our palm zen nursery reveal

The nursery reveal!



even in the week since these photos were taken, I’ve already added so many little things to the nursery. I’m in total nest mode (and I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen until the very end!) — everything I see online I want for the nursery. I blame Facebook’s genius ad targeting – every time I scroll, I buy something!

so even though there are a few extras in the nursery since these photos (like the perfect lamp for my space), I’m calling this the reveal, because I haven’t yet shared finished photos of the nursery yet on this blog or even on Instagram – just sneak peeks!

and the dress I’m wearing in all of these photos is this one by Ingrid and Isabel.

every day when I wake up, the first thing I do is walk into the nursery. it brings me such a peace. I love the room so much, and I can’t wait for our baby boy to spend his first night there.

I have to say, it was definitely difficult to pick a nursery theme. I didn’t want anything too themed (i.e. “safari animals”) and I didn’t want anything overly “boyish.” I was trying to avoid baby blue, but it has popped up in the room – I guess I am more traditional than I thought I was, I couldn’t fight it in the end!

I just really wanted the space to be peaceful.

if I had to give it a theme, I’d name this nursery “palm zen.” the wallpaper is, of course, the focal point of the room. when you sit down in the rocking chair (I found the comfiest one EVER) and look up at the crib/wallpaper, you feel zen. a palm-y kinda zen.

so without further ado, let’s get into the nursery, shall we?

the crib and wallpaper

I wanted lots of neutrals and whites in the room, so I went with a light wood crib to complement the rug and contrast the bedding and wallpaper.

wallpaper // crib // crib sheet // crib skirt // blanket

the baby’s library

I was most excited about decorating this bookshelf, which I had in my office. I wanted it to be another focal point of the room – colorful, inviting, and garnished with toys and odds and ends. as a voracious reader growing up, I was excited to curate this bookshelf.

bookshelf // pom pom basket // blanket // rug

the daybed

since my mom is most likely going to stay with us for a couple of weeks in the beginning and will be visiting a lot in the first few months (before the baby starts sleeping in the crib), I needed a place for her – and Lu’s mom  – to crash. once the baby starts sleeping full-time in the nursery, the daybed will be nice for when I need to crash in there on sleepless nights to give Lu a break. and, it’ll just be a nice area to rest with the baby, read books, and admire this view we’re so grateful for.

daybed // quilt // throw pillow (west elm, sold out)

the rocking chair nook

I don’t know if all/many women dream of the day they’ll have their own little rocking chair nook for nursing/feeding their babies and reading to their babies in the middle of the night, but I definitely have dreamt about it for my whole life. I found a beautiful rocking chair (scored it on sale during Memorial Day Weekend), a mini pouf, and a nightstand to hold feeding accessories like burp cloths and nipple cream, toys, and other odds and ends.

rocking chair // pouf // nightstand // lamp // lamp shade // letter folk // round rug

changing table and dresser

stokke was kind enough to gift me this changing table and dresser, which is beautifully made of sturdy white wood. I can’t believe how perfectly it fit into the nursery – and it’s currently stocked with LOTS of baby clothes, diapers, and all the essentials. the changing table goes on top of the dresser and then can be removed when the baby’s older and out of diapers! I hung a simple wall hanging above the table – Lu was afraid of putting anything heavy up there (like a picture frame), because he’s nervous everything is going to fall on the baby, so I respectfully found a sweet little wall hanging that worked perfectly. and the mirror is for mommy to take plenty of selfies and let the sweet baby look at his reflection!

changing table and dresser // wall hanging // mirror


so this isn’t going to be in the nursery, it’s actually going to be in our bedroom, but currently, it’s living in the nursery, so I figured I’d share it! this was also gifted by stokke and we get so many complements on it from friends visiting. it’s again made of gorgeous wood, so sturdy, and we’re currently hanging a mobile on it, but that’s going to be moved to either above the crib or hang about the changing table/dresser. it’s just for looks right now! we plan on having the baby sleep in our room for the first few months and he’ll sleep in this bassinet!

bassinet // mobile // blanket

still left to do in the nursery

  • I’m thinking of adding decals to the closet doors, because it’s a lot of white space right now. any recommendations?
  • we ordered a sign in the baby’s name that’s coming soon! can’t wait to hang it on the wall, above the mirror (or wherever it ends up looking best.)
  • consolidate the closet. right now, all of the baby stuff is in the closet, neatly in bins – but on the top and on the sides, is a lot of our storage, and I’d like to consolidate it to make more room for baby stuff!

thanks for tuning in for the nursery reveal. I can’t wait to hear what you think! next week, I’ll be sharing all of my favorite baby products, in collaboration with Gugu Guru!

so, what do you think?!



all photos by Erin Dwyer Photography.

with love, Ali

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