About Inspiralized

Inspiralized is the ultimate resource for cooking healthfully and creatively with the Inspiralizer, our proprietary kitchen tool that turns vegetables and fruits into noodles.

Inspiralized was started out of a pure passion for eating healthy and helping others. When our founder, Ali Maffucci, discovered the spiralizer and quickly learned how easily it could be used to make creative, delicious and nutritious meals, she immediately looked online and was sad to find that there was no community or resources available for those who spiralize. Committed to spreading the word about spiralizing and sharing her recipes, she started Inspiralized.com, the definitive resource for cooking with a spiralizer.

Our brand consists of

The food blog

Inspiralized recipes curated and created by the Inspiralized team.

Three cookbooks

Inspiralized, Inspiralize Everything, and Inspiralized & Beyond

Inspiralized Kids

Healthy recipes and resources for parents and little ones.

Inspiralized Ali

Lifestyle content curated by our founder, Ali Maffucci

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