Winter Caprese Beet Noodle Pasta

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

How was your Christmas? I hope it was filled with joy, love and of course, great food.

Most importantly, did Santa bring you a spiralizer? If he did, I have a new recipe for you to try! Today, I’ve taken a classic Italian appetizer dish (the Caprese Salad) and turned it into a wintry bowl of noodles. 

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

Using parsley instead of basil (parsley can sustain in colder temperatures), roasting the tomatoes and choosing beets to spiralize, this bowl of noodles is a light and vegetarian – yet warm enough to keep you satisfied. The mozzarella balls are roasted too, creating a soft and yummy cheesiness to the noodles- without the heaviness!

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

I love experimenting with different vegetables and the winter time brings beets, carrots and butternut squashes. Beet noodles can be eaten raw, but when you roast a beet, the flavors become much more robust. Plus, the consistency of the roasted beet noodles resemble pasta more! 

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

You’ll have to jump on over to Lean Green Bean’s blog to find the recipe. She has a fantastic blog – full of motivational and inspirational content geared towards those wanting to live a healthier lifestyle! Great timing for the New Year!

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles

Wintry Caprese Beet Noodles


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  1. Unfortunately the other gal’s website doesn’t work. Any chance you can post it here or email it to me? I’ve tried five times to reload the page and each time my browser says the page is defective and asks me to ‘kill it’ – thanks.

  2. My Christmas was lovely and of course went by too quick. I love caprese and beets, but never thought to combine the flavors. Awesome idea! I don’t have a spiralizer but I’ll manage a modification. :)

  3. Just bought a SPIRALIZER – you had me at roasted beets! I can’t wait to try this recipe and many more! Thanks!

  4. I also was not able to see the recipe on the other blog. Kept getting an error message and computer locked up

  5. I love beets! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  6. I can’t wait to try this recipe! It looks beautiful!
    I am stumped by the directions on the other site though… can you help? Did the instructions get mixed up somehow or is it just me?
    Sounds like steps 2 and 4 are the same… but we’re working with just one beet here, right? Not two?
    And I’m having trouble following the timing for the ingredients – can you confirm please?
    1) put the tomatoes in the oven
    2) 5 minutes later add beets?
    3) 2 minutes later add mozzarella to beets
    4) 10 minutes into the tomatoes – so about 3 minutes after adding the mozzarella – add the garlic?
    If you could clear it up please that would be excellent!! =) Thank you!
    I just ordered a spiralizer today and can’t wait to try your recipes!
    Thank you!


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