The Inspiralized Cookbook is On-Sale + My (Other) Big News!

The Inspiralized Cookbook is On-Sale + My (Other) Big News!

Today’s the day!! The Inspiralized cookbook is on-sale, available wherever books are sold and I’m officially...

The Inspiralized Cookbook is On-Sale + My (Other) Big News!

Today’s the day!! The Inspiralized cookbook is on-sale, available wherever books are sold and I’m officially a published author!

AHHH!! I can’t believe it, I really can’t. I won’t believe it until I walk into a store and see it on the shelves. That’s obviously on my to-do list for the day, along with celebrating with all of you today on social media and then later tonight, with my friends and family!

This time two years ago, it was about a month before I first discovered the spiralizer and tried zucchini noodles.

Ever since that first bite of spiralized zucchini, I knew I had found something special – something that fostered my creativity and allowed me to be the healthiest, happiest and most inspired version of myself. Truly, I became Inspiralized and wanted to share with others that same enjoyment.

When I look back on that small post I did on my personal blog at the time, after I made my first spiralized dish, I’m filled with that same level of excitement still to this day. When I go to make a meal, I feel like Ina Garten whisking eggs in her Paris apartment – spiralizing helps even the most beginner of cooks to feel like Michelin-rated chefs (I’m living proof!)

This cookbook includes everything I’ve learned through spiralizing nearly every single day for the past couple of years. It’s truly the definitive resource for cooking with a spiralizer (and it actually says that on the back cover!)

This book is filled with everything you need to know to start spiralizing. It’s filled with tons of technical tips, tricks, and detailed descriptions and nutritional benefits for each spiralizeable vegetable, including how to prep, spiralize and cook them. There are best practices and cooking method charts, along with picture tutorials on how to make spiralized meals.

The recipes in this book include a few blog classics that I’ve strengthened, while the rest are brand-new, original recipes that are meant to inspire you to try different cuisines, meal types and vegetables. Each recipe has nutritional information, to help you maintain your healthy diet.

However, there’s so much more to this book that just the recipes and the how-tos. A small piece of me lives in every page – whether it’s a picture, the introductory story or the anecdotal headnotes to the recipes. There’s no shortage of love in this book.

Most importantly, I could never have done this without the support around me. All of you, my readers, my followers – I say it every day and I’ll say it again, I am so thankful for your support. You’ve been with me every step of the way, and I love sharing my recipes and stories with you. I consider you all my extended family and friends, and without you, none of this would be happening. I’m very grateful.

I’ve thanked many people in this cookbook (read the acknowledgements!) but I’d like to give a special shout out to my mother, my father, my sister, my grandparents and Lu. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such love.

Now, without further ado, here’s the Inspiralized Cookbook Trailer (that Lu and I made over this past weekend – Oscars 2016, here we come!)

If you’d like to purchase the book online, pick your retailer: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Target and Walmart. Thank you in advance! You’re going to love this book.

NOTE: As of 9am today, the book is at a reduce price of $12.70 on Amazon, so snatch it before the price goes up!

Now, for my other big news.

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

If you just watched the cookbook trailer, you probably guessed it. You may have already noticed in Amazon’s “look inside” feature. You may have found out last night on Snapchat when I leaked the news. You may have guessed it from all of my Instagram hints. Or, you may have already noticed if you are holding the book in your hands, flipping through the pages. The spiralizer that’s pictured in the book is one you’ve never seen before. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now!

I’m launching my very own branded spiralizer called The Inspiralizer! 

I’ve kept this to myself for way too long, and now, I’m thrilled to finally announce that starting March 1st, I’ll be launching pre-orders for The Inspiralizer!

Secretly, I’ve been using the Inspiralizer to make all of my recipes, and I’m so excited to introduce it to you. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned through spiralized cooking and put it into what I believe to be is the perfect spiralizer.

6A2A1927 copy

But today, it’s all about the cookbook. Tomorrow, I’m going to share a video of the Inspiralizer in action, along with more information about its features and benefits – and how you can reserve one!

To be put on the list for pre-orders, sign up here to be immediately alerted once they officially launch, take advantage of limited-time, exclusive pre-order promotions and reserve your Inspiralizer!


For now, follow The Inspiralizer on Instagram!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you. And happy cooking! I feel so blessed today and I can’t wait to see your pictures cooking with the #inspiralizedcookbook!

