What I Ate Today

What I Ate Today: Episode 10

You may be surprised because there’s not a new episode of #EverydayInspiralized today. That’s because everyone...

What I Ate Today: Episode 11

You may be surprised because there’s not a new episode of #EverydayInspiralized today.

That’s because everyone has been requesting another episode of my “What I Ate” series, so I figured I’d shake things up!

In this What I Ate Today video, you’ll see me eat the following meals:

  • Breakfast: Smoothie bowl with granola, chia seeds, strawberries, banana and coconut flakes
  • Meal one: Spicy Clear Soup with Shrimp and Zucchini Noodles (a recipe I tested for the blog)
  • Meal two: Chipotle quinoa, refried bean and mashed avocado over sauteed kale with hemp seeds
  • Snack: Hummus and celery (literally out of my refrigerator)
  • Dinner: Simple spinach salad and two slices of my spiralized pizza (recipe coming soon)
  • Dessert (not filmed – I forgot!): 1 banana with almond butter, shared with Lu

I promise I’ll do these videos more often, and as for next week, expect a new episode of #EverydayInspiralized!


with love, Ali

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  • Good Heavens! The site is beginning to sound like FACEBOOK and I am beginning to dislike this site. I'm about to dissolve the whole thing! Do I need to know when you rise in the morning or need to know your bathroom habits? I enjoy your INSPIRALIZER and it's clever recipes but I don't need to know "what you eat everyday"!
    • A lot of her readers enjoy it and request it...and she doesn't post them that often. There are still a ton of great recipes on here and it is a blog, so you'll find a mix of not just recipes but things about life and reading that shows her personality. No one is requiring anyone to watch the video.
      • Agreed! The What I Ate videos are my favorite... keep em coming!
    • Sara, sorry to hear you're disappointed. Sunday through Tuesday, there's a brand new recipe and Wednesdays there's usually a new cooking video, so I'm not sure why you're frustrated? The last What I Ate video was ONE full month ago. Thanks for the feedback, but perhaps in the future, you could be a little less negative and more constructive. Spread kindness, not hate.
      • Well said Ali......:)
      • I totally agree! Sara, you obviously could have expressed your same sentiments in a much less insulting and insensitive manner but for some reason you felt the need to blast Ali, and publicly. Why is that? Think about this Sara: Ali and all bloggers, for that matter, are offering you everything they post FOR FREE. Therefore, you have zero personal investment, financial or otherwise, in this enterprise and no one is forcing you to read any or all of what she posts. So, if it's not your thing, just go find something that is. Pretty simple. But enough with the hate. As for you Ali, great reply!! Keep up the great work.
        • The link below provides a great explanation of why blogging makes a great business model... And why "free" doesn't necessarily mean "free". http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/the-benefits-of-business-blogging-ht#sm.000n38gdx16jjel1vvu2kn1oq5r0i It's easy to dismiss someone's negative feedback as just being a hater or whatever, but this kind of viewpoint is/should be viewed by Ali as gold. What keeps people coming to this site vs. what turns them away, and how she can adjust her business model accordingly to appeal to the largest possible audience to result in more $.
    • Although Kara's post might not have been worded in the most gentle way, I tend to agree with her underlying suggestion that the site feels increasingly ... too personal. For example, I don't need to know that you're on your one year wedding anniversary to Thailand (although that's great, congratulations!) - it would be like putting an away message on outlook at work that included that as an explanation for not returning emails -- unnecessary and just feels... TMI. I felt like I got nearly daily reminders about this while you were out. I understand that you are running a business and want to be responsive to your customers' questions and needs and wanted to communicate that. But that kind of gets to my point: this site, all of this - it's a business. I appreciate inspiralized, your creativity, and come here for the recipes. I would suggest that rather than saying "what I ate today", and making it about you, just call it "Daily meal plan" or something similar. It sounds more professional and less personal/narcissistic. Those who are interested in following you personally can do so on your personal blog, AlissandraB. Please understand that this is constructive criticism, not meant to be mean or unkind. I think you are at risk of alienating some of your followers because of the Facebook-ey nature of some of the posts. I'd like to see inspiralized keep a focus on the food rather than personal details.
      • Well thought through response. I agree with part & disagree with others but well said. Yes, people want to connect with another human ... Ali ... but they need to be mindful that this whole blog, inspirilized etc. is a social media based business as you said but Ali has clearly defined this from early on so it shouldn't be a surprize. I sort of would also like a different title than 'What I ate Today' but perhaps social media type people respond better to that than 'Daily Meal Plan'. Remember....majority of growth & followers are social media types so ............ I bought the vegan weekly meal plan but could use some help setting up a variety of weekly meals to save time/money so that's where 'What I Ate Today' comes in for me. I don't care what anyone eats each day, anywhere, but Ali gives me ideas I can use when I make out my weekly menu. I see these videos as healthy reality shows that I can definitely learn from.
