The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday such an absolute thrill. I am so honored to have such faithful, enthusiastic and kind-hearted readers! You all made this cookbook come alive and I’ve been checking the #inspiralizedcookbook hashtag like crazy, loving the pictures you’ve been taking – especially the selfies, so keep ’em coming!

As I announced yesterday, I’ve designed my own spiralizer (called The Inspiralizer) and it will be available for pre-orders on March 1st!

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The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

This has been the hardest secret to keep from all of you, and it feels amazing to be able to share this big news.

From the moment I used a spiralizer, I knew I wanted to create my own. After just a week of spiralizing, I started dreaming of making my own. I spiralize nearly every single day, and I wanted to create a product that was meant to be used daily. I wanted a spiralizer that was meant to spiralize every type of vegetable and fruit, even the toughest of vegetables (*cough*rutabaga*cough*.)

Using everything I’ve learned since I started Inspiralized, I put pen to paper and designed the perfect spiralizer, with features I wanted and knew were essential for a flawless spiralizer experience.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Oh no, does this mean we can’t make any of her recipes if we don’t have The Inspiralizer?!” The answer is of course it doesn’t. I started Inspiralized to create a community around spiralizing. Whatever spiralizer you use, I’m just happy you’re joining me in the spiralized fun! We’re all here to eat healthfully and imaginatively, that comes first.

There will be more to come on The Inspiralizer in the next week (more exciting news to come, if you can believe it!), but let’s review its main features:

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

And, to preemptively answer any of your questions, here are a few quick facts:

  • Ships to US, Canada and soon, the UK
  • Comes with a detailed manual with starter recipes
  • Comes fully assembled (no assembly required, phew!)
  • You’ll always have me and as a support resource – more to come on this!

Here is some more information about the blades (which are changed with the green side knob, called The Noodle Twister!):

The Inspiralizer by Inspiralized

I know you will all love this product as much as I do – it’s the official spiralizer of Inspiralized, and I couldn’t be more proud to present it to you all. I’ve worked so hard on this and I’ve put countless all-nighters and gray hairs into this spiralizer – and it was all worth it.

Add me to the Inspiralizer pre-order list! 

Without further ado, let me introduce the Inspiralizer by Inspiralized:

Finally, I won’t be posting a new recipe tomorrow – this is a big week for me, and I wanted to focus on my exciting developments. New recipe coming Sunday! Now, time to celebrate! Remember, use the #inspiralized or #inspiralizedcookbook hashtags!