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with love, Ali

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  • I'm so excited for you. This is such great news for you and everyone who loves to spiralize. Can't wait to get my hands on your cookbook!! Nicole @ I am a Honey Bee
  • Congratulations, Ali! What an amazing day to celebrate! I'm so happy to see another TIU girl succeed in her passion :) Today will probably be the slowest day ever at work knowing my cookbook will be sitting on my doorstep :/ Can't wait to start using it! Will be sure to post some recipes on my TIU instagram @allison__tiu :)
  • Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and can't want to get the cookbook. You really have inspired me in the kitchen. Enjoy your day celebrating.
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Can't wait to get a copy!! Such an exciting day!!
  • Congrats Ali! You're inspirational! I can't wait to dig into your cookbook!
  • Congratulations!! I look forward to your emails everyday! Inspiralized = inspired to cook healthier Love it! Thank you
  • So exciting!!!!!! Congrats on the book release AND this other big news!!! How cool?! I'm loving your book and I can't wait to share about it on my own blog. :-) Consider me and my husband "inspiralized" - we can't get enough of it!
  • Never did I realize that the Inspiralizer would be my go to kitchen accessory- countless times!! this is my best purchase so far and I am so glad to have found your site, Ali! Much success and congratulations! Looking forward to more, been a follower for quite awhile and enjoy your recipes- glad to finally have your book
  • Congratulations Ali, your recipes are amazing. Sadly us Brits will have to wait and watch with envy as we don't currently have access to your book.
    • I am happy to say that I pre-ordered Ali's book from Amazon UK on 26th January as I am an avid follower of the blog and have subscribed to the emails and I have had a notification today from Amazon that my book will be shipped this week :-) soooo excited! great stuff Ali and congratulaions!!!
    • Also just about to say that it is now available in Amazon
  • Congrats!!! So excited for you!!! Can't wait to read and use your cookbook!!
  • Can't wait for it to be published in the UK! Two more months - it's a long time!
  • Excellent news, Ali! Can't wait to get my hands on the book and now I have to persuade The Big Chief-lady that we REALLY need another spiralizer in the kitchen..... ;) Many greetings from what may be the only "Spiralizers" in Bulgaria - so far!
  • Oh, Ali, I am so happy for you.....doing the happy dance about your cookbook, and your big news! I love kitchen, you have me intrigued about your new Inspiralizer!!!!!!
  • JUST ordered the book on Amazon - can't wait to check it out - and congrats on the upcoming product launch!
  • Holy crapadoodles, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Now, to buy the book and wait for the fun new toy to launch... ^_^
  • Congratulations! I just made zoodles for the first time a few weeks ago and last night made your "Lo Mein" with chicken and zoodles. Just loved it, delicious! Good luck with your cookbook and your Inspiralizer! I look forward to your emails every day. :)
  • Congratulations!!!!! Ali, you are so deserving of all this success. I cant wait for your cookbook to arrive today.
  • Congrats on all of your accomplishments! You are so inspiring! I ordered the book last night and can't wait to dig in to some new recipes:) Looks like I'll be getting a new spiralizer this year too! All the best to you and your ongoing adventures!
  • Congrats Ali!! It looks stunning, and I can't wait until my copy arrives!
  • 1.) i hope I get my book today ( it was pre ordered) - for some reason i thought march and am super excited to wait for the UPS guy ! 2.) CONGRTULATIONS on your new machine ! i am so excited for you and will definitely be purchasing them as gifts !
  • Congratulations Ali! Excited to get my cookbook today, and I'll be pre ordering a new spirilizer :-)
  • Wow wow wow congratulations. Need to get this book on pay day. You are living the Anericam Dream. Awesome job!
  • I'm about to wet myself with excitement! X
  • Good luck...just ordered your new book
  • Congratulations Ali, I have been following you for over a year now and I love your recipes. I have also managed to lose over 20 pounds in weight using them!!! I will be buying the book asap. Well Done!!
  • Hi again... Just a question. Why is the kindle versions $5 more expensive, when there are no printing or paper costs? Also the book is not available on kindle in the UK or Spain. I will probably buy it from because it is much cheaper than (Spain). Just wondering about the kindle pricing?
    • It seems that there is a problem on If you look at the book it has a kindle price of $17.xx for the kindle edition, but if you look under your Author's page it is showing as less than $10. Maybe you need to call them?
  • Oooh, That's awesome! Congrats!!! I only recently discovered your blog, which prompted me to buy a couple of spiralizers as gifts. Wish I'd known you were coming out with your own machine, too- I would have waited. So, Ali, how can we get an autographed copy of your new cookbook?
  • Just got my Barnes and Noble email confirmation that my book has shipped! I cannot wait!! Everytime I make and cook an inspiralized inspired meal I feel so satisfied and healthy. And when I bring in leftovers to work I make many co workers jealous ;-) I have even bought friends and family members the gift of a spiralizer because I am just amazed at what can be created. So happy for you Ali!! Keep doing what you are doing.
  • Just about the time you think everything good has already been done, along comes someone like you to remind us that the adventure goes on and on. I became fascinated with this tool, but frankly, disappointed in the one I have because it will NOT stay stuck to the flat surface. Only 3 legs work, and thus, I am constantly having to relocate it, try to find a way to hold onto it while spiraliizing, etc. It's very annoying to say the least. Granite? It should stick onto granite, right? I bought the recommended model from Amazon, and am not sure it's worth going through all the hassle to send it back. Congratulations on your success, perseverance and ingenuity!
