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My Favorite Food Brands

This list includes the foods I eat on a weekly basis and which brands I choose. From yogurt to bacon, I'm sharing which brands of foods I keep in my pantry, fridge, and freezer.

My Favorite Food Brands

My Favorite Food Brands

On this list, you’ll find the everyday foods I buy and which brands I usually purchase. I like to experiment (I’m always experimenting!), so this list may change from time to time, but for now, these are the products that I really love. This list does not include the food brands for the baby (although you can find a list of my favorite snacks for Luca, here.)

Flours, Oats & Cooking Pantry Staples

My Favorite Food Brands

Almond flour: Bob’s Red Mill
Coconut flour: Bob’s Red Mill
Whole wheat flour: Bob’s Red Mill
Garbanzo bean flour: Bob’s Red Mill
Oats: Bob’s Red Mill
Spices: Simply Organic
Brown rice: Bob’s Red Mill
Quinoa: Bob’s Red Mill
Brown lentils: Bob’s Red Mill
Black lentils: Whole Foods 365 brand
Chia seeds: Bob’s Red Mill
Flaxseed: Bob’s Red Mill


My Favorite Food Brands

Olive oil: California Olive Ranch (although I use other brands, too, like Colavita.)
Coconut oil: Nutiva
Cooking Spray: Spectrum
Sesame oil: Spectrum

Pantry foods & snacks

Almond butter: Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter (unsalted), or Whole Foods 365 Creamy Organic Almond Butter (unsalted) is what I’m using right now, but I also love Wild Friends.
Granola: Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola
Bread: Dave’s Killer Bread (especially their Good Seed variety) and Vermont Bread Company.
Protein bars: This changes all the time! Right now, I’m into Square Organics (love the Vanilla Cashew – use code INSPIRALIZED for 20% off!), PerfectBar (the Blueberry Cashew is my go-to!), and RX Bars (love the blueberry.)
Chips: Siete (love their Sea Salt and Lime flavors)
Tortillas: Siete Tortillas (I like all the varieties, but tend to buy the Cassava Flour ones mostly.)
Protein powder: ALOHA Vanilla or Vital Proteins Marine Collagen
Dried fruits: Peeled Snacks
Raisins: Made in Nature
Nuts: I started buying them in bulk at Trader Joe’s and used to get them at Whole Foods in the bulk nut section.
Crackers: Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers and Kashi 7 Grain crackers.
Cereal: We don’t have cereal much, but if we do, it’s always Cascadian Farm and it’s the Multi Grain Squares, but we buy Purely O’s for Luca and sometimes have that.
Cookies: Partake Foods Carrot Oat cookies or their classic Chocolate Chip, or I really love Simple Mills Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Canned & Boxed foods

Beans: Eden Foods (I always have chickpeas, pinto beans, black beans, and white beans on hand.)
Broths: Pacific Foods and Brodo (regional)
Canned tomatoes: Jovial Foods or Muir Glen Organic or Tuttorosso.
Pasta: I’m into a few brands right now: Cybele’s Red Lentil, Pumpkin, & Butternut Squash, Banza, Tolerant Foods’ Red Lentil Pasta

Sauces & Condiments

My Favorite Food Brands

Soy sauce: Kikkoman Low Sodium
Balsamic vinegar: Colavita
Red wine vinegar: Colavita
Apple cider vinegar: Bragg
Jarred sauce: Rao’s (love their Tomato Basil!) or Victoria
Tahini: Whole Foods 365 brand or Roland Tahini
Maple syrup: I don’t use maple syrup enough, but I usually buy this Coombs brand at Whole Foods.
Honey: Honestly, I usually just buy honey in a little bear fro Whole Foods!
Dijon: Annie’s Homegrown
Hot sauce: Siete hot sauces
BBQ sauce: Annie’s Homegrown

Premade mixes & food

My Favorite Food Brands

Muffin mixes: Simple Mills Pumpkin Muffin and their Banana Muffin mixes are amazing.
Pancake mixes: Simple Mills is my favorite, but I also like the Paleo variety at Birch Benders.
Instant oatmeal: Nature’s Path Original Oatmeal – I stir in boiling hot water.
Pizza mixes: Simple Mills – honestly the best.

Fresh foods & spreads

My Favorite Food Brands

Cheese: Organic Valley shredded cheese, otherwise, I usually just select any
Cream cheese: I am obsessed with Kite Hill‘s vegan cream cheeses (especially the Chive variety) – and their ricotta cheese is great, too.
Cottage cheese: Good Culture
Boxed greens: Organic Girl‘s baby spinach and their 50/50 mixes
Yogurt: Stonyfield, their 0% fat plain Greek yogurt for me (and I buy whole milk full-fat for Luca!) I also like Faje and have been getting into Siggi’s a bit lately.
Eggs: Vital Farms organic eggs
Packaged beets: I use LoveBeets‘ organic pre-packaged cooked beets a lot.

Packaged meats/vegetarian protein

My Favorite Food Brands

Chicken sausage: I usually buy the chicken sausage at the butcher at Whole Foods, but if I’m buying an easy chicken sausage for stir fries for lunch at home, I go with Applegate.
Bacon: Applegate (usually the Uncured Turkey Bacon.)
Deli meats: Applegate
Almond milk: the only kind of milk we have at home is almond milk for smoothies, cereal, coffee, and tea. We are liking Califia Farms right now.
Tofu: Nasoya


My Favorite Food Brands

Frozen veggies & fruits: I buy all of our frozen fruits and veggies from Cascadian Farm.
Frozen fries: I’ve been loving putting Alexia fries into the air fryer lately!
Cauliflower pizza: Califlour Foods makes the best cauliflower pizza crust!

What are some of your favorite everyday food brands?


with love, Ali

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  • I love a lot of the same brands, but I also shop at Trader Joe's a lot! Instead of almond milk, I tried Ripple pea milk and it's so good! Also pea milk is more sustainable than almond milk and has more protein per serving.
    • Hi Aliya! I tried to like Ripple milk, but I couldn't get over the flavor :( It's such a great non-dairy option for toddlers, too! Glad you found what works for you!
  • Great list! Just missing Saffron Road products!
    • I'll have to check them out! These are more of my everyday products, not certain specialty items! There are other brands I have in my home and will be sure to make another list if there are other brands I discover!
  • A couple times a week we have have Beyond Burgers from the Beyond Meat Co. Great taste. Easy prep. Versatile- use like ground beef but all vegetables.
  • I love Primal Kitchen! Their mayo is the best! Costco in Texas has a large jar of them for $8! Their chipotle lime mayo is also mine and my husband's favorite. :) I agree with Kite Hill (I eat their plain almond yogurt) and Siete!
    • I don't use mayo, but I will definitely keep that in mind when I do need it!
  • Such great brands but very expensive. How much do you spend on groceries each week?
  • I’m obsessed with Noble Made Medium Buffalo sauce! Also a big fan of PaleoChef Peach BBQ sauce and everything Tessemae’s.