Reasons To Start Spiralizing Today

Why should you spiralize? There are many reasons why you should spiralize and every person...

Why should you spiralize?

There are many reasons why you should spiralize and every person is different, but here are some of our top tips on why we think EVERYONE should spiralize:

  • Helps promote weight loss and maintenance.
    Probably everyone’s favorite reason for spiralizing, spiralized vegetables are mostly light in calories, carbs, fat and sugar. By spiralizing, you’re naturally eating more vegetables – without even noticing (especially when they’re covered in a delicious tomato basil sauce!) This small shift in the way you eat helps lead to weight loss, because you’re consuming more vegetables and less processed foods while still remaining satisfied. Vegetables are high in water (such as zucchinis) and help detox your body, ridding it of unwanted toxins and leaving you refreshed and hydrated. Vegetables have an abundance of dietary fiber, which helps keep you fuller longer and help with your everyday digestion. Certain vegetables even help spike the metabolism, such as zucchinis, which are high in folates. Most importantly, after eating a bowl of vegetable noodles, you’re left feeling light and energized – ready to have a productive and healthy day, which means you’ll be more motivated to exercise and eat well.
    Follow me at my healthy fit Instagram @GetInspiralized and follow my weight loss journey there. Also, read this post about how I lost 25 pounds by eating Inspiralized and exercising!
  • Makes more out of your veggies & fruits.
    When you simply dice, chop or cube vegetables – you barely get a cup of that food. With spiralizing, one small vegetable can yield many cups of fluffy, spiral vegetables. This way, vegetables and fruits go a long way, so you basically consume a lesser amount of whole vegetables, while feeling like you’re eating a big portion, on account of the noodle shape of spiralized vegetables. This way, you can get more “bang for your buck” with your vegetables and fruits – for example, one medium red potato is enough for two people to enjoy in noodle form.
  • Slips more veggies into your diet.
    This is the whole reason I started Inspiralized – I was amazed that I could eat my favorite classic Italian pasta dishes, while eating vegetables! Since spiralized vegetables have a similar texture and consistency to regular pasta and noodles, your tastebuds think you’re eating the carb-laden original, while your waistline knows you’re eating heart-healthy fruits and veggies! Slowly but surely, as you work spiralized foods into your diet, you’ll realize that you’re consuming more vegetables than ever
  • Spiralized veggies & fruits are clean-eating friendly.
    Spiralized vegetables and fruits are helpful for those who have autoimmune diseases, such as Celiac’s, while also valuable for those who subscribe to a vegan, vegetarian or Paleo lifestyle. Spiralized vegetables are for everyone, but they are especially helpful for those who have sensitivities to gluten, since they’re naturally gluten-free. Regular pasta, rice and noodles are typically made from rice, wheat or flour, while spiralized vegetables are made of, well, vegetables! They’re clean and unprocessed. 
  • Encourages a reduced carbon footprint, with local and seasonal eating.
    Spiralizing lends itself to shopping at farmer’s markets, where vegetables tend to be in abundance and tend to be larger in size. There’s something therapteutic about walking through a vegetable stand and looking for “something to spiralize.” By shopping at farmer’s markets, we support our local community and reduce our carbon footprint. Also, by shopping at farmer’s markets, we’re inherently eating seasonally! Many vegetables (such as zucchini) reduce in size in the off-season, making them more difficult to spiralize. Therefore, we discover new vegetables by season and become more creative in the kitchen, while being eco-friendly and supporting local farmers!
  • It’s kid and family-friendly.
    Children love to spiralize – they love watching a vegetable or fruit turn magically into noodles. As long as a parent is supervising the sharp blades of the spiralizer, it’s safe for a child to participate in the spiralizing process! By spiralizing with your children, they’ll learn healthy habits while having fun – what’s better than that? Since spiralizing is a quick way to prepare vegetables in mass, it’s definitely family-friendly. What’s more classic than spaghetti night? Now, instead of waiting for water to boil and having mushy noodles, just spiralize a few vegetables and you have instant, ready-to-cook pasta! This way, you can spend more time with your family and loved ones and less time in the kitchen.
  • Encourages our creative side.By nature, spiralizing challenges us to come up with creative meals with our vegetable and fruit noodles. Each vegetable has its own flavors, textures and nutrients. Therefore, we can invent our own meals or reinvent our favorite classics, by picking a vegetable to spiralize. There are hundreds of types of meals you can make with all the different vegetables and fruits. Once you start spiralizing, you’ll notice that you never get bored and you look forward to making something different each time! You may even find yourself starting a blog about spiralizing.
  • It’s quick and easy.There’s no more obvious benefit than this: spiralizing takes seconds to prepare ready-to-cook pasta and noodles. In a mere couple of minutes, you can have ready-to-cook rice. Since vegetables take less time than grains to cook, spiralizing is naturally quicker! Once you spiralize a vegetable, you’re ready to turn them into healthy and delicious meals – no waiting for water to boil, no mushy bags of rice and no more saving the starchy pasta water (which I always forget!) The act of spiralizing is easy and is suitable for all levels of cooks from beginner to advanced!
  • Zucchini Noodles vs. Regular Wheat SpaghettiIf all of the above wasn’t enough to convince you to start spiralizing, then consider the nutritional differences between regular spaghetti and a bowl of zucchini noodles. Spaghetti comes in at a whopping 221 calories and 43 grams per serving, while zucchini noodles weigh in at 41.6 calories and 7.6 carbs. Need we say more?

So tell us – why do you spiralize?

with love, Ali

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  • I just bought your book, "Inspiralize Everything", and I want to spiralize because spiralized vegetables LOOK MORE TASTY than regular vegetables.
  • Uncertain how to use all the attachments that come with the Kitchen Aid
  • I spiralize because it looked so fun! Also , buying this for myself for christmas was just 1 more way to start lowering my A1C. So now instead of eating 35-40 carbs per meal I am getting a meal that has, MAYBE, 10-15 carbs. This means less insulin and more fun at mealtime. I live alone, so its hard to cook for just 1 person. But since I gifted myself this wonderful tool, I have had so much fun in the kitchen, both cooking, baking and eating!!!
  • Very inspired to hear see&elbow more! Thanks!
  • I am on Weight Watchers and by using my Spiralizer I can eat a lot of food and still easily maintain my points and feel very satieted. Makes for a great lunch
    • That's so great to hear!!
  • I am on Weight Watchers and by using my Spiralizer I can eat a lot of food and still easily maintain my points and feel very satieted. Makes for a great lunch!!