Our Wedding Welcome Bags

Our Wedding Welcome Bags

Since I’m a blogger and a bride, naturally, I’m going to be featuring the details of my wedding! I can’t help but share – I’m a sharer, if you haven’t already realized that. Whether it’s just a story about my weekend or a sweaty gym selfie, I’m sharing it.

Why do I share? If one little bit of advice, a suggestion, or even a quote has the chance to inspire someone else, it’s worth it to me. I read blogs every single day on multiple topics (fashion, health, food, lifestyle, etc) because I’m always looking for inspiration! I hope it’s the same for all of you.

Well, we’re all Inspiralized at the very least, right?


Anyway, for those of you that aren’t into the wedding stuff, I apologize, but I’ll be featuring my wedding for the first few Fridays in July and of course, today.

First stop: our wedding welcome bags! You know, for the guests staying at the hotel.

When we set out to do these welcome bags, I knew I wanted to curate them with a healthy twist. How many weddings have you been to where you get the welcome bag and it’s a bag of chips, Hershey kisses and Goldfish? Don’t get me wrong, I love chips, chocolate and especially Goldfish, but I always get to the hotel, I’m ravenous and I have nothing to snack on but that and then an hour later, I feel like crud.


I didn’t want my guests to feel that way, I wanted them to have healthy snack options – savory and sweet. I wanted them to be energized for our big day!

Most importantly, I wanted to share a sneak peek into our snack routine – all of the items we placed into this welcome bag are ones we use at home and love to snack on together. Now, if we could only have fit Talenti in there…..

If you’re having welcome bags (at any event, really), just build a budget and then think of your favorite treats, snacks or pampering products and decide what to include! Of course, always include your welcome letter that thanks your guests for being there on that day and in your lives!

So, let’s take a look:

The bag itself

Since this isn’t a destination wedding (it’s literally happening in the town next to my hometown), I decided to go simple with the bags – I bought kraft paper brown bags off Amazon (these ones), kraft paper heart stickers to seal the bags closed off Amazon (these, here) and tulle lavender ribbon (our wedding color) off Amazon, here.

Our Wedding Welcome Bags

To make it a tad more special, the lovely Karen from Castleberry Hill on Etsy made me gorgeous chalkboard stickers to place on the front of the bags that read, “Thank you for celebrating with us! Love, Alissandra & Luis.”

Savory & Sweet

Skinny Pop popcorn: This was a must. Lu and I’s favorite TV snack is popcorn. We love the simple salt taste (although I also love their vegan cheese flavor.) We are giving each guest a 100-calorie pack!

Apple: To go with the Justin’s almond butter or just for a quick bite! Lu and I love almond butter and apple slices as dessert.

KIND bar: We chose the Madagascar Vanilla Almond flavor because it’s not too sweet, it’s more savory. We love the natural sweeteners used in KIND, as to avoid those sugar crashes. They’re also packed with fiber and protein to keep our guests fueled!

Nourish Snacks pack: You’ve seen me post about Nourish Snacks before, they’re my favorite snack packs to toss into my purse or to eat before a workout (especially the Almonds & Cherries packs) – they’ve quickly become a staple in our household and Lu nicknamed them “Nanoush” haha. We opted for a few flavors, but more of the “coco’nilla crunch” flavor, because Lu LOVES coconut anything.

Justin’s Almond Butter packs: To go with the apple or just to squeeze out of the pack and have as a quick pick me up – I’m obsessed with almond butter, so I knew this had to be included.

ALOHA Superfood Chocolate: If you’re a fan of dark chocolate, you have to get ALOHA. Their superfood chocolate is loaded with nutrients and has that classic dark chocolate taste. Whenever I have a chocolate craving, this does the trick, so I hope it does for my guests as well!

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups: This is kind of an ode to my father – he is OBSESSED with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I think he transferred that obsession to me! I love nut butters and chocolate together (as does he.)

Health & Miscellaneous

Boxed Water: I found out about Boxed Water Is Better a few months ago and fell in love with their mission statement. I love supporting brands that are trying to make the world a better place. Now, all of my guests will be supporting that mission! Plus, you don’t have to deal with plastic water bottles, which, if not BPA-free, can leak chemicals into your body (ick!)

Vermints: For all those single ladies (and gents!) out there, this is for you – freshen up before hitting the dance floor! I love Vermints, they’re organic, vegan, nut-free and gluten-free, so no one should have an issue poppin’ one of these.

Honest Lip Balm: This is more helpful at a winter wedding when people’s lips tend to be more chapped, but I’m obsessed with lip balm (I don’t wear lipstick, just lip balm!) and Lu wears lip balm every day in the morning (with SPF!), so it seemed appropriate. Plus, I love the Honest Co – they make organic lip balms in lovely scents like this one: lavender mint!

Advil: I hope our guests party the night away and need this Advil! I think it’s an essential part of any welcome bag, which becomes the hangover kit the next day.


Note: All of the brands in this welcome bag (except for Advil) provided complimentary product for this post. However, they are all brands I reached out to and wanted to include, this is not a paid sponsored post! 

What else would you like to see from the wedding? Which details are you interested in seeing?

