Spiralized Rice and Buns

Spiralized rice is simply, rice made from spiralized vegetables. This “spiralized rice” can be used...

How to Make Spiralized Rice Inspiralized.com
Spiralized rice is simply, rice made from spiralized vegetables. This “spiralized rice” can be used in place of regular rice and grains in your favorite originals. For example, you can make fried “sweet potato” rice and pesto “turnip” rice. The possibilities are endless – and delicious!

If you do make spiralized rice, make sure to hashtag and share your creation using: #spiralizedrice!

Which Spiralized Vegetables Can be “Riced”

All vegetables can be “riced” except for cucumbers – their water content is just too high. Fruits can’t be “riced” either.

How to Make Spiralized Rice

1. Place your spiralized vegetables into a food processor.

How to Make Spiralized Rice - Inspiralized.com

2. Pulse gently until rice-like, about 5 seconds.

How to Make Spiralized Rice - Inspiralized.com

How to Spiralized Rice – Video

How to Cook Spiralized Rice

Now that you have your spiralized rice, what do you do with it? There are a few ways you can prepare your spiralized rice dishes:

  • Have it raw (best with zucchini, daikon radish, carrot, beet)
  • Saute it (best with all vegetables)
  • Simmer it in a soup or slow cooker
  • Steam it (don’t recommend, because it easily becomes mushy)
  • Bake it (as in a casserole, frittata or dessert)

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How to Make the Inspiralized Bun Inspiralized.com

The ramen burger was a bun made out of ramen noodles. Basically, it’s cooked ramen noodles that are refrigerated in a bun-sized ramekin for 15 minutes and then fried in olive oil. Japanese blogger and chef Keizo Shimamoto invented this and served it up at Smorgasburg (an outdoor food weekly festival) in Brookyln, causing Tweets galore and waiting in long lines.

When I saw the ramen noodle bun, I immediately thought – what a creative idea, but sadly unhealthy.  Then, I thought to substitute spiralized sweet potato in for the “ramen” and voila – a spiralized bun! The spiralized bun is perfect to use with open-faced sandwiches and burgers. It’s also fun to use as a slice of bread – smear almond butter on top, add some bananas and honey and you have a nutritious, exciting and delicious breakfast!

How to Make the Inspiralized Bun


This video shows you step-by-step how to make the spiralized bun!

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  • I LOVE THIS! I am buying your spiralizer like yesterday...Can't wait to make this! Thank you!!
  • I tried the sweet potato 'rice' last night. The only blender I have is a Vitamix, so there was a bit of a challenge there, but I found that my Spiralizer balked at the hard and dense sweet potato and, at some point, the crank just started to loosen and not turn the whole shaft. I hope I did not damage the Spiralizer for other, softer veggies.
    • I've found that when I have things like that happen I trim a little more off of the back end of the veg I'm working with and try to let it catch again. And to also mess with the amount of pressure I apply. Good luck! :)
  • Have you tried making the buns with any other veggie? I try to eat low carb and making the recipe with sweet potato and cheese together is off plan. Zucchini seems like it would probably work. Thank you!
  • Was wondering if you could come up with a spiralized bun that isn't fried maybe baked. I'm not a vegan, but my body hates all things sugar, most added fats and wheat. If I don't eat meat, I starve and that just leads to overeating.
    • Just use same recipe(s) and bake in oven instead of frying. I have done that many times with many different recipes, including making hash browns. Works great! You can also fry without oil in well seasoned cast iron or ceramic coated pan, just keep heat med-low to medium and don't try to turn it too soon or it will stick. As it browns a bit it will come lose.
    • I use a benchtop air fryer for cooking for one or two and things like this work out really well.
  • This is great!!! You are so creative!!
  • This looks so good! I am going to try this with my skillet circles (not sure what they are really called, but they are for egg foo yung). I think I can skip the ramekin step altogether!
  • Amazing.. I love your creativity of food.
  • Amazing.. I love your different creativity of food. Mind blowing. Recipes.
    • Thank you for such a nice compliment, Ahmed! We appreciate it!