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Amy says:
You should have called it The InspirALIzer!
Julia says:
Looks amazing!! But how do u clean the blades. They look attached?? N does the clamp make the torturous butternut squash easier ???
Ali Maffucci says:
You clean it attached to the base - the blade system is much easier to clean, as the blades are smaller, all you need is a toothbrush or a round palm brush! And yes, the clamps are immensely helpful!
Chelsey says:
Congrats!!! Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow. Got your book in the mail yesterday and LOVE it!!
Amber says:
This is just the most exciting news ever. I've really been frustrated with my spiralizer lately - it has definitely served me well but I kept thinking "There has got to be a better one out there." Low and behold! Thanks Ali, and congratulations!
Lauren says:
That looks fantastic. Just curious about cleaning the blade? Does it come out or do you clean it attached to the base?
Ali Maffucci says:
You clean it attached to the base - the blade system is much easier to clean, as the blades are smaller, all you need is a toothbrush or a round palm brush!
Deana says:
Yeah! I am still waiting for my cookbook, Amazon hasn't shipped it yet, but thankfully you have amazing recipes on the website. Cookbook should be here next week they say. Your new Inspiralizer is amazing. I assume it doesn't feel as flimsy at the Paderno..... Even though my Padeno is fairly new, 3 months, I am contemplating moving on up to yours. I can always gift my old one to someone else right :) Congratulations on your success!! Oh, loved the videos, you are a natural. Off to dream about what I will do with my parsnips and rutabega tonight. Deana
What an amazing accomplishment!! Congrats!!
rribclc says:
Wish you'd ship your SpirALIzer to Europe too and not just the UK. Fortunately I was able to order your cookbook here ! I'm very eager for it to arrive.
Anonymous says:
Perfect timing!!! My current spiralizer handle has finally cracked and I know it's just a matter of time before it breaks. Good thing I'm a procrastinator and haven't bought a new one yet. Also, I just received my preorder copies of your cookbook, some to give as gifts. So I will also be ordering additional "Inspiralizers" to go with :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookbook!! So many great new recipes to try. I can't thank you enough, Ali! And I'm so happy for your success. You ROCK!!!!
annoe says:
Is your Inspiralizer made in the USA?
Anonymous says:
Hi Ali, I emailed you a while back because my Paderno had broken when I used it for butternut squash. I was going to ask you for your link to Amazon but now this! Great! Question? What is the guarantee and if I preorder 3 Inspirializers when might I recieve them?
Jann Perry says:
I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have broken a couple of spiralizers *cough* butternut squash. The handle is always the weak spot when trying to crank a dense veg. I was dreaming of a single piece metal arm unit ... but I have high hopes for YOUR design and will definitely order one. Or two. Or five. Congrats!
Dee says:
Can't wait to try it, looks good Ali. I will definetly be ordering one. Have never spiralized but have heard a lot of good things about it.
The new Inspiralizer looks very promising. Glad to hear it is easier to clean. I sure hope the handle is stronger than the Paderno. The suction clamps are a great idea. You seem to have addressed most of the shortcomings I have been noting over the last few weeks.
Kari says:
I'm so excited for your new design - it looks like you've addressed every single problem I have with my current model! Especially excited for the new clamping system, and congratulations on all your amazing news lately!
This is just the most exciting news ever. I am so happy for you Ali! You deserve all the good things that come to your life Ali. I love your blog and admire you a lot! Enjoy!! Time to celebrate!
Melissa says:
Congratulations you deserve every success, you've work hard for this x
Erin R. says:
Holy moly, you're a product designer! HIGH FIVE! I love the idea of the counter top clamps since the suction cups on the Paderno are fairly useless. And being able to change the blades with the knob instead of having to fight with the inserts sounds wonderful. I'm on your preorder list and am going to hand my current spiralizer down to my mom when yours becomes available. Can't wait! Oh, and my trombetta seeds just sprouted yesterday so I'm planning to be up to my eyeballs in summer squash by May. Every single one of them is headed for the spiralizer. Thanks!
Sadie says:
A video on how to clean the product would be helpful.
Melissa says:
This looks great! I watched the video, but didn't see the seed core. Does the whole fruit/vegetable now get spiralized?
Pat says:
Congratulations, Ali, and thank you for your improvements! I've been mostly using a Benriner because it spiralizes vertically, does not leave a core, and is a little easier on my arthritic hands than the Paderno. However, the largest blade cuts smaller than the Paderno, not always ideal, and sometimes I want to have a core left, like for pears & apples. So I haul out the Paderno even with the broken spike (*cough*rutabaga*cough*), and wet down the suction cups, but even then it slides on the counter. Yay, now it can go into the yard sale box! So yay for the Inspiralizer! Now to go pre-order!
This is freaking amazing. It's like you thought of everything I've complained about on my paderno spiralizer and brought this beauty to life!! I've cut myself so many times on my spiralizer--- the interchangeable blades are so dangerous. One time I almost had to go get stitches, haha. The paderno is always slipping around on the counter too. This is SO AWESOME!! Congrats!!
