Video: How to Spiralize Celeriac + Tips

Video: How to Spiralize Celeriac + Tips

Probably my most requested video is one for how to spiralize celeriac (aka celery root,...

Video: How to Spiralize Celeriac + Tips

Probably my most requested video is one for how to spiralize celeriac (aka celery root, celery knob.)

Celeriac is a tough vegetable to spiralize mainly because it’s typically heavy and has a very firm flesh. Aside from that, it also has an inedible outer skin that’s hairy, knobby and takes a little patience to peel.

Today, I have a brand new video on my YouTube channel on how to spiralize this tough root veggie, the celeriac!

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Now, back to celeriac.​

What does celeriac taste like? It has a slight celery-like taste, honestly! It works well with heavy sauces and proteins (such as beef) because it has such a refreshing, radish-like bite to it.

Celeriac is best September to April, so we have only a couple of weeks left before it goes out of season. If you receive it in your CSA box, here are some celeriac recipes I’ve already posted.

Otherwise, my tips for peeling celery are:

  • Start by chopping off the most bulbous roots that jut out, using a sharpened, high quality knife
  • Even though it might seem like you’re “wasting” the vegetable, the parts you’re slicing off are generally inedible! Make sure you chop off all the tough-to-maneuver bulbs, knots and roots before you start peeling.
  • Invest in a durable peeler. I recommend this one by OXO, which I use in my video and for all my veggies.
  • Make sure both ends are flat and evenly sliced off, so that when you go to spiralize, the spiralizer secures firmly.

That’s pretty much it. I hope these tips and this video to follow encourage you to try spiralizing celeriac!

Video: How to Spiralize Celeriac

with love, Ali

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  • I notice you put the narrow end of the vegetabe to be spiralized first. I would think the opposite in order to minimize the piece remaining when you are finished spiralizing. Is it more stable the way you do it? Thanks. Love your website.
    • No, it's key to make sure the end of the vegetable that has the most surface area be attached to the teeth of the handle, so the teeth have more to adhere to! Hope that helps!
  • Blimey how timely! I made your stroganoff with celeriac noodles last night - the sauce was fabulous but the noodles - well I needed a gin and a lie down afterwards and decided never again unless I'm body building. Maybe a take two with your helpful video... thanks Ali. Your recipes most inspiralizing indeed!
    • Really?? I find celeriac noodles to be so light! Sorry you didn't have the same experience. Glad you love the recipes!
      • I think she means spriralizing them was a workout ;) I have been struggling with them as well but now that I've seen your video and once I get the Inspiralizer it should be easy peasy. Loves me some stroganoff!
  • I made the Easy Turkey Taco Celeriac Pasta a couple of weeks ago and it was great. I'm going to make it again before celeriac goes out of season. THANKS for everything!
  • I love spirazing my vegies. Why doesn't my celeriac seperate after I've spiralized it with blade D. Or any blade for that matter. I have to seperate them with a knife...what a painI. I have no problem with other root vegetable
    • Hey Diane! Send me an email - - I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot.