Spiralizing Japanese Eggplant

Spiralizing Japanese White Eggplant

Many of you have asked, “Can I spiralize eggplant?” If you’re referring to the most...

Spiralizing Japanese Eggplant

Many of you have asked, “Can I spiralize eggplant?”

If you’re referring to the most common of eggplants (big purple aubergines) – then, unfortunately, you really can’t. You can read more about that here.

However, you can spiralize Japanese white eggplant.

I don’t recommend it, but it can be done. Let me explain.

I’ve tried spiralizing every variety of eggplant and Japanese eggplant is the one that works “the best.”

However, the noodles from this vegetable aren’t ideal for spiralized cooking.


When the eggplant noodles are cooked (say, in a skillet with some olive oil), they become very slimy and mushy. Honestly, when I tasted them, the consistency was too worm-like for me to even swallow. Overshare?

Do you still get that eggplant taste from the noodles? Yes, but the consistency is off and not very pasta-like, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Spiralizing Japanese White Eggplant

Seeded Interior

One of the primary reasons why standard aubergines don’t spiralize well is because of the vegetable’s seeded, spongey interior flesh. The seeds make eating eggplant a bit unpleasant – some of the seeds clump together and again, make the consistency unfortunate (hello mush!)

Spiralizing Japanese White Eggplant

If you still want to spiralize this vegetable…

Since I recognize that everyone has different tastebuds and preferences, I wanted to present you with the information on spiralizing Japanese eggplant, so that you can make the decision for yourself! Maybe the things I mentioned aren’t deal breakers for you and you’re an eggplant fanatic.

If you still want to continue on, I suggest Blades D and C, only (on the Inspiralizer.) Any larger and the noodles are tough to manage and don’t cook well.

Spiralizing Japanese White Eggplant

So, do you think you’ll be making a spiralized Japanese eggplant dish in the future?



with love, Ali

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  • I seem to have lost one of my blades, can I buy a replacement blade?
    • Lisa, it's impossible to lose a blade with the Inspiralizer, so you have a different model! I would check with the manufacturer/brand that you bought it from. Sorry I can't be of more help!
      • it is not impossible to if you have teenagers, I don't have a different machine, I purchased yours from amazon, and also your book. Yes I am also sorry your cant help me Ali maffucci. I will reach out to amazon maybe they can help me.
        • Lisa, sorry for the confusion. It is impossible, because the blades on the Inspiralizer are not removable, therefore, they can never be misplaced/lost. You did not purchase mine from Amazon, because the Inspiralizer is only available at Inspiralized.com. The book is available on Amazon, yes. Hope that clears things up!
    • Lisa - The 'Spiralizer' has 3 separate blades, but the 'Inspiralizer' has all 4 openings on one small cylinder, they can't be separated. My first spiralizer, which I bought from Amazon (a Bitoni), looked just like the Paderno (which Ali used to endorse before she came up with a superior design), but the crank-handle screw got worn out, and when I contacted Bitoni they refunded my $$ rather than replacing it. Sorry about your missing blade...
  • Instead of cooking them in olive oil, did you try baking them? They may be less mushy that way.
    • Yes, they shrivel up and still have that mushy consistency!!
      • Boo. Guess eggplants are not destined to be spiralized. Oh well. At least you tried.
  • Good to know, thanks. I usually crosshatch them and grill them.