Video: How to Spiralize Bell Peppers

How to Spiralize Bell Peppers

How to Spiralize Bell Peppers

If you subscribe to the Inspiralized YouTube channel, you might have seen the latest video: How to Spiralize Bell Peppers!

Spiralizing bell peppers is easy to do and yields long “pepper noodles.” Yes, the pepper strands actually stay intact and create long, crunchy noodles!

Next time, before you grab that knife to slice up that bell pepper for a stir fry or a salad, grab your spiralizer instead!

When I first started Inspiralized, I would spend weekends at Whole Foods, discovering new vegetables to spiralize. I tried spiralizing every vegetable and fruit under the sun – even artichokes (massive fail, by the way.)

Since then, every time I see a new vegetable at the supermarket that I’ve never heard of, I grab a few and spiralize them. Pretty much, I’m always doing spiralizing research to come up with creative ways to use the spiralizer.

At the very beginning, I did spiralize bell peppers, but I found the process so messy, that it turned me off to spiralizing bell peppers. Not until recently did I decide to start spiralizing my bell peppers for salads and stir fries instead of slicing them.

Major game changer (and time saver!)

It’s super simple to spiralize a bell pepper, as you’ll see in the new video at the end. All you need to do is:

  • Remove the stem from the bell pepper (just slice or snap it off)
  • Adjust your spiralizer to use Blade A (they’re labeled on the Inspiralizer)
  • Place the smaller end of the bell pepper (the bottom) on the central coring blade and attach the larger end (the top) to the teeth on the handle
  • Spiralize!

Once you reach the seeded core of the bell pepper, you’ll notice that the spiralizer starts making that big mess – the seeds go everywhere. Just be prepared to pick up seeds and discard the seeded core from your bowl of bell pepper noodles!

Enough talk, time to watch! Please leave a comment in this post if you have any requests for future videos (ie “More recipe videos” or “More tips and tricks”!)

I’m thinking bell pepper pasta next. What do you think? Have you tried spiralizing bell peppers yet?

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annie says:
WOW. Just when I was starting to think you were going to run out of things to spiralize.... What will you think of next???? You are incredibly creative!
Lauren says:
Bell Pepper Pasta sounds like a great idea. I made your garlic parmesan zucchini and pasta dish last night and added garlic shrimp. My husband loved it. Thanks for the recipes makes my dinner planning easier and healthier!
Christina R. says:
You are a genius!!! This would make bell pepper slices for stir fry and fajitas SO much easier. It's not difficult to slice up bell peppers, but I always have them all uneven, some fat, some skinny, etc. Great idea!
Sarah says:
Love this!! Thanks for creating the video! We are making Zucchini Pad Thai tonight, so at least two of the vegetables will be spiralized! :) Thanks again!
Wow! I don't know why I never thought to do this!
Nancy says:
I can't wait to get mine! And get spiralizing! One thing it also seems is that it looks like you almost get more from your food! Like your food could go further, ?? Maybe it just looks that way, but seems like a little goes a longer way! Can't wait!
Amber says:
I always use the leftover pieces in smoothies the next day. That way everything gets used!
Ali, I think this is brilliant. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have ever thought of trying it, so thanks!
MaryAnn says:
Love this. You are so creative. I've begun to eat way more vegetables because I like to go play in the kitchen with my spiralizer. I ordered yours & should come in a few days. I can't wait!
Natasha says:
I find your tricks and tips really helpful. Thanks for putting them out there. I also find your tables on whether a vegetable noodle is suitable for freezing, etc. One thing I'd like to see is weights for specific fruits and vegetables. For example, when your recipe calls for one medium sweet potato, how much does it weigh? My grocery store stocks monstrous sweet potatoes weighing 800 grams. I thought it might be the equivalent of 2 sweet potatoes. But after a little internet research, I think it is more 5 sweet potatoes. Otherwise, thanks for all the great recipes!
Pat says:
I second that motion, Natasha. I think it's the Breakfast Cinnamon "Bun" that actually lists 340g sweet potato, but other than that a weight measurement is rare. Yes, please add the weights, Ali, in either grams or ounces. I can't wait for the new Inspiralizer!
Alison Hayes says:
Would it work if you removed the core with the seeds?
Daisy Marx says:
Just successfully spiralized the pepper without to the core. Just pushed the core down to remove it (ala Jamie Oliver) had to guide it in place for the first couple of turns but got the rhythm soon enough. I just oldnt face the seeds pinging everywhere and the clean up afterwards!
sandy says:
which spiralizer did you use?
Ali Maffucci says:
The Inspiralizer! Click "The Inspiralizer" in the navigation to learn more.
Tina Seymour says:
Wonderful. Thank you. I've just received my cookbook so I'm busy exploring and experimenting with it. I was only thinking about peppers last night and wondered if it could be done!
Ed says:
Just got my inspiralizer. Love it! Smaller than expected. Love that too. Love the cookbook. Love the videos.
Ali Maffucci says:
I'm so excited you received it! And so glad you love it!
Betty Bellino says:
OMG, Ali! I cannot believe how much I love my new spiralizer...WOW! You have improved on every problem that I was having with my original machine. Yours is not only smaller, no blades to change (yippee), the teeth on the handle grab your veggie/fruit very securely, and the suction plates even stay planted on my table perfectly. I cannot say enough about the Inspiralizer. I spiralized butternut squash, beets, daikon radish and red bell pepper...all came out beautifully. If you don't own one yet...I say get it today! Thanks Ali, for putting together a awesome kitchen helper together for all of us to enjoy!
Ali Maffucci says:
Thank you so much for the glowing review! I would love you to share it on the product page, here:
Lauren says:
Do you feel they are very wet? Mine seem to be super wet and mushy how do you deal w them?
Helen says:
I had a similar problem with peppers ending up as a wet mushy mess then realized that I should have been using blade A, not one of the finer ones (live and learn...). Since I was spiralizing the peppers to put in the dehydrator, it wasn't a big deal, just a surprise since I hadn't spiralized peppers before. And to answer the question "why dehydrate?", I did that so I could grind the dehydrated peppers into powder to sprinkle on various things--salads, cooked vegetables, casseroles--for an extra bit of color and flavor, kind of a mystery ingredient.

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