Vegan Kale and Sweet Potato Noodle Caesar Salad -

Video: Vegan Kale and Sweet Potato Noodle Caesar Salad + Cookbook Outtakes

Another video Thursday! This weekend, Lu and I are spending the entire weekend filming some...

Vegan Kale and Sweet Potato Noodle Caesar Salad -

Another video Thursday! This weekend, Lu and I are spending the entire weekend filming some new exciting videos for the blog.

You know you’re old when filming videos for your blog is the main event of your weekend. Welcome to your late 20s, Ali.

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The video I’m sharing today is another recipe video. This time, it’s my Vegan Kale and Sweet Potato Noodle Caesar Salad, which I saw a lot of you making on Instagram. It’s one of my favorite salads to make for dinner, because the heartiness of the sweet potato noodles and the spicy flavor of the chickpeas, for whatever reason, makes it dinner appropriate.

If you’d like to see me make any of my recipes, make sure you leave a comment at the end of this post!

Aside from the new video, I’m throwing this Thursday back with some photos from the cookbook that never made the cut. The cookbook comes out on February 24th, I can barely sleep at night – I am going to wake up bright and early and run to Barnes & Noble and just stare at it.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, make sure you do (you get bonus goodies if you do, that won’t be available after the book is out in stores!) Click here for more information or click here to impulsively buy it via Amazon. Woot woot!

Here’s a shot from when I was editing the pass pages. Basically, my editor sent me my cookbook, printed on pages that I wrote on and edited – pretty cool phase of the process, it was the first time I was seeing my printed work!

The Inspiralized Cookbook Outtakes

The rest of these photos are courtesy of Evan Sung Photography.

Doing what I do best, slicing up some veggies for the spiralizer:

The Inspiralized Cookbook Outtakes

I couldn’t stop laughing. I blame the adrenaline rush that I had during the whole week of my cookbook shoot. Here, I’m flipping my Everything Bagel Buns (that the lovely Ashley from Edible Perspective made already!)

The Inspiralized Cookbook Outtakes

Getting ready for these stuffed poblano peppers to bake. Seriously, your kitchen will smell magical with these in the oven.

The Inspiralized Cookbook Outtakes

The beautiful plating done by Evan’s team of food and prop stylists. What went in that? Oh, just my Lemon Garlic Broccoli and Bacon. Flavorful on so many levels.

The Inspiralized Cookbook Outtakes

Now, for the video:

with love, Ali

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  • Watching this video put a smile on my face! Can't wait to try the recipe. Thanks ~ ruth
  • Ohhhh! This looks so good. Is the recipe posted online? or is it from the new cookbook? I cannot wait to try it!
    • The recipe is in the YouTube video and linked in the post!
  • Loved the video! Can't wait to try the recipe.... and OMG, has anyone ever told you you look like Katy Perry???
    • Hahaha I've gotten that a few times, but I don't see it!
  • Oh goodness! I found it. :) Sorry. I was just so inspired! lol!
  • The salad looks great! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to nuts but would love to try and make this. Any ideas for making the dressing nut-free? Thanks!
    • You can try substituting in canned coconut milk instead!
  • I made this recipe a couple weeks ago from you previous post, and it was delicious!! I couldn't believe the dressing was made with no dairy! So good!!
  • Quoth my neighbor, a 60+ year old Mid-western vegetable-hater: "I don't like sweet potatoes, and I don't like kale, but I love this salad!" (Note: he's totally blind, so we don't identify ingredients before he tastes his food.) This dish is awesome!
  • Wow! This was easy and so tasty! My husband was pleasantly surprised. Although I'd read about baking chickpeas before, this was the first time I actually was inspired to try it and they went so well on top of the sweet potato/kale mixture. The dressing was perfect too!