3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet

3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet

If you’ve never used your spiralizer to simply peel fruits, you’re in for a treat.

There are three fruits (aside from cantaloupe, which I introduced a couple of weeks ago) that you might not have tried spiralize yet, and I think you’ll be surprised to learn that you can spiralize them (well, sorta.)

What are these fruits? ORANGES. LEMONS. PINEAPPLE.


3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet

Using Blade A on the Inspiralizer for the oranges, you’ll get gorgeous peel spirals that can be used as garnishes, with baking fish, or in spa waters – and whatever else your creative minds can come up with!

It’s definitely an impressive presentation, especially with drinks like sangria. And heck, it’s the summer!

3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet


3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet

Now with pineapple (*insert pineapple emoji here*), the Inspiralizer is actually a brilliant way to slice up pineapple! You’re still using Blade A, so while you won’t get noodles or chunks, you’ll get disc-slices, which are great for baking, for desserts, or just for a fun new way to enjoy one of the sweetest fruits out there.

Dare I say you should dip the pineapple in melted chocolate and serve it as a dessert? Make it dark chocolate, if you do – the bittersweetness of the dark combined with the sweetness of the pineapple would be to-die-for. Hint, hint (recipe coming soon.)

3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet


3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet

Again, using Blade A, the Inspiralizer will yield gorgeous lemon ribbons! Like with the oranges, these would work fabulously in spa waters, baked with a light flaky white fish, in cocktails (French 75, anyone?), and simply as garnishes.

These colorful ribbons will definitely impress, no matter how you choose to use them!

3 Fruits You Might Not Have Spiralized Yet

So, will you be spiralizing oranges, lemons and pineapples this summer?

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  1. The spiralized melons and oranges look SO SO pretty, actually! I would love to try spiralizing them on a salad once I purchase a spiralizer!
  2. John Nichols :
    Never thought to spiralise long and limes. Will come in handy for parties with gin and tonics.
  3. Michelle Parent-Wetmore :
    Awesome idea! Love fruit in salads. The pineapple could be spirilized, then dried in my dehydrator and added to granola mix. Keep the fruit ideas coming.
  4. How about the woody core part of the pineapple. Doesn't that get stuck in the spirals?
  5. Thank you for these terrific ideas using fruit! I just bought a spiralizer, however I don't see on my spiralizer markings that say "A" blade. Which one would that be?
  6. Thank you for the ideas Ali! Can't wait to try them!
  7. Karen Beattie :
    Wow I cannot wait to try this on fruits - ordering the book today and going on the waiting list for the 2nd one :). I have stomach issues (IBS) and eating healthy foods solves all my issues without any medications. The inspiralizer is the best thing that has happened to my food and eating habits in years :)
  8. Can you do a recipe with these for everyday inspiralized???
  9. These look gorgeous! I just pre-ordered your new book and cannot wait to see what you've come up with!
  10. Can the pineapple or citrus be cut to the center first, to make them into slices as opposed to ribbons? I learned the hard way that it wouldn't work with cantaloupe
  11. I spiralised some lemons but it did not work at all...... not sure what went wrong, I just came out with a pile of lemon juice and bits and skin all mushed up..! not sure what I must be doing wrong? It does look very cool on your picture though!!!


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