Becky says:
How much will it cost? So happy for you, Ali! My spiralizer had a hard time with the hard veggies so my husband gets out his drill and connects it to the handle and in no time it's spiralizer!
How freaking cool! You have put some serious hard work into your blog and brand and it is completely paying off! Hope you are enjoying your week that is all about you! Can't wait till my cookbook arrives :)
John G says:
Ali, that looks way cool. I just got my first Paderno at Christmas and have used it 12 or so times. Tonight zoodles and meatballs. I think I conquered the moisture issue will know for sure at 8:00 :) Thanks for the inspiring information your blog provides.
Robin Gibson says:
I think it looks great! Congratulations on your book & your new Spiralizer!!! We haven't used our spiralizer as much (it's great, but a bit of a pain if you ask me...) NOW, I'm super hopeful it will just break, I can order yours!!! :D
Ashley Butt says:
As I gave my spiralizer to my brother when I moved to Colombia last month, when I find a permanent home again, I will definitely be ordering your new version! I miss my Inspiralized dishes!!
claire says:
How long might it take to reach the UK? I've been weighing up options before buying and I think I'd trust yours most as it comes from experience with so many others. Was going to get the Lurch Spiralo this week but I'll wait IF it's not too long. So really could use an idea on that! Please
Denise says:
Will you ship to Australia? Or should I get it shipped to a relative who can then ship to me?! :)
Ashley says:
GIRL! You nailed it. This looks AH-mazing!!!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on one!!! <3
Mariposa says:
Awesome! I like the safety feature with the blades. I'm picking up my cookbook at the book store today. Very excited! I preordered and then didn't realize it had arrived last week.
MaryAnn says:
Congrats Ali! I got your book on Kindle yesterday. Love love love it ! Can't wait to get your Inspiralizer. I do have the Paderno, but I'm liking the features that yours offers. My Paderno will have to find a new home.
Candy says:
Just waiting for my book to arrive. Congratulations Ali! Will purchase your new Spiralizer as well :) so I'll have two different ones to use Any chance Canadians could be included in your contests/giveaways instead of just US residents only?
Holly B says:
This is amazing! I actually just returned my Epica Manual Multi-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer that I got for my wedding. I was SO sad, but the handle internal compartment rusted and broke off, and it was so hard and frustrating to spiralize without a proper handle! Just as I was searching for a different brand of spiralizer I happened to see your Instagram announcement. Fate!
Mary says:
Why oh why didn't you tell us about your AMAZING machine before I bought four, yes four, of the Padernos! Love your improvements, i.e. Great easy on/off suction, (I struggle to get mine off sometimes), rotating blades, and the safety cover. My grandkids LOVE to do the spiralizing and they are quite young, so the safety cover would've great! Oh, well, if mine ever breaks I know what kind I'll get! Best of luck! Love, love your cookbook!
Tam says:
I've bought your new cookbook and can't wait for it to arrive (I'm in Aus)! After doing SOOOO much research, the primary reason I did not buy a Paderno was because of having to change the blades - I ended up with a Gefu with a safer rotating blade. But the tradeoff was not having the solid base with suction to the benchtop. Congratulations, you have managed to combine the best features of all the spiralizers. Please tell me you will ship to Australia!
Janine says:
Hi Ali, When and where will your cookbook be available to purchase in Australia ? I have ordered the Insprilizer from your agent, and believe it will be arriving at his Brisbane warehouse on the 3rd August.
Stephie G. says:
Very cool! Did you include a blade to help with trimming the noodles, or should we still use kitchen shears?
gilda rees says:
Hi, I live in the Uk and I would love to buy your Inspiralizer, as it is the best i have seen. The problem is that it is only available in the US. Is this always going to be the case? Thanks, Gilda Rees
Heather W says:
Hi Ali, I would love to buy your Spiralizer but I'm in Australia. Am I going to be able to have it shipped here any time soon? I've tried others and they're hopeless. Yours looks very promising indeed.
Janine says:
I have just received mine from the Australian Distributor, Michael Rutch at [email protected]
Anonymous says:
Hi Janine, Where did you find this distributor? One just emails to put an order or does he have an actual shop? Cheers, Sofia
Anonymous says:
Hi Sofia, I placed an order via email with the distributor before the stock arrived in Aus. Michael did say that they were going to supply some stores down the line. Maybe contact him ? I hope I was of some help to you. Regards Janine
Fran says:
Any news yet when it will be available in the UK?
Ana says:
Half a year and still no news about it being shipped to the UK... :(
Janine says:
Still waiting for it in Australia as well
Janine says:
Ali When will the cookbook be available to purchase in Sydney, Australia
Maja says:
I'm searching for a spiralizer and am considering the Inspiralizer. How thin does blade A slice? sincerely, Maja from Sweden
Angie says:
Hi Ali, My inspiralizer handle (that you turn) had fallen off. Can it be fixed--when I try to push it on, it won't fit. Thanks!
terri says:
Hi, I purchased my last Inspiraliser in UK on Amazon but i cannot see them now to buy another! Are you selling anywhere in UK now or shipping t UK?
Anonymous says:
STILL No UK ??? Why not???
Meaghan says:
It's true. We're so sorry about that!

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