  • Congratulations !! That is so exciting!!! One feature actually I'd love to see on a 'spiralizer' is a metal handle with metal 'points' to better grip into the vegetable for sturdiness. On the harder veggies plastic seems quite fragile - like they almost want to bend when inserted. I already bought the paderno you had recommended earlier and though going metal would be a great upgrade? :) Thanks for all you do!
    • You'll learn tomorrow, but this handle comes with extra-long teeth that are thicker, wider and adhere to even the toughest of veggies (tested and approved by me!)
  • I should be getting mine in the mail today. I can't wait!! That is awesome about the spirializer. You deserve all this success and happiness. You are amazing. Wishing you all the luck but I know you won't need it. Keep up the awesome work.
  • My cookbook is on it's way and should be here by Monday, March 2nd!!!! So looking forward to it.
  • I've loved your recipes and am looking forward to receiving my book from Amazon. It is supposed to arrive from Amazon next Monday Mar 2nd. I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday I tried your breakfast muffins, the;y looked and tasted really good.
  • Just ordered my copy from Amazon. Looking forward to more tasty recipes. Glad zucchini are so easy to grow in the summer - will be eating them daily I think!
  • Congratulations of so much great news! I can't wait to get my cookbook - it is in route right now from Amazon. I hoped to get it today - we'll see if the snow allows it.
  • I wish I would have known you were coming out with a spiralizer. I just purchased 1 three days ago and received it in the mail yesterday. Shoot! I am sure yours is perfection.
  • Just ordered my copy from Amazon - so excited! Congratulations!!!!
  • YAY ALI!!! So Exciting! Congratulations! I was just wondering if you would be putting the recipes you offered for those who pre-ordered their cookbook available on your blog in the future? I waited til the last minute to try and pre-order your book from Amazon and it was being funny so I thought it would be easier if my sister who lives in Maryland could order it for me as I needed to have it mailed to a US address anyways (I'm in Ontario, Canada) but she didn't email me until late last night for the details and suffice to say I missed the Pre-ordering deadline! I'm happy that I can just go buy the book but was intrigued about the 4 'sneak peak' recipes that I believe weren't included in the new book. Thanks so much and Enjoy your celebrating! Many Congrats and Cheers from Canada!!!! Happy Healthy Eating!!!
  • Ali, I pre-ordered your book as soon as I could and I just added myself to your Inspiralizer list. My spiralizer is on it's way out and I'm so glad you made this announcement before I bought another one. I am so genuinely happy for you. I know what it's like to pour your heart into your career, to make it part of your life, and to keep it rewarding and enjoyable. I am always proud of someone who is rewarded for their hard work. You rock! You love what you do, you believe in it, and it shows! Congratulations!
  • biggest congrats ali!!!!! i'm SO SO SO excited for you! i LOVE it – an Inspiralized Spiralizer! :D
  • Congratulations Ali, not so patiently waiting on UPS to deliver my cookbook! I can't wait to sticky note what recipes I want to try right away!
  • Are you kidding?! I wish I would have known about this Inspiralizer equipement before I bought the one on Amazon. Good thing I haven't unpacked it. Sooo sending it back and waiting the few days for yours
  • Congratulations! Very interested -- hoping your Inspiralizer will stick to the counter better than my Paderno model :-)
  • I am so freaking excited for you girl!!!! It's been so wonderful watching your journey - so happy for you!!
  • So happy for you. You are so talented and have inspired me to eat healthier. You are just adorable. Enjoy this special moment!
  • OMG, Ali!!! Just received your cookbook this afternoon. Am going to sit down and devour it! Also, SO very excited about you introducing your new spiralizer. I looked at the picture and saw a heavier turning handle and a better way to suction down the machine. I want one!!!
  • Congratulations Ali, I'm super excited can't wait to receive my book - had an email from Amazon that it's going to be despatched earlier than expected, so can't wait.
  • Fantastic news Ali, wonderful looking spiralizer too. Xxoo
  • I received my book from Amazon yesterday and I must say, it's a beautiful book. I've looked through it cover to cover and marked the recipes that I must try right away. Top on my list is the Mango-Avocado Cucumber Spring Rolls with Sriracha-lime Dipping Sauce. Thanks for adding such great pictures too. I'm truly Inspiralized! Love your blog. All the recipes I've tried from it have been wonderful.
  • Congrats!!! I received your book a couple of days ago. I had pre-ordered it on Amazon when i first learned that it was coming out. It is a beautiful book and can't wait to start making those wonderful meals, than you Ali and congrats on your new inspiralizer :)
  • Got my copy from Amazon. . .well done, and the recipes look amazing! Can't wait to try them! Have to admit those sweet potato-chocolate chip muffins are calling to me. . .
  • Boo I went to Barnes today....they didn't have your book :(
  • I have the Paderno4 blade but seeing how easily your Spiralizer work I wish I had waited. I have ordered your book and look forward to receiving it next week.
  • Hey Ali - I'm brand new to this but love your blog and your recipes. Are your products available in the UK yet? I'm embarking on a totally carb free and almost dairy free diet, so your recipes are really exciting! Thanks, Caroline, South London, UK
  • Kanken The Inspiralized Cookbook is On-Sale + My (Other) Big News! | Inspiralized