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Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 7

Anddddd we’re back! Another “What I Ate” video for another #wiaw (what I ate Wednesday.)...

Video: What I Ate Today, Episode 7

Anddddd we’re back! Another “What I Ate” video for another #wiaw (what I ate Wednesday.)

It feels great to be back in the “office” (aka a desk in my living room) and working on the blog again. I missed being so dialed in!

Meaghan picked up the slack these past 7 days while I was at the photoshoot, which I’m so thankful for.

So if you’ve ever seen “Meaghan” responding to one of your comments on the blog, that’s Meaghan, our Brand & Community Manager. Actually, it’s a propos that we’re talking about her, because this week starts her first week of work for her second year with Inspiralized!

She started with us on February 2, 2015 in a part time role and then in October 2015, I brought her on full-time and now, she’s at her one year mark (well, last week was her 1-year anniversary!)

It was an incredible feeling to bring someone on full-time. My little baby Inspiralized is growing every day before my eyes, and I’m loving every stage of this business – the good and the bad!

Congratulations, Meaghan!!! You did it!! One year of working with me!

Today, I’m bringing you another What I Ate Today video on our YouTube channel. I made this video yesterday, and as you’ll soon notice, it was the last day of the photoshoot for my next cookbook! I’m sure you’ll be able to feel the excitement!

To outline, here were my meals:

Breakfast: Two Moms in the Raw bars, Goji Berry flavor – two of them! I was in a rush and had to be at the studio early in the morning, so I just ate these on the run.
Lunch: A salad from a salad bar – loaded with veggies, beans, and avocado. I also had a side of roasted carrots (leftovers.)
Snack: GT’s Kombucha – Gingerade flavor
Dinner: Spiralized rutabaga with turkey meatballs (store bought – gasp!) and Victoria’s Pomodoro sauce
Dessert: 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc – I was celebrating!

What I Ate Today: Episode 7

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with love, Ali

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  • I can't see who the winners are.. is it supposed to show?
  • Loved it. Your videos always make me smile :)
  • Hi Ali, I make my own Kombucha. It is really easy once you do it a time or two. The most important thing to remember is to keep everything really clean so nothing "infects" your scoby. I found a good site from "Wellness Mama" and that's the recipe I use. I actually do a second ferment so that it is fizzy kinda like GT's (my favorite brand). Matter of fact, I am making some today, a blueberry ginger! Be well!
    • how do you incorporate your flavoring? We just make plain and I sometimes need to add some juice to mine
  • It says the video has been removed?
  • Until you can get the things you need to make your own Kombucha, you might be able to get the same one you're enjoying at your local Costco. About half price from getting it at the market or health food stores. Just a thought!
  • I brewed my own kombucha for awhile, but I stopped because it made so much and I wasn't drinking it enough. I never flavored it, but the first ferment (just plain) tasted good to me!
  • What temperature did you cook the rutabaga noodles at and for how long? Love these videos! Keep them coming.
      • What blade did you use? I'm trying this meal this week!
  • Just watched your video. My husband got me a Spiralizer for Christmas so I am always looking up new ways to use it I never had Rutabaga looking forward to this one We too make our own Kombucha just recently we had to get a new starter Might try Farmers Market But you need to get the starter
  • I love brewing my own! I'm not that far from Jersey City, so let me know if you need some scoby aka mother!
  • I make my own kombucha. I have a continuous brew going, and my husband and kids are constantly asking when they can have some! I also do a 2nd ferment to make kombucha "soda" - usually with frozen fruit as a flavoring (and sugar source for the fermentation process), but sometimes with juice (I do drink it "straight" as well - love it either way!)
  • Hey Ali! I love that Victoria sauce. They also make some really good clean ingredient Vegan sauces. So for the Kombucha, it's super easy once you go through it once or twice. I wrote a step by step tutorial a couple of years ago. Email me if you have any specific questions :) http://www.everydaymaven.com/2013/how-to-make-kombucha/
  • The font you are using is really hard to read.