    • I think that since it is a blog there are things that you are going to like more than others. Just pass what you do not like/need and focus on the delicious recipes. I think Ali does a good job at listening to what we, her followers, want to learn and know and I do not think Ali would do videos about what she eats if there weren't any requests.
    • You don't need to read those if you don't like them. You could always just sick to the recipes. You can just skip anything that says "what I ate today." There's no reason to leave the entire site
  • Hi Ali, as always, I LOVE all your content and especially the What I Ate videos - I always look forward to them because they give me great ideas for how to get inspired again when I'm in a rut. Keep up the amazing work - you always go above and beyond to reapond to your readers'/followers' interests!
  • I just found your website and I love your recipes! Now I have so many more ways to use my spiralizer. And thanks for the "what I ate today", because it's inspired me to try your soup. I think my hubby would love it. I might not have checked out the recipe otherwise - please don't stop sharing. And your kindness is contagious.
  • I LOVED the What I Ate post....please keep 'em coming! I loved you describing what brands you like best! Very helpful!!
  • Hi Ali - You've got CLASS! Don't let the haters deter you from all that creativity...keep up the good work, 99.999% of us enjoy and appreciate your effort!
  • Hi Ali, I think that what makes Inspiralized different from just Pinterest recipes is that you do a little bit of everything including recipes, including your own personal preferences and how you engage in a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate the realness and look forward to your recipes and video content. I think some others do not know what a blog is and that it is inherently personal as well! Keep up the creativity!!
  • Hi Ali. Just had to say that although I generally couldn't care less about the inane things so many people have the need to share instantly with the world on most social media, your 'What I Ate Today' episodes are COMPLETELY different ... they make inspiralizing & eating healthy foods a reality. You show how to go thru a real day eating well with just a little effort and everyday ingredients. I watch to learn & see examples of what I can do here at home. It's like being a casual guest in your home so please keep them coming,. So pleased you were able to enjoy such a lovely anniversary trip as well.
  • Hi Ali Love your blog and the personal side of it is what makes it special to me. Kelley
  • My oh my how people love to thrust their opinions on how to run YOUR business... The personal side of business is largely what keeps people coming back. It's about connecting with your customers. If you don't like something, move on and focus on what you do like.
    • Hahaah the funny thing about this comment is that you gave your opinion about how to run a business while criticizing someone else's opinion on the exact same topic. And you weren't very nice about it, either - my oh my. But probably no one will refer to you as being unkind.
      • It's not an opinion on how to run a business... it's pretty well-known that that's what successful businesses do... connect with their customers and attempt to humanize their brands to be relatable, to keep people coming back. And I was referring to the very first comment which was anything but kind, hence my frustration.
  • hi ali! i've never stopped to comment but i feel particularly led to do so today. i have enjoyed your blog/snaps/insta/etc. for about a year now. I truly enjoy your "what i ate" videos. i like to hear what inspires you and i love that you are following your passions. you are are creative and authentic - a real person, working each day to make healthy choices for your mind, body and spirit. your journey inspires mine. keep trusting yourself when it comes to the content you feel is right for representing you and the brand you have created.
  • Please keep posting WIA videos, I learn from them. I have learned so much by watching your everyday inspiralized, facebook live and snapchat. For instance, less pressure, and a slower turn of the veggie yields a thinner slice. I had no idea. Keep up the hard work Ali! "See" you next week!
  • Ali, keep up the great job you are doing. I love your blog; I love your recipes; I love hearing about what you eat; I love everything about your blog. Some folks need to understand that they can catch more flies with honey rather than with vinegar. You are the best, and I love my inspiralizer purchased from you. I've give a couple to other friends who also love theirs and love your blog also.
  • When I first started following Inspiralized, it was because of 'WIA'. Seriously! I jotted down recipes of the dinner meals and they are a mainstay for our menu planning. There was a fabulous smoothie and the eggs with kale and avocado breakfast is always a winner. Loved the hint to drink lemon tea to detox in the morning. Great idea! Funny thing ... spiralized food was not part of those 'WIA' but got me hooked on Inspiralized. After researching all of the spiralizers, I bought the Inspiralizer (another good thing). After cooking for 50+ years, our meals are changing for the better. This 'WIA' episode had an interesting lunch salad. I also have the Inspiralized app. Great idea!! Quick easy recipes. I'm never disappointed. So the opening comment is an attempt to get attention. I see the name links to her website. Life must be tough. Sad. Blogs are made up of hundreds of thoughts, interest, and ideas of the blogger, about the blogger, and relate to them. Amazing that someone could write a 'method' of 'how to blog'. It would be a small boring world. I'm glad to have found Inspiralized and Ali. My food world has grown larger and brighter. I'm glad I got rid of my FB page. Talk about a waste of time!