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What an awesome welcome bag! There's something for everyone! I love Vermints!
Hannah says:
Lovely welcome bags that reflect who you both are! I want to see everything from your wedding! I bet it's going to be AMAZING!
Shelbi says:
As a supermarket dietitian I couldn't love all these products more! People need more education on snacking and turning them onto all of these brands is a great way to go :-)
Amrita says:
Love these, thanks for sharing! I'm getting married in October and have a lot of these on my list for welcome bags too, although I'm a baker so I wanted to have something I made in the bags as well. Advil is definitely a must, and we were going to put in some Georgia pecans since the wedding is in ATL :) KIND bars are the best! I'll have to look into the Nourish snacks and the boxed water... My fiance and I don't typically snack on the same stuff but that could make for a more interesting bag...
alex says:
Its all so elegant and sort of Sex and the Cityish! honestly though wishing all the best for the wedding
becky says:
I've been buying Skinny Pop by the case on amazon for awhile now...so yummy! And I love all your other choices too, what a great & beautiful welcome bag! Your blog is the first thing I read each morning, Ali, and it always makes me smile :-) (AND drool if there's a recipe involved ;-) !!!
Brenda Kell says:
I really enjoy your blog! Love the gift bags! I'm a Thrive participant and have seen some of those items there. Thank you for giving a little explanation on each product, very helpful. As for your wedding, Share away!! I would love to see your dress and the bridesmaids dresses! This will be one of most wonderful times in your life and you've done an amazing job of documenting. My husband and I will be celebrationg 30 years in Sept.! Our wedding was such a special time!! Have the time of your life!! Blessings!!
Anonymous says:
CONGRATULATIONS! Its a very special time and I wish you and your beloved a beautiful life together! I remember all of the excitement and preparation in planning my wedding almost 3 years ago...beautiful memories!
Karlene Schulz says:
Congratulations Ali and Lu! I'm a silent admirer but had to let you know that your doing an amazing job! Enjoy your wedding and buckle up for the ride of your life!
calle says:
Wow, how special for your guests to have healthy. So many people just get fatty, junk food for guests. How totally refreshing! My husband and I had a very small family only wedding, small reception that night, and a much bigger friends reception 3 months later. We had a Mediterranean buffet which was very healthy. That was 30 years ago in May. I am a Dietitian/Nutritionist and am so proud of your career choice. Can't wait until your post on the wedding dinner and cake!!! When I presented to a professional group last April, your Spirilizer and recipes were a part of my talk. So keep up the good work, but take time for life, it is so short. Of course the dress is what we all want to see. We can be patient can't we ladies??? LOL.
Tracy says:
LOVE the wedding stuff! Keep it coming! When's the wedding date again?
Tracy says:
"my snack routine" "Lu's and MY snack routine" " The snack routine that Lu and I follow" Just sayin' .....
Congrats on your upcoming marriage! Call me old-fashioned, but I think it is a shame that brides are expected to spend money on the guests... like this bag thing. A friend of mine is making up bags right now, too. A niece gave out a CD of her favorite songs at her wedding, (which I ended up throwing out because I am from a different generation of music). I would much rather the money went toward the bride and groom's needs.
calle says:
I agree on the gift bag or party favor idea. This is their day, and those who attend can enjoy good food, happy times and not expect a gift. I feel weddings ca. Be what the couple want, not what the crowd wants. I love unique weddings, barns, gardens, fields, houses etc. I have seen some special weddings I. MaryJane's farm magazine. Each to his and her own. But Brides need to have their day, not putting anyone down for bags or no bags. Calle
Jannie Turczyn says:
The wedding bags are YOU! You are an inspiration and very infectious!!! Your parents and Lu must be so proud of you. I have been a fan since you started posing recipes and have seen your growth. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, and always take the time to smell the roses. God Bless your marriage and may you and Lu have a wonderful fulfilling life together. Blessings to you sweet girl.
Thank you for sharing this information. We can't wait to make with own bags.

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a year and 5 days ago, I started @invisalign to correct my cross bite and fix some crowding on my lower teeth. 👄🦷 a few weeks into treatment, my dentist gave me some extra aligners (the clear trays that you wear that miraculously shift your teeth) “just in case” the Corona virus came to the US and the office has to shutdown. well, a LOT has happened in this past year (my teeth and bite have corrected and Corona certainly made its way here!) and today was the final appointment to perfect my teeth and bite with some veneers (which I haven’t quite gotten used to yet, but all of the stories you shared and kind compliments you gave in my DMs has made me feel A LOT better.) 😬⁣

in two weeks, I get my overnight retainers, which I’ll wear forever (but only to sleep.) aside from that, I’m done with #invisalign and it feels SO good. I cannot believe how drastically it has changed my face, and when I watch myself talk in a video or look at a photo of myself, I no longer cringe at my lisp or how crooked my face looks. it wasn’t something I was self-conscious of every day, but it’s definitely something that I noticed when looking at photos and it secretly bothered me. it’s silly, but it did! ⁣

now I can proudly say that I love my smile, and I feel more confident than ever. it’s a shame I’ll have to wear a mask and cover up this expensive smile 😂😂😂😂 but hopefully in 2022, I’ll be able to fully whip it out. right?!! 🤞🏼💉 ⁣

I’m going to write a blog post all about the process, share a ton of before and afters, but I wanted to ask.... are there any questions you have specifically that you’d like me to include/address? leave a comment below and let me know! and in the meantime, you can check out my Invisalign highlight for the whole journey!