Video: Q&A Series with Ali, Episode 1: Building Inspiralized

Video: Q&A Series with Ali, Episode 1: Building Inspiralized

Finally – I’ve started a Q&A series on my YouTube channel. I receive so many...

Video: Q&A Series with Ali, Episode 1: Building Inspiralized

Finally – I’ve started a Q&A series on my YouTube channel.

I receive so many e-mails a day asking the same or very similar questions, so I figured the best way to truly give a quality answer was to answer them in a video.

Actually, this is why I made a video on “Tips & Tricks to Avoid Watery Zucchini Noodles” (which you can watch here.) SO many people were asking me for advice on how to reduce the amount of moisture that zucchini releases when cooked (hence watery) and so I put my best tips in a video.

The second most popular question I get asked is the one that I’m answering today: how did you build Inspiralized?

Now, I definitely didn’t fully answer this question (I could go on for hours and I wanted to keep it to 10 minutes,) so if you have any follow up questions either post them in the comments section on YouTube or as a comment on this blog post, and I’ll be sure to include them in a future video or just answer them.

Here is the original question, from Jodi:

Just want to say I’m a huge fan of all things Inspiralized!! I think it’s great and I love following your recipes and fitness routines!

According to your blog, you started the Inspiralized brand in summer 2013, so a little over 2.5 years ago. It seems like you have done SO MUCH and spread your brand so far in that short amount of time, so my question is:how did you go about doing that? Do you have a business background that gave you the idea of who to contact to get everything going?

I’m not looking to start a brand, but for some people who are, what are the steps to take? You said you first started by buying the web address of Inspiralized. What next?!

I’m just so impressed with everything you have accomplished in such a short amount of time! Thanks!

Thanks for the great question, Jodi. Here’s my answer:

Also, don’t forget – I’m launching our Meal Plan Challenge on Friday, so check back in on the blog!

with love, Ali

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  • Great Video. I am one of the folks that spread the word to everyone. I do all the cooking at our house I will be 71 in March and been married 41 years this May. I have give 3 of your cookbooks with spiralizers to my children. They now are spreading the word. Keep it up Congrates on everything you have done. Perhaps foodnetwork the future hopefully. Thank you Bill Lumpkin
  • You are such an Inspiration, fabulous Ali! And across so many different platforms: cooking, exercise, lifestyle, and even business advice! Thank you so much for all that you give to us! A random question: you mentioned in a previous posting that you use essential oils (ie: lavendar) and I'm wondering how do you use them? Do you apply directly to your skin? Or do you have to purchase a diffuser? Or...? Also, you've described how you've worked with other bloggers, and I was thinking that your vegan recipes and videos about using the Inspiralizer would be of great help to people in the health-blogging community. For example, have you connected with the Truth About Cancer, or Chris Beat Cancer, or Dr. Michael Greger, etc.? Most of your recipes have helped me to follow their vegan-oriented suggestions for cancer prevention. your total (and grateful) fan, Beth (your salt-and-pepper shaker source)
  • Hi Ali Love your newsletters recipes inspiration enthusiasm ! Just tried your mom's chicken recipe- I Spiralized sweet potato parsnips and carrots! It was absolutely delicious!
  • Love watching your brand grow! The site, content and now videos are amazing and I appreciate all your hard work. I bought my spiralizer because of you and do tell all my friends about your site. What equipment are you using for your videos - camera or camcorder?
  • I got my spiralizer about 2 months ago and have been so so pleased with how well I'm eating and how awesome I feel. But I've noticed that even when I rinse my spiralizer right after using it, some bits of veggie get stuck in the tiny teeth blades. Any suggestions on how to thoroughly clean that part of the machine?
    • Yes! I have Ali's book and she suggests a palm brush. I picked one up and my spiralizer has never been so clean. You can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond... I have an OXO one.
  • Hey Ali! Long time since i've posted a comment. Sorry just busy but still read your blog every single posting!! I loved your video. Very down to earth & informative. It takes hard work to become successful & you deserve everything good coming your way. I have followed you since about a year after your blog began. Anyway, i have to tell you your hair looks amazing in this video!! Loving the ombre!! (Looks like ombre) I know it was shock for you the 1st time you colored it but this suita you very much. (It was shock 4 me too, still sometimes is) It's very professional looking. Lastly, i am new to the Tone It Up community which i know you follow sometimes also. I think you should do a collaboration post with them on their site!! They are big about zoodles & your recipes are killer good & super healthy! It would help a lot of the girls on their site learning to incorporate veggies into their life. Plus they have a huge audience which could introduce many new people to your blog! It would be a win-win for you both! Just a thought! Keep up the good work!!
  • I got my Spiralizer about a week ago - and am loving it! Tonight I downloaded the app and will be trying more new recipes tomorrow :-) Are the recipes in the book different to the ones available on the app? If so, I need to get my hands on one!!! PS Loved your video!