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Whole30 Friendly Spiralized Recipe Roundup

Happy Friday! I normally don’t post on Fridays, but I’ve received a lot of recipe...

Whole30 Friendly Spiralizer Recipes - Inspiralized.com

Happy Friday!

I normally don’t post on Fridays, but I’ve received a lot of recipe requests from those of you that have started the healthy and popular Whole30 challenge.

Thus, I’ve rounded up all of my spiralized recipes that qualify to be Whole 30 compliant and placed them in a Pinterest board, for your easy access!


Note: The Whole 30 team has not officially approved these recipes or endorsed this post, but they do meet all of their guidelines.

Are you trying Whole30? Would you like to see more Whole 30-friendly recipes?


with love, Ali

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  • OMG - you rock!!!! This is perfect!!! Day 8 of the whole30 and I spiralize every day!!!
  • Do you have a list of 21 dsd recipes?
  • Great recipes, but people doing Whole30 really need to read the ingredients on packages, sadly, lots of sausages don't meet the Whole30 requirements because of additives/sugars.
    • Amanda - that's up to them of course, since they know the requirements of the program! Great, tip though!
      • Thanks Ali. Wasn't trying to be critical. I just know how hard Whole30 can be. Really love your recipes, all of them and the spiralizer really does help with Whole30. Looking forward to lots of great recipes from you in 2015. Happy New Year.
      • FYI Applegate carries lots of organic products like sausage that are Whole30 approved! They can be found in most grocery stores.
  • Hmm. I cant seem to find the recipes. Is there a link to follow?
    • Click on the link for the Pinterest board and then click on the photo for the dish for which you want the recipe.
  • It would br really great if you could identify your recipes as vegan or not. It's often difficult to tell from a picture or a title and they all look wonderful, but I really don't have time to open windows, scan through text and pictures to find the recipe only to find out that it's not medically feasible for me. Thanks!
    • a majority of those recipes that are Whole30 friendly have some type of meat listed in the recipe title. a lot of Whole30 recipes aren't going to be only plant based BUT, Ali does an amazing job with labeling her recipes on her main website. hover over "recipes" and then click, "vegan." figuring out my next meatless monday adventure :) the Moroccan lentil stew was fabulous.
    • I categorize all of my recipes! You can see how it's categorized by looking at the bottom of the post! And I also have a drop-down menu!
  • Thank you so much for this! I'm on my third Whole 30, and my first with the spiralizer. It makes THE biggest difference - it's been so much easier to follow the guidelines so far. In addition to your already Whole 30-compliant recipes, I've found that almost all of your recipes are very simple to tweak to comply with the Whole 30. Thanks for all you do! I cannot wait for the cookbook!
  • Thank you for your excellent blog. I look forward to it everyday and am especially looking forward to your upcoming cookbook. I gave 6 sprializers as Christmas gifts this year and expect that copies of your cookbook will be my follow-up gift. I do have one question about today's recipes. I am so glad that you now include nutritional information, but wonder if there is an inaccuracy in the Tortilla Espanola analysis. With all the potatoes, surely the carbohydrates are more than 4 grams??
  • What is the Whole 30? I'm missing out on something, I can feel it. :/
    • Easiest explanation is that it is a really strict paleo. You eliminate a lot of things from your diet for 30 days in order to determine which foods your body really can't tolerate. http://whole30.com/step-one/
  • Yes, please!! Love your recipes, and doing Whole 30 for January!
  • I pretty much always eat Whole 30 compliant so I can't wait to check out these recipes!
  • What a great post - thanks! I post on the W30 forum a lot and ALWAYS post a link to this blog (usually with the note: some recipes will require changes to be W30 compliant). Now I won't need to do that :) Love your blog!