items the stylists there have curated. I’m never disappointed and the quality is always great. The price point is higher than the typical places I shop at, which is why I love that it’s a box service – just for some statement pieces or something that I just really love seeing Luca in (like this popsicle onesie that was super super soft he wore to bed and this Ice Cream Castles zip-up he lived in for awhile.) I love them so much I asked them for a discount code to use for my readers. If you enter code LUCA on checkout, you’ll get a $30 credit towards your first box!

My Favorite Places To Shop For Baby and Toddler Clothes

Where do you like to buy clothes for your baby or toddler?

with love, Ali

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