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Yesterday, I had a very exciting meeting, so I was out of the house for...

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Yesterday, I had a very exciting meeting, so I was out of the house for the greater part of the day. Because of this, I figured I’d show you how I eat when I have a busy morning/afternoon.

Spoiler alert: it includes going HAM on the Whole Foods salad bar and trying kombucha for the first time (I know, I’m late to the party.)

So… kombucha. What’s everyone’s favorite brand/flavor? I had the bubbly kombucha from Health-Ade (the brand) in Cayenne Cleanse flavor and it was bomb. I even ordered it on Amazon when I got home – so good! And really great for gut health, apparently.

But seriously, it’s really tough to NOT go HAM on the salad bar at Whole Foods – your eyes are always larger than your tummy and that’s because everything looks incredible.

The meeting went really well and then I got home, scarfed down my lunch and tackled my Inbox before heading to the gym with Lu and then making dinner.

And today, our new couch arrives! I couldn’t be more excited – my redecoration project is slowly but surely coming together!

I hope you find some inspiration in today’s video. Oh, and I made a vodka with grapefruit juice drink after the mango slices, because… well, just because.

And you’ll notice that I eat primarily vegan/vegetarian up until dinnertime. I feel the best throughout the day that way and thus, tend to make healthier, lighter choices when dinner rolls around. Mark Bittman calls it the VB6 diet, actually (Vegan Before 6.)

