Favorite online stores to shop for maternity clothes

[Above: Dress / Purse / Shoes / Earrings] Let’s be honest. Who has the time...

[Above: Dress / Purse / Shoes / Earrings]

Let’s be honest. Who has the time and/or patience to go to the store, shift through the racks, settle into a fitting room, get undressed, dressed, undressed, and dressed again, only to be disappointed when something isn’t in your size and you’re told, “Oh, we can order it online for you!” NOT ME!

I’ve been shopping online for 95% of my wardrobe for a few years now and now, as a mother to a toddler, it’s probably up to 99%. I just never go shopping! If I go shopping, it’s for a special occasion (I most recently went to try on coverups for our babymoon to Miami.) Enter pregnancy into this equation and it’s even less frequent.

Long story short, I prefer to shop online for my clothes, shoes, and accessories, and here are my favorite online stores to shop for maternity clothes:

GAP: I buy most of my maternity clothes here, to be honest, because they always have sales and I can get so much for so little. And I find the quality to be good, I still am wearing my GAP maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Luca and it’s in great condition. They have the BEST essentials (tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, etc) and some great cute items too. But literally, they’re always 30-40% off, so you can’t really beat the prices!

Old Navy: They have a huge selection, like GAP, but to be honest, I find their quality to be low, so I don’t shop there. But I wanted to include it, because it’s got a great selection at low prices for those who want more options.

A Pea In The Pod: I’ve found a lot of cute “special” items here, like rompers, dressers, and swimsuits. Many things are a bit pricey, but the quality is great and I always get excited to wear an outfit from this shop, because it’s non-maternity styles and trends for the maternity bod, which I appreciate. They have some great designer brands, like Splendid, Rachel Pally and Isabella Oliver, for when you want something special (like for a baby shower, etc.)

H&M: They have a great selection of maternity wear and I am LIVING in their joggers right now. They’ve got lots of trendier items, great prints (love their florals) and the quality is good. They’ve also got good basics! Just a note: I’d recommend ordering a size up if you’re in between sizes, by the way. For example, I’m typically a Small everywhere, but I order a Medium here, especially for the maternity wear.

ASOS: I love ASOS for when I want something specific, like a “kimono sleeve midi dress” or, “maternity utility jacket.” I find ASOS overwhelming and the quality is hit or miss, so I usually go here for specific reasons, occasions, etc. They carry all the trends, so search for what you want. Their bathing suits are the BEST!

Ingrid & Isabel: I love this brand, especially for their dresses, athleisure, and their denim. The prices are a little higher than, say, a GAP, but they have a much smaller, more curated selection of options and the quality is great. They have great options for special occasion dresses too, which is handy.

Nordstrom: This list wouldn’t be complete without good ‘ole Nordstrom. Of all the department stores, I think they have the cutest maternity selection. I’ve been wearing this utility jacket all spring long!

HATCH: For total splurges (I’ve bought two rompers from them that I wear nonstop!), you can’t do better than HATCH. They have effortlessly chic clothes that are meant to be worn during maternity and postpartum. I’ve loved the items I purchased and highly recommend. The quality is unbeatable!

Where do you shop for maternity clothes?

with love, Ali

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