Our Stroller Situation with Four Kids

This is how we handle our stroller situation having a young kid, a toddler, and...

This is how we handle our stroller situation having a young kid, a toddler, and twin infants! 

Let me preface this entire post by saying that due to the nature of my job, some brands have offered me along the years to send my strollers to test out and share my experience with my audience. Thus, I probably own more strollers than I would otherwise, because I have that luxury.

Regardless, I have many different strollers for a few more reasons:

  1. I have kids of varying ages, so we’ve never outgrown the stroller stage, we’ve just kept adding to it.
  2. I have 4 kids, and all of my kids have different schedules, so to bring them places, we always need a stroller home.
  3. We live in an apartment that has a very narrow (historical) iron gate entrance, so we’ve had to trial and error strollers so that we can actually get in and out of our apartment.
  4. Our car trunk is very tiny and we don’t have room for a full stroller folded, so we’ve had to improvise.
  5. We live in a walking city and rarely use our car, because everything is within walking distance.


What Strollers We Use, When, and Why
  • Bugaboo Donkey Duo: for morning school drop off with Luca and Roma. This used to be our only stroller that we used for Luca and Roma (it’s a side-by-side double stroller, but can collapse to a single stroller.) We use it collapsed as a single stroller (it has a cute side carry basket) and we attach the skateboard so that Luca can ride on that, because Roma’s still too young to walk everywhere. We also used this exclusively when Roma was a newborn, because she could be in the bassinet with her brother next to her in a toddler seat. If I lived somewhere where getting in and out of our apartment was easier, I would’ve used this stroller in the side-by-side configuration, because I love it. My only gripe: the undercarriage storage isn’t great.


  • Uppababy Vista: for weekend trips with the twins, when I have my husband around to lug it up and down our steep garden level entrance stairs. It’s just a beast – it’s great for long walks around the city, the basket underneath is giant and holds everything, and I love that it holds my water bottle, I have a little carry-all that hangs on the handles. We also used this exclusively when the twins were newborns and were in bassinets. I don’t love the kickboard (they call it the Piggyback) – when it’s attached, it’s hard to push the stroller, it’s very awkward. It’s doable, but awkward.


  • Babyzen YOYO: we have two of these strollers, and I use them for airplane travel or when we’re going somewhere in the car in the city outside (the wheels are great quality and can withstand tougher terrain.) They can fold up and go in the overhead bin, so they’re perfect for airplane travel. I also had the newborn packs with the twins, so they’re great from 0+ months. I will say, for babies and toddlers, I don’t think it’s that comfortable of a stroller, because they are very leaned back. That’s just my experience! I do love the kickboard it comes with.


  • Zoe: I love the Zoe. Right now, I’m kind of using it exclusively during the weeks. It’s so lightweight, so I can drag the twins up and down out of the apartment and it doesn’t kill my back like the Uppababy does. The wheels are strong, so it can withstand long walks in the city. It folds so compactly, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plus, when we’re going on trips as a family altogether, we have the extra seat for Roma to sit on, so it works as a Tri-stroller too! The steering is amazing. Use code INSPIRALIZED for $20 off an order of $200 or more.

And very rarely, but we have it:

  • G-Link2 by Uppababy: this stroller is lightweight, narrow, and has tons of storage. It folds up and fits in our small trunk space, so when we go somewhere indoors, we bring this stroller instead of the YOYOs, because it fits in our trunk. It collapses so easily and stores well, but the wheels aren’t great and steering isn’t so smooth, so it’s better for indoor trips.

That is our current stroller situation. I have tried out a couple of other strollers and didn’t love them, so these are the ones that I have found work for our family. Luckily, we have plenty of storage in our basement, where most of our strollers live, except for the ones we use daily.

The Best Stroller For Four Kids Aged Four and Under

You’re probably asking, okay, well, if you had only the budget for 1 stroller and you lived in a home or an apartment with normal access in and out, what would it be?

I would have to say: The Bugaboo Donkey Duo stroller. I say this because it’s lightweight, can withstand city streets, it’s sleek looking, and it’s narrow enough in the side-by-side configuration, and I’ve never had an issue fitting it through any doorways. It folds up pretty easily considering how serious of a stroller it is, and I love the kickboard – it has a little seat, and it’s easy to stroll with when the kickboard is attached. The under carriage isn’t great, but the other benefits outweigh that inconvenience, in my opinion.

Now, if I only had one child, I’d go with the Uppababy Vista. You can load it with so much and it just feels great on the streets. As a single stroller, it’s of course not as heavy. It’s the stroller I used when it was just Luca!


I hope this helps some of you when deciding on strollers for your little one(s)!

with love, Ali

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  • For the Zoe double, do you have the luxe or classic? Trying to decide if luxe is worth the extra $70.