What is Spiralizing? Inspiralized.com

What is spiralizing?

First off, you’ll need a spiralizer. I recommend this one, the Inspiralizer, the official spiralizer...

What is Spiralizing Inspiralized.com

First off, you’ll need a spiralizer. I recommend this one, the Inspiralizer, the official spiralizer of Inspiralized.

Spiralizing is the art of turning vegetables into noodles, using a spiralizer. Inspiralized is what you and the dish become afterwards – a healthier and more inspired version of the original!

Spiralized vegetable pasta or “Inspiralized” pasta is paleo friendly, vegan and vegetarian friendly, low carb friendly, gluten friendly and health friendly. Spiralized pasta is not only nutritious and filling, it’s easy to make. Inspiralizing is for all ages, diet lifestyles and skill levels. The actual act of spiralizing takes less than one minute. No more waiting for the water to boil, no more mushy noodles.

You’ve probably seen spiralizing at a restaurant, where garnishes of carrot and daikon radish are often presented in heaps of spirals. Well, a common practice in the raw vegan world is spiralizing, using a tool called a spiralizer. The spiralizer allows you to transform a healthy, low-calorie, low-carb vegetable into a giant bowl of pasta! Top with the right sauce, cheese, or protein and you’ve got a delicious meal – in minutes.


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Spiralizing helps maintain a healthy waistline, provides extra nutrients into our diets, saves us time in the kitchen and makes cooking fun again. The act of spiralizing a zucchini takes less than 20 seconds, so you’ll be able to enjoy your time with your dinner guests, instead of standing over a kitchen counter mincing endlessly or waiting for the water to boil.

With this blog, I hope to inspire everyone to end the guilt and torment when eating a heaping bowl of pasta. You CAN have a creamy tomato sauce or that alfredo, because you’re not consuming a giant bowl of carbs – you’re consuming a bowl of vegetables! By replacing pasta noodles with vegetables, you don’t miss the real thing: I promise. The spiralizer completely revolutionizes the way we think about the classic Italian favorite. Once again, family and friends can gather around the table for spaghetti and meatballs.

Most importantly, spiralizing inspires us to think outside the box with our diets by eating cleanly, deliciously and creatively. That’s Inspiralized!

with love, Ali

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