The Complete Reference Guide to Spiralizing Vegetables

Lookie what I have for you today! About 78 sweet chili pistachios, a bottle of...

Lookie what I have for you today! About 78 sweet chili pistachios, a bottle of chocolate ZICO and a tub of hummus with carrots later, this reference guide is complete and ready to be Pinned. I’m a big snacker when I’m focusing, what can I say?

After all of the questions I get regarding proper cooking methods of certain veggies, I decided to make the most complete guide I could muster up, in an effort to clarify spiralized cooking once and for all. I’m sure I’ll be updating it, so it’s going to live on my “How To” page. Now, let’s take a look at this bad boy.

It’s pretty self explanatory, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail, Tweet at me, Instagram tag me, or message me on Facebook. I’m here for y’all, especially the newbies who are still in the, “wait, so these noodles are made of veggies?!” stage.

Please let me know if I missed anything, or if you’d like to see another vegetable on the list! I’m happy to test it out for you and add it to this reference guide.

Use The Inspiralizer, the official spiralizer of Inspiralized for best results when using this chart.

ALSO – new to the blog is a recipe list, indexed by spiralized vegetable. If you’d like to see all of the sweet potato noodle recipes in one place, now, it’s possible! Simply roll over the “Recipes” menu option and then the first line item is “recipes by vegetable.” Roll over that and you’ll see a list of vegetables pop up. Fancy stuff here at Inspiralized, eh?

Now, before I get to the guide, I just want to say that I love all of the feedback that you give me through all of my social media channels. I get all giddy when I see an e-mail from a reader with a question or praise, because it means so much to me that y’all are taking the time to send me a message. It’s thoughtful and it shows that you are just as passionate as me about spiralizing.

For more fun ideas using your spiralizer, check out my cookbooks: Inspiralized, Inspiralize Everything, and Inspiralized and Beyond!

Please never hesitate to ask me a question – let’s learn together! OK, this Barney special is over. Hope you like the guide!




with love, Ali

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  • How about mangos,coconut or pineapple Ali? They're firm enough to spirilize and wondered if you've tried them yet? Thanks.
    • They have cores or are hollow on the inside, so unfortunately they can't be spiralized! I wish!
      • Some mango varieties that are firmer than others can be spiralized with something like the kitchen aid attachment ksm1apc. I'm actually looking for a manual version of this spiralizer style.
      • don't apples have a core? couldn't you just core the pineapple or mango or stop when your about to hit the pit of the mango?
        • You can, but you won't get noodles! Feel free to experiment!
  • I love this chart! Takes all the trial and error out of spiralizing! Thank you Ali! !
  • Ali - thanks so much! This is a fabulous resource and I really appreciate you putting the time and energy into creating it. You are definitely an inspiration to me. Have you tried cabbage? Yellow summer squash (crookneck and patty pan)?
    • I have done cabbage, it just shreds it - doesn't make noodles! Yellow squash is just like zucchini!
  • What a great guide--I've been waiting to try rutabaga noodles! Also, I love that you added the vegetable index; just last night I was looking for butternut squash noodle recipes so I could spiralize squash left over from a soup dish. Keep up the good work...I've been putting zucchini noodles in everything!
  • Ooooooh Ali that is a BEAUTIFUL guide. Thanks for putting it all together. I'm making Chorizo Avocado butternut squash rice stuffed peppers for dinner. Keep those recipes coming, and I will keep making them! LOVE your site, posts, recipes, attitude - you Rock!
  • Fantastic! Thank you :)
  • This is great! Thanks so much!
  • Awesome! Thank you so much for a handy guide!
  • This is fabulous and will be so helpful for so many people!
  • So happy I found your site! I got a spiralizer a few months ago but, as it turns out, I'm not so great in the spiralizing department. I can't wait to make curly fries and zucchini noodles AND BEET NOODLES.
  • Thanks so much! I got this for Christmas and have been intimidated on where to begin. Thanks so much!!!
  • Hi, Ali! I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. I've been sharing your handy guide with any of my followers that have spiralizer questions. Great info and a great resource!
    • Thank you very much for the kind note! I'm so happy you're sharing. Have a great day!
  • You… are amazing. This reference chart is awesome and going to be super handy. As always, your site is inspirational, it makes me want to make tons of veggie noodle dishes, like, everyday, all the time, forever. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! :)
  • So, very, very delighted that I found your website and your recommended Spiralizer which I received in the mail this past Monday. I wanted to read and possibly print out your Complete Reference Guide to Spiralizing Vegetables but the last column-and-a-half do not appear (they are covered over by the vertical column of advertisers on the right side of page) :-(
  • Thank you so much for the information, etc. I purchased the spiralizer several months ago and was hesitant to use it. I used it for the 1st time last night and it was sooo easy. I had a recipe that used spaghetti squash, so I used regular squash instead and everyone loved much that there were no leftovers. Thanks again!
  • What did I do wrong that the butternut squash did not come out in "ribbons" but more like scored slices? Is it a matter of the squash being too ripe or not ripe enough? Just starting out and wondering if it is my Spiralizer or me...
    • IT might be the spiralizer - which one do you have? Did you get it at Williams Sonoma or through my blog?
      • I bought it from
  • Please repair the link to the word version of the chart. The link doesn't work today. Thanks for all the good recipes!
  • How does one print anything? The picture format is very hard to read on screen and when printed. Too much info to make hand notes
  • It would be great if you had a print friendly version of this chart. I am just beginning to do this. I am wanting more a more healthy way of eating and so far paleo is fitting into what we are doing by already kicking the GMO's out of the house.
    • There is a print friendly chart!! Feel free to email me for a copy if you can't find it in the post!
      • could you email me one as well?
        • Hi Jessica, we do not have a version to email you. We're sorry about that.
  • can the spiralizer work with a head of cabage for cole slaw? if so, which blade? Also, does the cabbage need to cut ( in half, quarters, etc)?
    • Yes!! It's perfect for making coleslaw! Use blade A and there's no need to cut it. Here's a video for you:
  • Hi. Got you book today from Amazon India. Loved the presentation but most Ingredients are not readily available or not available at all in India as they are not part of regular indian meals. Any set of recepies that can be made here in India.
    • Unfortunately, we're not well versed in the produce that is readily available in India because we are based in the U.S. We just suggest getting creative and seeing what's available in stores near you that you can substitute. Our recipes are really versatile, so you should be able to still have a ton of fun with the cookbook!
  • Thanks for the great post! It's very helpful. Have you ever tried cauliflower stems? I wonder why it's not in the chart, since broccoli stems are there... Haven't found any recipes with cauliflower noodles either. However lots with cauliflower rice. I wonder why that is.