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with love, Ali

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  • YES! Health Ade kombucha is the best! You need to try Pink Lady Apple, if you haven't. I am not a fan of all brands of kombucha, but Health Ade is my go-to. An ex-roommate makes her own kombucha, too, and it's delicious! I go down to her new apartment to get some on occasion. :-)
    • Love that your friend makes her own kombucha. That's amazing!!
  • I love these episodes. I really enjoy you actually cooking! Good luck with your new Whole Foods journey.
    • We're so happy you love these videos! They're some of our favorites as well. And thank you for the luck! We appreciate your support.
  • I'm not a huge fan of Health Ade kombucha, but I looooove GT - I try to drink it every morning to start my day and get things moving! I usually go for the stronger versions (they have a black warning label about alcohol content, although it's incredibly minuscule). My favorite flavors are definitely Gingerberry, Superfruits, and Trilogy if you try it! Just be careful if this is your first time trying kombucha - sometimes your gut isn't used to all the probiotics! I usually drink half a bottle at a time followed by a full bottle to make sure I don't have any adverse side effects (:
    • Oops- meant half a bottle of kombucha by a full glass of water!
  • haha you are the cutest. that recipe sounds delicious, too!
  • That sounds amazing! I swear sweet potatoes taste better spiralized!!!
  • Great to see a meal come together. I will certainly try this one. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  • You're amazing! Love this What I Ate Today series and have been a fan for a long time. I happen to have all the ingredients needed to make this tonight and I can't wait! p.s. Lou eating right of the pan was classic ... and a great testement for the recipe.
    • I can't see to get to the recipe for the fajita mux to go with today's sweet potato (peppers and onions). Could you post it? Looks delicious and I want to make it.
  • Hi Ali! I'm new to your website & am enjoying getting into spiralising. I love the recipes & videos, thank you for sharing them with us. If you enjoy the kombucha experience you should have a try at making it yourself. I've been brewing it for a couple of years, both hubby & I love it.
  • I LOVE Kombucha. I don't know if you can get it out east-but I adore Brew Dr. Kombucha White Rose. It is light and yummy and is my treat to myself at the end of the day. I also brew my own-its super easy to do!
  • Ali - I love these videos! Please keep them coming. I have your cookbook and it's amazing. But I don't try new dishes as often as I should and instead tend to stick to the same ones I know. Watching you cook makes it seem so accessible. I'm making these fajitas this week for sure!! I also recently bought your Inspiralizer after using a spiralizer I bought on Amazon for the past year. Yours is SO much better! The rotating blade - genius. One question - I'm trying to get over being so carb-phobic. I notice you don't eat a lot of grains, but do you ever worry about making squash and sweet potatoes staples? For weight loss, I mean. I know they're super nutrient rich. I just worry I'll stall weight loss efforts - I keep hearing about how lob carb is the way to go - but I hate to cut out healthy veggies. Thoughts? You've had great success! Thanks for your blog, your exercise Insta, and your cookbook!! They're all staples in my day. Erin
    • Erin - thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm so happy you love the Inspiralizer. As for being carb-phobic, I like to eat real, whole food that's primarily low in glycemic index, so that my blood sugar levels don't spike and cause those cravings/binge eating - so sweet potatoes, squashes, etc, although somewhat higher in carbs, they're essential for your metabolic function (for energy!) and they're lower in glycemic index. I'm the least carb-phobic person out there, I love carbs! I've achieved weight loss from focusing on eating nutritionally dense foods instead of counting calories, carbs, etc. Hope that helps!
  • I LOVE KOMBUCHA. I have actually starting to brew my own! That is really the way to go - super easy, cost efficient, and just fun to watch/create your own. If you need some Scoby aka the mother, I have plenty!!!
    • Jessica, I am wanting to try Kombucha mainly for my systemic Candida which affects my eyes, but am a little nervous due to the warnings of negative reactions. Would you recommend doing a commercial variety first?
  • Watching these videos I am learning all the tricks of the spiralizer without having to read anything! :) Spiralized onions look so pretty!
    • So glad you're liking them!!
  • This is the first time I've watched one of your videos! Now I'm hooked. I loved it. It was so inspiring. I can't wait to try and spiralize an onion. Thanks for the tips. Good luck with your Whole Foods venture! (I live in Switzerland and I really miss Whole Foods).
    • Thank you so much! We're so glad you liked the video.
  • Love your videos! Keep them coming! Oh I love love love kombucha! I typically get GT's gingerade and gingerberry. Hubby loves their cosmic cranberry! If I am craving something bubbly, I will take an ice tea glass and pour 3 oz of kombucha in the bottom and tp off the glass with club soda. So good!
    • Great tip! Thanks for sharing!
  • i made that fajita recipe for dinner - big hit! only thing that did not work was spiralizing the peppers - they fell apart right away and i had to chop them instead. love your what i ate today videos.
  • hullo Ali, So glad you life is going so well. Please let me know what HAM means! It might be fun to include the waste not want not/ecological/let's take care of our beautiful planet aspect. Would you consider using, for example, the ends of those peppers in a stew? And, btw, those seeds in the peppers that go in the trash.............. they have a huge, huge amount of Vitamin C. Huge. And fine to eat them. so, maybe they could get tossed into the Fajita/other dishes............. just sayin' warm best Ruth
  • Ali, I just made this for dinner with a Rotisserie chicken I bought at the grocery store and it was delicious! I think I used a smaller blade than you because my noodles were tiny but it was still so good.
    • So glad to hear you liked it!!
  • Hi, I just ordered my Inspiralizer today! :) Learning about spiralizing seems to be an answer to prayer. I had gastric bypass surgery 2 years ago and only lost 48 lbs. I rarely eat meat and have a difficult time getting my veggies in. I pretty much live off of Organic protein drinks and beans. For optimal health and for me to lose an additional 50 lbs. I know I need to completely change how I am eating by incorporating vegetables into every meal in a way that tastes good, cut out all white carbs, continue with my clean protein. The Inspiralizer will greatly expand my cooking to incorporate vegetables into my small meals. I look forward to making changes with the Inspiralizer and the help of your cookbook and tips from your blog and newsletter. Although I am a research freak with regards to weight loss and nutrition, I can't seem to find out what works for me :)
    • Hi Jane! Thank you for sharing a little bit of your story with us. We think the Inspiralizer will rock your world. It is the perfect tool to teach you how to love whole, fresh foods. A healthy lifestyle journey is always such a scary thing to tackle, but with the right tools and a community that supports and loves you, it's totally 1,000% possible. You're not alone on your journey. We're so happy that you found and joined our little Inspiralized tribe. You could not be in a more supportive zone for those who are striving to feel and be their healthiest and happiest - we know living Inspiralized changes lives. Take advantage of all of the resources we have here and never be afraid to ask questions. We're always happy to help!
  • I love these videos! It's easier for me to learn by watching than remembering what I read. I'm really excited to try out that fajita bowl recipe! I think it would work well re-heated for lunches too :)
  • Loved the video...they are so fun to watch. You make cooking look so easy!! You and Lu are so darn cute!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
  • I love the way that these videos show a true to life version of meal preparations as opposed to an unrealistic tv studio production. I have been spiraling with my family for about a month. The original plan was for me to make meals just for my husband and me but our kids, aged 5 and 8, kept stealing the food because they love it. Who knew that kids could be so excited about parsnips? I thought that I gave them healthy food before but your food must be even better because they both just had a growth spurt. I have taken to preparing many of your entrees in smaller glass containers which I refrigerate or freeze for meals later in the week. I love having these healthy meals around to just pop into the toaster oven or freezer for an quick and healthy lunch during a busy weekday.
    • Thank you for sharing, Rebecca. I am so glad you enjoy the What I Ate video series. Ali really enjoys making them.